Maoist sect leader’s daughter forgives abusive father, draws political lessons

January 29, 2016 at 7:41 pm (child abuse, crime, cults, mental health, misogyny, posted by JD, stalinism, thuggery)

Dave K writes:
Readers may have seen interviews with Katy Morgan-Davies who escaped from the Brixton Maoist cult of “Comrade Bala”. Her story is horrifying and she is also very impressive in her own right. However though there isn’t much on this in the interview she obviously sees the links between the violence and abuse in the cult and its political worship of Stalinist leaders. It’s also heartening to learn that rather then rejecting politics (which would be entirely understandable) she has joined the Labour Party.


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    I thought Maoism in the UK was harmless, but this is very sinister. But, as vile as Maoism is, was this behavior more to do with his personality that his politics?

  2. Bazza said,

    Unfortunately there are many examples of evil bastards who have exploited young people enthusiastic about socialism. We only have to cite the dreaded serial molester Gerry Healy as evidence. Then there are countless examples relating to IS/SWP of which comrade Delta is tip of the iceberg! It primarily to do with the workings of sect like organisations rather than politics in the general sense.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      what went on in the SWP was vile, with the nude/sex games that used to be played at the regional party leaders homes. But why would women in left-wing groups put up with that, I’m not talking about rape or sexual assault, just wonder why they didn’t tell them to go and stick it. Though I’m not implying that they asked for it. Was/is the SWP just a front for sad old University professors to get their jollies off with young, left-wing women?

  3. Political Tourist said,

    Most leftist groups in the UK were M15 fronts.

  4. Bazza said,

    Do you have any specifically in mind PT.

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