Milne and Abbott hope to force a “revenge” reshuffle onto Corbyn

January 3, 2016 at 11:25 pm (Champagne Charlie, labour party, reformism, stalinism)

Press speculation that Jeremy Corbyn is planning to reshuffle his Shadow Cabinet in the first week of January originated from his Stalinist ‘Head of Communications’ Seumas Milne– who fed the press stories to the effect that Corbyn wants to assert his authority by dismissing “disloyal” shadow ministers who have defied his leadership over the vote on bombing ISIS in Syria

Milne has briefed that Corbyn has made the “seismic” decision to move shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn. Defence spokeswoman Maria Eagle, her sister Angela – the shadow First Secretary of State – and the chief whip, Rosie Winterton, are also on the brink of being demoted, according to Milne’s briefings.

Corbyn is now back after spending five days on holiday, understandably cut off from Westminster. The Labour leader ordered aides not to contact him so that he could spend time with his wife. Meanwhile, Milne went about his business.


  1. Robert R. Calder said,

    I wrote something entirely unconnected to this a couple of years ago, and had to explain, I thought, the ancient “Labour is a broad church” line, which I seem to remember dates from the Wilson period.
    I heard it again today on TV —
    the old ones aren’t the best, they’re cliches!

  2. Political Tourist said,

    The Right should be hunted out the shadow cabinet, no hold on, who exactly would Corbyn replace them with, the SNP maybe?

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    They can be as left-wing as they want to be in theory but the reality is when they get into office all they end up doing is managing capitalism. As the old cliche goes, you don’t subvert the system it subverts you.

  4. John R said,

    Diane Abbott as Shadow Foreign Secretary?

    On Sept 7 2015, she tweeted,”I remain strongly opposed to military action in Syria – it is only a matter of time before civilians are harmed.”

    So, just ignore civilians killed by Assad, Isis etc..

    • Steven Johnston said,

      That is the downside, but is the upside of fighting against IS that Assads’ position is strengthened? He kills more civilians that anyone else…

  5. Political Tourist said,

    You couldn’t get much more right-wing than Better Together.
    Sadly certain comrades will be left with that on their CV for years to come.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Nah, nationalism is pretty right-wing whatever variety you are talking about. Best avoided eh?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Political Tourist: you are a liar! We’ve exposed you repeatedly on this, but you continue to lie about it.

      • Political Tourist said,

        You can never escape the fact that Labour Party members directly or indirectly worked with fash/orange lodge members during the Scottish referendum.
        Same thing will happen no doubt with the British nationalist campaign to get the UK out the EU.
        The other branch of Brit Nationalism will try to hold the line on the EU.
        Btw, the Labour Party is a Brit Nat party through and through.

      • Jim Denham said,

        PT: you’ve accused Workers Liberty members of being involved with ‘Better Together’: we’ve repeatedly asked you to back this up with evidence, and you’ve always failed to do so: liar!

  6. Glasgow Working Class said,

    I recall the SNP Nat sis delegation attended an Orange Order meeting to obtain support for Nat si ism. Somewhere near Cathedral Street, Glasgow. It wis oan the telly!

    • Steven Johnston said,

      I sure hope they did not broadcast the part with the goat. You know what the OO’s are like. Next election who will the OO be telling their supporters to vote for?

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Steven, I thought the goat thing was the Masons! The bigot Pt will know.

  7. Political Tourist said,

    Maybe Better Together got the photo of a well known AWL and a dodgy rightwing Labour MP from the Sky Fairy.
    And the Sky Fairy got it put on Better Together’s Twitter account.
    What exactly did the ex Brit army officer Labour MP say again, oh yes, house to house and door to door.
    As though he was attacking poor sods in Iraq.
    And the AWL worked alongside those characters.
    We shall remember.

    • Jim Denham said,

      PT: Squirm, squirm, lie, lie, evasion, evasion. AWL members campaign alongside Labour people: outrageous!

      Now, your evidence of AWL involvement in Better Together, please. Oh, I forgot: you haven’t got any evidence, have you PT? because there is none. But that doesn’t stop you lying about it, does it? You truly have no shame.

      • Political Tourist said,

        Why is a well known AWL member in photo on the Better Together Twitter account standing beside a right wing English Labour MP?
        Oh we don’t like nationalism unless it’s Brit Nationalism.
        No wonder your called the Soggy Oggies.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Never mind “standing beside” a Labour MP (big deal) … where is the evidence that the AWL was part of “Better Together”, PT? Put up or shut up. liar!

  8. Andrew Coates said,

    With all due respect – and I actually like Diane – I would cringe at the idea that this pair are deciding who’s in the Labour shadow cabinet.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Andrew, this wummin was against private schools and what did she do! Bloody socialists, hypocrite.

  9. Political Tourist said,

    So the Soggy Oggies weren’t members of Better Together.
    So your saying the AWL were like unionist workers group giving a Left veneer to a rightwing campaign.
    So anyway, what exactly is the AWL position on the Scottish Constitutional question?

    • Steven Johnston said,

      I assume they consider it a red-herring. As the problems the working class face are caused by capitalism and not by Westminster. But like the current EU debate, it’s nonsense for the working class to take sides in a capitalist dispute.

      • Political Tourist said,

        Funny i don’t see posts from the AWL telling us Israel is a capitalist country.
        Do the AWL believe in a independent state for the Kurds.
        The AWL believe in the two nation theory until it affected their beloved Great Britain then it was Brit Nationalism all the way with a nice shade of red.
        Better Together’s twitter account outed them.
        The Scottish Labour Party is as rightwing as it gets.

    • Jim Denham said,

      We’re against unnecessary borders being erected.

      • Political Tourist said,

        In case you don’t know Jim, the AWL claim to believe in Federalism.
        Or as a worker would put it, Home Rule with knobs on.

  10. Squad Goals said,

    It’s a shame more of these blairite, crypto-tory warmongering vermin weren’t given the boot don’t you think jim?

  11. Steven Johnston said,

    Funny i don’t see posts from the AWL telling us Israel is a capitalist country.

    – Not sure about the AWL but it obviously is and is not worthy of support.

    Do the AWL believe in a independent state for the Kurds.

    – Again, not sure if the AWL but I don’t as that would just be another capitalist state

    The AWL believe in the two nation theory until it affected their beloved Great Britain then it was Brit Nationalism all the way with a nice shade of red.
    Better Together’s twitter account outed them.
    The Scottish Labour Party is as rightwing as it gets.

    – Don’t support the two nation theory, Better together, Brit nationalism and agree with you about the Scottish Labour party. I just believe in socialism and nothing but.

  12. Nestor said,

    So, despite all the ongoing insanity by the media and the Labour right, this was in effect a pretty limited and uncontroversial reshuffle.

    I guess Milne must have got his jollies from trolling the right with all the off the record briefing about “revenge reshuffles”, but it’s done the party no good whatsoever.

    I support the leadership, but have opposed Milne’s appointment from the start. Now it’s not just because he’s a dictator-licking Tankie, but also because he is apparently deeply shit at his job.

  13. Steven Johnston said,

    So much for the new politics eh comrades?

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