Trade Unionists Against the EU: where Stalinists get into bed with Ukip

December 18, 2015 at 11:25 pm (class collaboration, Europe, Jim D, populism, Racism, stalinism, UKIP)


As Cameron pursues his preposterous exercise in gesture politics – the demand that EU migrants be denied in-work benefits for four years, Corbyn has adopted a sensible and principled stance: he told the Party of European Socialists, meeting in Brussels on Thursday, that “If someone is working, paying taxes like anyone else, he should have access to the same benefits as everyone else.”

In contrast to Corbyn’s position, an outfit called Trade Unionists Against the EU offer their support to Cameron’s call for a discriminatory restriction on benefits to foreigners, in this letter published in the Guardian:

Zoe Williams misses the point about Cameron’s negotiations with EU member states (There is no master plan. On the EU, Cameron is flailing, 14 December). Restricting benefits to EU migrants may or may not be a sensible, legal or logical way to meet the concerns of people, be they “Ukip-minded” or not. But once our PM had to ask permission to do so, the issue was completely transformed. It is no longer one of EU migrants’ access to benefits, but the far more fundamental question of who decides how British taxpayers’ money is spent. It became a question of national sovereignty. That’s why organisations such Trade Unionists Against the EU are not awaiting the outcome of “negotiations” and are campaigning to get the UK out. The issue is as simple as it is clear: if the British people take a democratic decision to do something – in this case change the benefit system – they should be able to do so without having the prime minister scuttering around Europe asking permission. This will continue to be the case while the UK remains a member of the EU.
Fawzi Ibrahim
Trade Unionists Against the EU

Extraordinarily, the people behind his xenophobic rant claim to be “left wing.” In fact, Trade Unionists against the EU is chaired by a Stalinist, Doug Nicholls, and involves prominent CP’er and self-proclaimed “little Englander” Brian Denny and regular Morning Star contributor John Boyd.

These Stalinists claim that their campaign is completely independent from the right wing Tories and Ukip, who dominate the main anti-EU campaigns. But that letter to the Guardian makes it clear that when the fake-left bullshit (“exit left“, etc) is stripped away, their stance is identical to Ukip’s.

Not only that, but Leave.EU (presently battling it out with Vote Leave, for recognition as the official anti-EU campaign), set up by wealthy Ukip backer Arron Banks and little more than a front organisation for Ukip, is now sharing a website with this Stalinist front organisation: these utterly reactionary little-Englanders are, in truth, natural bedfellows.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The duty of any democratically elected government that taxes its citizens is to be accountable to the taxpayer and how their money is spent. It is not for other countries to dictate how a country spends its revenue.
    Britain needs to remove itself from this EU corrupt Mafia and moreso recall the MEPs and tell them to get a job and work for a living.

    • Political Tourist said,

      Your Ukip chums?

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        I do not know any UKIP ers. So do try and contribute with a comment on the EU even if stupid but do try.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Britain before 1971 was a paradise, well it did rain some times.
      In our out of the EU what difference does it make? Workers will still be exploited, as socialists we should be demanding, like Marx, World socialism.

  2. redkorat☭ (@red_korat) said,

    ‘Socialism’ in one country and xenophobia are hardly reluctant bed fellows.

  3. Mike Killingworth said,

    There are deep[ly unpleasant people on both sides of this question.

  4. Political Tourist said,

    AWL in the Scottish Referendum, pot kettle anyone.

    • Jim Denham said,

      PT: your lies about the AWL and the Scottish referendum have already been thoroughly exposed here. You have a fucking nerve trying to revive them again, liar.

  5. mark taha said,

    Look, on the issue of the EU I’m on the same side as these guys.On most issues I’m not.Simples!

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