Stop the War “has lost its moral compass and authority”

December 10, 2015 at 3:22 pm (Guardian, Human rights, internationalism, posted by JD, reactionay "anti-imperialism", solidarity, Stop The War, Syria)

Letter published in today’s Guardian:

We write as previous strong supporters of the Stop the War Coalition and applaud its mobilisation against the disastrous UK and US attack on Iraq. Sadly, since then, on the issue of Syria, StWC has lost its moral compass and authority (Green MP Caroline Lucas steps down from Stop the War Coalition role, 8 December). Stop the War has failed to organise or support protests against the Assad dictatorship and the regime’s massacre of peaceful democracy protesters in 2011 – and since. Nor has it shown solidarity with the non-violent Syrian civil society movements for democracy and human rights and with the millions of innocent civilians killed, wounded and displaced by Assad’s barrel bombs and torture chambers. It portrays Isis as the main threat to Syrians, despite Assad killing at least six times more civilians.

StWC has repeatedly refused to have anti-Assad Syrian democrats and leftwingers on its platforms at events where Syria is being discussed; whereas it has offered a platform to pro-Assad speakers such as Issa Chaer and Mother Agnes. Moreover, StWC intervened to stop a Syrian Solidarity UK speaker from addressing the Migrant Lives Matter rally in London in April. It has one-sidedly failed to support demonstrations against the escalating Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah military interventions in Syria.

As well as systematically ignoring war crimes committed by the Assad regime, StWC often misrepresents the opposition to Assad as being largely composed of jihadi extremists and agents of imperialism; marginalising the non-violent, secular, democratic, local community and non-aligned opposition to his tyranny. It also misrepresents the call by Syrian civil society organisations for civilian safe havens and humanitarian corridors; claiming they are calls for western bombing, when they are actually bids to stop Assad’s bombs and save lives. We urge StWC to take on board these constructive criticisms and change its stance to support the Syrian people’s struggle against the war being inflicted on them by both Isis and Assad.

Abdulaziz Almashi Syria Solidarity UK
Peter Tatchell human rights campaigner
Yasmine Nahlawi Rethink Rebuild
Dr Rupert Read University of East Anglia
Dr Amer Masri Scotland4Syria
Darren Johnson Green party London assembly member
Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal Syrian Association of Yorkshire
Dr M. Alhadj Ali Syrian Welsh Society
Andy Wilson Founder, Reservists Against The War
Muzna Al-Naib Syria Solidarity UK
Dr Odai Al-Zoubi Syrian exile and journalist
Shamira A Meghani scholar
Mark Boothroyd Syria Solidarity UK
Ayob Rahmani & Sattar Rahmani International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran
Javaad Alipoor Iranian socialist activist
Sam Charles Hamad writer
John Game independent researcher


  1. februarycallendar said,

    Interesting that John Game has signed that (assuming it’s the same one).

    • charliethechulo said,

      Yes, I noticed that: assuming it’s the same chap, it’s the first we’ve heard from him for several years and he’s obviously no longer in the SWP.

      • Lamia said,

        I believe he left because of the Comrade Delta business, and IIRC his position on Syria has been pretty consistent.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    John Rees trying to be a patronising smart-arse but ending up being put in his place by Jess Phillips MP:

  3. StWC = Corbyn said,

    Of course the StWC had total moral authority in the past. What could be more moral than supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, standing steadfastly by fascist dictator Sadaam Hussein, or condemning cartoonists for not bowing down to the prophet?

    This organisation has always been a sick joke. And now the AWL, like every other Trotskyite irrelevance, backs one of its principal proponents for Prime Minister…

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