Motion to Left Unity: “The impossible has happened … and we got it wrong”

November 19, 2015 at 6:39 pm (Champagne Charlie, labour party, left, reformism, socialism)

Members of a left group admitting they got things seriously wrong and the organisation needs to fundamentally change: how often has this happened before?

Left Unity



  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The Corbyn surge is a temporary myth. He and his ilk along with those who have infiltrated my party will leave us in the wilderness for years. We have to represent all the British people not a minority of leftist cultists. We will take a hammering at the next general election.
    The Tories must be wetting themselves.

    • Political Tourist said,

      Corbyn isn’t in Ukip.

  2. Juan P. Lewis said,

    “We propose that:
    a) Left Unity dissolve itself as a political party which contests elections at any level.”

    wow, that’s a game changer in British politics…

    “In local elections on 22 May 2014, Left Unity stood 11 candidates in four districts: Wigan, Barnet, Exeter and Norwich. They received 1,038 votes out of 74,126 cast, or an average of 3.2 percent”

    that means that no candidate could get more than an average of 95 votes. I’ve been to weddings with more people…

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      And what did the Romans ever do for us. Is that symbol supposed to represent a Palestinian flag!

  3. Dave Draycott said,

    Left Unity’s electoral challenge to Labour has in fact gone from ‘the ridiculous to the absurd.’ Remind me of the highest percentage of the vote they obtained. One clever clogs Left Unity candidate down south managed to get no votes, that’s right, he didn’t even vote for himself.

    • John R said,

      Sorry to have to correct you, there but it was the mighty TUSC who got
      “null punkt” at an election.

      I think in TUSC circles it’s referred to as “laying a marker for the future”.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Why waste a vote on the Labour party Mk 2 when you can waste it on Mk. 1?

      • Dave Draycott said,

        Hands up. You’re right it was TUSC.

      • Dave Draycott said,

        Hands up, it was TUSC.

  4. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Corbyn has to smell the Coffee or the drain covers and resign to the back benches. He must do it soon and let Labour move forward and fight the next election with at least a chance.
    The 3 quid vote for me must end. I think the Tories must have infitrated the Labour think tank!!!!!

  5. Steven Johnston said,

    The trouble with left unity is that what are they the alternative to? The do not seek to replace capitalism with socialism so what is the point of them? They seem to believe in a keynesian tax and spend economics, yet in 1975, after 30 years of that, Britain was dubbed the “rust-bucket” or Europe.

  6. Scott Reeve said,

    They need to go further and state they support Labour and will support it in all elections. If they do not the L.P membership application will be successfully opposed of left unity network comrades by the Labour right wing. The right wing will still oppose their applications but their membership should be approved. Left Unity are the comrades who support Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

  7. Boleyn Ali said,

    and when Corbyn is ousted by the PLP you can turn back into a party again….

  8. Lamia said,

    Good news. Corbyn needs all the help he can get to maintain his impressive run of political disasters, and John ‘Caliphate’ Tummon and co could provide valuable reinforcements to achieve this.

  9. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Corbyn according the the Scottish Herald is about to make a speech having a go at Blair and the USA, questioning the special relationship. He wants a new relationship with the rest of the world. Labour MP,s want a free vote on Syria.
    Maybe he will be, ‘Gone By Christmas’.

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