Paris slaughter: crimes against all humanity

November 14, 2015 at 4:21 pm (Andrew Coates, fascism, France, hell, islamism, misogyny, murder, posted by JD, solidarity, terror)

Excellent, political but compassionate coverage (as you’d expect) from Comrade Coatesy:

Paris has been struck by a series of deadly attacks that left at least 120 people dead in six locations around the capital in the deadliest violence France has seen since World War II.

Follow FRANCE 24’s live blog for all the latest developments.

At least 120 people are reported to have died in a series of attacks that began Friday evening just after 10pm local time in six locations in and around Paris.

  • Police have reported that eight of the militants were killed, seven of them by using suicide vests
  • Around 200 people have been injured, 80 of them seriously
  • Paris prosecutor’s office warns that “accomplices” could still be on loose
  • President François Hollande has declared a state of emergency and ordered increased checks at the borders
  • Police have set up a special emergency number to call for help: 197.

map of attack sites

BBC news.

In simple words President Obama spoke for the world,

“It’s an attack not just on the people of France. But this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”

In France President François Hollande spoke of « acte de guerre » commis par « une armée terroriste »

Let us hope, for dear life, that we will not see a repeat of the comments made after the murders of our beloved comrades at Charlie Hebdo at the killings at the Hyper-Casher.

Like this:  The attacks in France are a blowback from intervention in the Muslim world, says Seumas Milne. 15th January 2015.

This how the most murderous assault began: Attacker in Paris concert hall shouted ‘Allahu akbar’, fired into crowd: witness.

The Islamic State, Daesh, has now brought its genocidal operation to Europe.

Allahu Akbar.

Anna Erelle, who had infiltrated the world of the jihadists, has described how the members of Daesh exulted in murdering the Kufur, the non-believers. They would slaughter until the world was “pure”. (Dans la peau d’une djihadiste 2015)

The Islamic Caliphate, Daesh, has created an exterminating machine.

Ruled, in its eyes, not by a Person, but by the Shadow of god, it is a totalitarian monster.

It is not by ignoring its existence that Daesh will be defeated.

This is the way of justice and righteousness: the heroines and heroes battling the genociders at this very moment: ‘Tyranny has gone’: Kurds and Yazidis celebrate recapture of Sinjar from Isis. Another account: Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani said that only peshmerga forces joined the operation to liberate Shengal, clearly denying presence of other forces which include HPG, YJA-STAR, YBŞ, HPC and YPJ-Shengal.


Pierre Laurent leader of the Parti Communiste Français.

Notre pays vient de vivre l’un des pires événements de son histoire. Les attaques terroristes simultanées de la nuit dernière à Paris et à Saint-Denis, revendiquées par Daesh, faisant à cette heure 127 morts et 200 blessés, sont effroyables. La France est en deuil.

Au lendemain de ce carnage, nos premières pensées se tournent vers les victimes, leurs familles, leurs proches, les témoins et tous ceux dont la vie a été menacée. Pour tous, la douleur est immense. Chacun en France s’en sent profondément meurtri.
Nous saluons l’action des forces de l’ordre, des secours, des urgentistes et personnels de santé et des agents territoriaux dont la mobilisation a été exemplaire ainsi que la solidarité des habitants qui s’est immédiatement manifestée.
Moins d’un an après les attentats de janvier dernier, la République est frappée en son cœur.
Alors que l’État d’urgence vient d’être décrété par le gouvernement, le renforcement des moyens de police et de justice est un impératif. L’État doit trouver durablement les moyens adaptés pour garantir la sécurité de toutes et de tous.
J’appelle notre peuple à ne pas céder à la peur, à se rassembler pour la liberté, l’égalité et la fraternité, et pour la paix. Nous devons refuser les amalgames et les stigmatisations. Ensemble, nous devons rejeter fermement la haine et les racismes.
La France est touchée par la guerre et la déstabilisation qui minent le Proche et le Moyen-Orient. La lutte contre le terrorisme appelle une mobilisation redoublée et des solutions internationales.
Elle ne pourra triompher que dans la mobilisation pour un projet de société solidaire qui place au cœur de tous ses choix l’émancipation humaine, les valeurs de la République et la paix.
Le PCF, ses représentants et ses élus, seront de toutes les initiatives qui, dans les prochains jours, permettront à nos concitoyens de se rassembler pour faire face à cette épreuve et ouvrir un chemin d’espoir pour notre peuple.
Dans ce moment tragique, le PCF a interrompu toute activité de campagne électorale.


P.S: responsibility now claimed by Islamic State.


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    This is simple and to the point, in French, English, Italian and Russian – so far ((I helped with the English trans).

    Dash has just claimed responsibility for yesterday evening’s Paris massacres. There were at least 128 deaths and 200 people injured. They were slaughtered like animals while sitting on café terraces, or attending a rock concert. Islamic-fascist terror has struck again. Those from the workers’ movement can only feel sick in the stomach at these acts. We give absolute solidarity to the victims and those close to them.

  2. Rilke said,

    We must stand against barbarity and inhumanity wherever it attacks or we are not socialists. Those that may try and justify this attack as ’caused’ by “‘the West’ are sick in the head. I have already heard people blaming Hollande as the ’cause’ of this atrocity. This is disgusting. By this logic, if I rob your house and kill you and your family to get your wealth and perverted sexual gratification, it is not my fault but the fault of ‘capitalism’. These ‘causal’ determinists are not socialists as they deem that no one enacts any action other than that which is pre-determined by a causal economic factor ( which should, but never does, include their own thoughts).Thus, if I kill and rape them, it is not my fault or my responsibility, but only the fault and determining force of the external determinants, usually called ‘the West’, or ‘the system’; which can mean anything. We stand for humanity or nothing. I attended an SWP meeting recently on ‘Islamophobia’. It was depressing. Apparently all the misery in the world can be put down to four words: ‘Washington’ ‘Imperialism’ and ‘the Tories’. Perhaps it was these four ‘things’ that turned some of their members into rapists and so, of course, no one is responsible for anything. Socialists fight for human dignity and equality or they are nothing other than apologists.

    • Marc McKenzie said,

      Well said–thank you for posting this. I’m already sick to my stomach after reading those types of comments that boil down to “it’s all the fault of the West!”.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        In one sense though it is, they hate the west and what they stand for. I’m not saying we should change and condoning what happened but that is why they did this.

    • henacynflin said,

      The terribel thing is that many of the left do get drawn into apologism of the most horrendous types. It is one of the reasons I fear the left is dying in Europe.

      • Mike Killingworth said,

        The reason the left is dying is because its politics assume that class is a more potent cause of political cleavage than race or religion. In fact, of the three, it is the least potent. It just happens that, in Europe at least, the other two have been dormant since the Industrial Revolution. No longer so.

      • henacynflin said,

        They certainly seem to be far from dormant now.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    A wretched response from the USFI-backed ‘New Anti-Capitalist Party’ of France:

    No doubt the (UK) SWP and ‘Stop The War’ will put out similar statements soon …

  4. Rilke said,

    I feel and I am, blindly exploited by contemporary commodity and imperialist capitalism, I am alienated and my being is determined by this ‘force’. So I hope that members of NACP, SWP and STWC will acknowledge this ‘social fact’ and not be too upset, when in my anti-capitalist rage and despair, I set them on fire.

  5. Mike Killingworth said,

    It is wholly understandable that in the immediate aftermath of this atrocity people lose sight of the distinction between crime and warfare.

    Yet upon that distinction hangs absolutely the nature of what constitutes an appropriate response.

  6. Steven Johnston said,

    Just another day under capitalism…as always it’s the workers that suffer.
    How can you try to explain this? Even by their own twisted logic is makes zero sense. ISIS will have few friends left after this and even fewer with any money and influence. Though where are they getting the money to buy these arms from?

  7. Rilke said,

    You will have to be clearer Killingworth. What in your view, given your assertion, were the actions of the Einzatsgruppen and the killing squads of the field gendarmerie of the Wehrmacht; crimes or warfare? These IS death squads are of the same ilk in my view.

    • Mike Killingworth said,

      The Nazis controlled a state (after 1933). IS only pretend to.

      Is thst clear enough for you?

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Wow, you mean that in areas that ISIS control the people there can tell ISIS to go fuck themselves and still carry on breathing?

      • Mike Killingworth said,

        We had diplomatic relations with Hitler until 1939. So did the Soviet Union. Of course IS has de facto control of territory – do you think the British Government should seek to place an embassy there? Your reply to GWC suggests not.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        It will prove to have been a pretend state but IS certainly control territory they call a state and people are been killed and brutalised in it. An allied army is required to end IS. Once they have done this then they can return to normal splitting up the spoils.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Thanks Glasgow, that was my point, in this “pretend” state, the blood and suffering is only too real. Has nobody told IS that they are not really in control?

  8. Steven Johnston said,

    A self-defeating attack. I think this is where ISIS will begin to lose popularity as many muslims will fear a backlash against them, their job prospects and their children. Funding will drop, hate preachers will be driven from mosques etc. They certainly aren’t carrying out these attacks in the name of islam as most muslims in the West are totally opposed to them and enjoy what they have gained from living in the West.

  9. Rilke said,

    No Killingworth, it is not ‘clear to me’. The ‘control of a state’ does not impact on the political content or understanding of outrages such as this, it is simply a difference. Following your logic, the killings and outrages of the Friekorp were not attached or similar to the Nazi crimes that followed because the Friekorp did not control a state at the time Rosa Luxembourg was murdered and mutilated for example. You argument seems illogical and specious to me, it is equivlanet to saying that acts of terror and atrocitiy that do not share the same space and time situation cannot be understood as connected or similar. This is an odd position. If it were taken as being plausible, which it is not, no two events at all could be related or understood politically in any way, because two events are never the same. This is not an attempt at ‘understaning’ it appears to me, but rather a way of avoiding unsettling truths.

  10. Rilke said,

    Steven, these attacks are not ’caused’ by the ‘West’ or ‘Imperialism’, if they were then we would be used to them by now because they would be occuring all the time as simple spontaneous reflex actions everywhere and any where. I have posted previously on the crucial difference between a social and political ‘determinant’ and a direct ’cause’. Western interference and imperialist adventurism in the Middle East is a historical determinant in its history, it is not the ’cause’ of all that comes after. I work with a Sunni from Iraq, he is a gifted and intellgent man and disgusted and shocked by these events. How come the ‘West’ did not ’cause’ him to be a killer?

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