‘Trade Unionists Against the EU’ allies with Tory right … and ‘Campaign Against Euro Federalism’ allies with UKIP

November 11, 2015 at 4:33 pm (Conseravative Party, Europe, Jim D, populism, stalinism, strange situations, Tory scum, UKIP)

Protesters during David Cameron’s speech at the annual conference of the CBI in London. Sheppard and Lyon of Vote Leave protest at the the CBI conference

On Monday of this week David Cameron addressed the CBI conference in London, and was mildly heckled by two posh young men from the Vote Leave campaign.

For those who don’t follow the intricacies of anti-European factionalism in the UK, Vote Leave is an outgrowth of Business for Britain and Conservatives for Britain, both set up by long-standing Tory anti-Europeans Matthew Elliott (founder of the Taxpayer’s Alliance) and Dominic Cummings (former special adviser to Michael Gove), which for years have been pressurising Cameron and the Tory leadership for a harder line against the EU, and have now come out for withdrawal. Vote Leave claims to be a “cross party” campaign, but is overwhelmingly made up of right wing Tories with just Douglas Carswell of Ukip, Kate Hoey and a handful of Labour right-wingers, mavericks and millionaire donors, plus the Green’s eccentric Baroness Jenny Jones, giving the outfit the excuse to call itself “cross party.”

What was interesting about Monday’s protest was that while the two posh boys were protesting inside the hall, outside a small gaggle of aging Stalinist little-Englanders calling themselves Trade Unionists Against The EU, held a simultaneous protest. The two protests were quite obviously co-ordinated, and indeed, the Morning Star (Nov 10) quoted one Robert Oxley (who turns out to be Vote Leave’s Head of Media) as saying: “we will be working together closely during the campaign to do more of these protests – particularly at the AGMs of big companies who try to scare the British people into voting to remain.”

The Morning Star seems to have interviewed the two posh boys as it named them as Phil Sheppard and Peter Lyon, and quoted Mr Lyon as describing their experience as “terrifying” but “worthwhile.”

This is all a bit odd, because back in June of this year, the Morning Star carried an editorial (“Left reasons to ditch the EU“) denouncing Conservatives for Britain and Business for Britain (ie the two main constituent parts of Vote Leave) as “neoliberal and nationalist extremists” and called on trade unions, the Labour Party and the left to “develop an independent position of their own, one which represents the real interests of workers and the mass of the people across Scotland, England and Wales.”

Yet now we have the Morning Star giving sympathetic coverage to Vote Leave, and frequent Star contributor (and CPB member) Brian Denny co-ordinating the activities of Trade Unions Against the EU (of which he is, apparently, an Organiser) with Vote Leave.

But even stranger is the position  of the Campaign Against Euro-Federalism, which is to all intents and purposes, Mr Denny and a few of his friends like the ultra-nationalist little Englander (and fellow Morning Star contributor) John Boyd, just wearing different hats: the website of the other main anti-EU campaign, Leave.EU (presently battling it out with Vote Leave, for recognition as the official anti-EU campaign), set up by wealthy Ukip backer Arron Banks and virtually a front organisation for Nigel Farage and Ukip, carries the following endorsement:


“As a well-established Eurosceptic Labour movement organisation operating for nearly 30 years, CAEF is pleased to join an organisation that seeks to represent people from all walks of life and defend national democracy, which is clearly under threat from a corporate-dominated European Union that is accruing evermore powers at the expensive of member states. No country can truly decide its own future democratically without the sovereign power to make its own laws and run its own economy in the interests of its citizens free from outside interference”, Brian Denny


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    In this context this is worth reading,

    The EU referendum and the pro-EU left

    “I have no illusions that a federal EU, which is fine by me, is on the horizon. National sentiment remains too strong, particularly in the UK. But to abstain on this could help the out camp, which would be a triumph for the nationalist – populist right , here and in the EU. The left should commit itself to the Labour In campaign and press to inject some left wing substance into it.by Peter Rowlands.”


    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Andrew, how on earth can the left inject anything into that motley bunch of pariahs. The European Parliament has to go. It is bleeding tax payers money for their own ends. Remember Andrew it was supposed to be just a trade agreement. I find it strange that those who want out are being dubbed right wing. Far from the case. The left campaigned to get out in the seventies and will continue to do so. We are being subjected to the same old fear of losing jobs again.

      • Jim Denham said,

        “The left campaigned to get out in the seventies”: *most* of the left, influenced by Stalinism and nationalism, did. But serious internationalists and those of us with some understanding of Marxism (eg Workers Fight, forerunner of the AWL) , didn’t

      • Political Tourist said,

        Better Together

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Pt, thrifty old Scot, if the Bank of Engerland is not around to bail you oot then there is always Frankfurt to crawl tae.

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    But the EU has nothing to do with socialism and is a capitalist trading bloc.
    Why don’t the left tell us the (inconvenient) truth, that workers, inside or outside the EU will be exploited. After nearly 45 years of being in the EU what do we find in the UK? High unemployment, welfare dependency, cuts, foodbanks etc. If the EU or the EEC was anything to do with socialism then why did Ted Heath take the UK into it?

  3. Jim Denham said,

    “Why don’t the left tell us the (inconvenient) truth, that workers, inside or outside the EU will be exploited”: oh bloody hell, it never occurred to me that we should do that. Thanks for the suggestion, Steven.

    “If the EU or the EEC was anything to do with socialism then why did Ted Heath take the UK into it?” Oh bloody hell, Steven, I always thought the EU was socialist, which was why Edward Heath (who I always assumed was a socialist) took the UK into the Common Market in the first place…you’re not saying I’ve been wrong about that for forty years are you?

    The only alternative is that you’re completely missing the point. But that’s not possible, is it?

  4. Political Tourist said,

    Good to see the Brit Nats coming out into the open.
    Wonder how those North of England labour MPs will react.
    “Thought you said Better Togethet”
    “Yeh but no but yeh but”

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Better together won so what is your point! Oh I get it you Nat sis will line up with the licorice allsorts of right, left and centre corrupt blood suckers tae stay in the EU. And here wis me thinkin you wanted petty nationalism without interference from your neighbours.

  5. Rilke said,

    Out = pound sterling pegged to the value of the dollar and reanimation of ‘special relationship’ of UK and US. But US not too keen on this any way as it increasingly views EU as a better trading partner = UK as a version of Switzerland but with worse services and a decimated industrial sector coupled to increased trade tariffs from EU. Result; becomes enlarged version of ‘financial trading haven’ and ends as a pimp version of service and servant economy and banking and tax ‘island’ – a larger version of the Bahamas but without the weather, the beaches or the tourism. Trade Unions and left concentrate on ‘jobs for British workers’ and ‘guilde benefits’ while all the while whining about the ‘super rich’. Scotland go it alone and become a nation of flag waving ‘we are more civilised than you’ bigots.
    In = pound pegged to the median value of the Euro and the Swiss Franc – muddling along in the same way as now but with the prospect of agreement with wider EU left on reform and advances but actually internal bickering producing very little. Result; UK as neither fish nor foul and the unions and left forever blaming ‘big business’ and the ‘corporations’ and technocrats’ in Brussels, while talking a lot about ‘solidarity’. UK as a smaller version of Ohio but without the lax gun laws and with a small health service. Scotland stay in UK but continue to blame ‘Westminster’ for all their woes while waving flags.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Strange how the Nat sis want Independence in Europe and want the GBP with interest rates set in the BOE. Strange lot of flagwaving Nat si oddities. And they do think the English owe them for having the audacity in dragging them from the Clan Chiefs and the 18th century.

  6. Political Tourist said,

    Ukippers showing up on the Soggy Oggy forum, how quaint.

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