Passive Resistance

November 8, 2015 at 11:00 am (Free Speech, Rosie B, scotland)

Talking of heavy-handed anti-free speech moves by the authorities that bampot James Scott, leader of the Scottish Resistance, was lifted by the police under the handy “breach of the peace” charge.

The offence corncerned a video called “Glasgow Yes City You Nawbags”

Video ends BRIT SCUM OUT OF SCOTLAND and includes a slogan urging “Scottish People” to “remove the Brit Scum Thugs from this Land”.

Last night Mr Scott, 60, from Glasgow, said: “There is no freedom of speech in this country.

“I’ve never been in trouble in my life. We are a peaceful group.

“The video was in response to some nasty, vile unionists who had threatened my life so they were called Nawbags and Brit Scum and it was put online.”

It is thought a complaint was made after the clip was re-posted on Twitter in June. Cops lifted Mr Scott at 9am on Monday and held him at the city’s London Road nick until 3pm. He added: “They said there had been no complaints until relatively recently.”

Dunno how peaceful the Scottish Resistance are. Weren’t they among the gang egging Jim Murphy when he travelled about campaigning for No? Also, it’s a bit feeble calling yourself the Resistance and then being peaceful. What would we think of the French Resistance if they hadn’t gone about blowing things up? “Listen. I shall only say this once. Don’t do anything.”

Still, as a Brit (non scum – though the term is often extended from those who threaten violence to those who voted No) myself I can’t say I feel menaced by his barmy video and am more pissed off by the usual misuse of police powers than Yes ravings.  And in the usual Streisand effect I’ve now watched the video. It only lasts a minute.  Trigger warning  for those with tender feelings towards union flags.

Glad (not really – he’s a balloon) to see that Scott is free to address the masses at Largs:-



  1. februarycallendar said,

    As always with such people as this, I *want* to believe that they only mean Sun readers from Billericay, but end up fearing that they mean grime MCs just as much, if not more.

  2. februarycallendar said,

    (and yes Glasgow had a majority for, er, Yes but London had a majority for Labour … a country is more than its greatest city, however much some of the sort of people who give the Left a bad name – in England & Scotland alike – cannot face that)

  3. februarycallendar said,

    (for “greatest” read “largest” I suppose)

  4. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning) said,

    Check out He’s been finding a truckload of truly loopy stuff from the ‘Scottish Resistance’ Facebook page

    • februarycallendar said,

      Indeed. A lot of what is posted there is objectively insane (and also has a tendency to capitalise words which shouldn’t be and don’t need to be capitalised, to such an extent that it reads like a parallel world Court Circular). There are some very good people in the SNP, who I know would be embarrassed to be associated with such muck.

      But the central issue here is that the dominant tendency of the Scottish independence movement is economically Guardianista but culturally Mailite – pretty much how Alan Bennett, who is key here, once described himself. Scottish Resistance is an extreme version of this tendency, but a milder version of this combination can almost certainly be found among most Yes voters.

      In the immediate post-WW2 years, this was the default normative position in England, quite possibly held by an absolute majority of England’s then population and certainly by a plurality beyond that which holds any particular position now.

      It is the decline of such a position in England – for basically good, socially progressive and pluralistic reasons – which has empowered and strengthened the Scottish independence movement and specifically led to the strong Yes vote among the working class of West Central Scotland, in that it has left those people feeling friendless among their nearest geographical neighbours. When the position was unremarkably normal in England – and for it to be so again, I fear that a lot of good for a lot of people would have to be undone – those Yes voters, or their parents and grandparents, felt far more affinity with the English working class of that time than they did with the affluent romantic ruralists who were pretty much the only serious advocates of Scottish independence back then (in the referendum, of course, it was Middle Scotland which held back the worst traits of Middle England).

      But people like myself find ourselves in an extremely difficult and problematic position: through supporting the things and advocating the alliances we do – specifically through the musical line of descent which ultimately led to grime – we alienate a very large number of Scots and, as a direct consequence, quite possibly make things even worse for the very parts of England’s modern population we *say* we unequivocally support than they would be otherwise.

      The New Old Left which has gained ground in England in the last few years, and which has found its actively political manifestation in Corbyn, only really exists because of the success of the SNP and the international political interest in Scotland – a long-marginalised part of English politics and society feels envious and wants some of that success and momentum for itself. But I don’t think it can really work. Modern England is too diverse for that … and so we return to the unsettling situation that what people like me support and champion without hesitation, and see as our bulwark against reaction and fear, might actually render the politics we want impossible.

      There is already the interesting situation where the Daily Mail, in its way, is more critical of the deregulated market economy than forums set up specifically to attack it. But I wouldn’t want to live in such a world if it meant the music I love couldn’t exist.

      Possibly this is the reason why I find it harder and harder to take a clear political stance of any kind.

    • kb72 said,

      Scottish Resistance goes in for antisemitic conspiracy shit. Mad as a box of frogs.

      • februarycallendar said,


        One thing to advocate greater geopolitical separation from what Momus once called ‘Angrael’ (as the more mainstream Yeses usually do), quite another to go where they go.

        I don’t blame Scottish Jews for feeling, as quite a few seemingly do, that their country has become less welcoming as the areas of the UK which would once have been the most covertly, nudge-winkingly anti-Semitic – non-metropolitan southern England, basically – have become more so.

      • februarycallendar said,

        Something over on *That Place* paints one particular SNP MP in a rather negative light on this front, especially considering an admirable Early Day Motion originated by someone from that party and signed by almost half their Westminster contingent.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        It was inevitable that flagwaving and burning flags would raise its ugly head in Scotland and those on the left that have abandoned the Red Flag for the Saltire are partly responsible.
        Scottish British Jews should be protected like any citizen from the mob. It is no good the pro Palestine hard left saying they are not anti semetic while saying they want to destroy Israel. They are fostering hatred of all Jews. Some of the left have turned right just like in Nazi Germany.

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