Diane Abbott attempts to defend Stop The War’s refusal to hear Syrian voices

November 7, 2015 at 1:45 pm (apologists and collaborators, Free Speech, Human rights, internationalism, Jim D, Middle East, reactionay "anti-imperialism", stalinism, Stop The War)

Watch this!
Abbott on The Daily Politics show. A shameful performance – the definition of a “car crash” interview. The young Syrian woman is superb:

h/t Paul Canning

Edited to add: On the Friday the Stop The War Coalition responded with a bizarre post entitled ‘Andrew Neil smears Stop the War’, thus dismissing both the scrutiny from the left and Syrians and denying the facts as ‘smears’. The documented dismissal of Syrian voices is called “organised disruption.” They flat out lie that despite the video, despite the statement’s of both Labour’s Catherine West and the Greens Caroline Lucas, Syrians were not prevented from speaking!

The several reports on the behaviour of the stewards, including their calling the police, is dismissed as a “lie”. Whoever called them the police arrived, so there’s a simple way to find out if it is infact a “lie” that STWC called them – ask the police. Should we do that STWC? Over to you …

Of interest is the fact that the first person they rush to defend (“Lie one”) is their Chair, Andrew Murray. This is because this post’s information on Murray, supplied by Andrew Coates, was raised by Andrew Neil on the BBC in his questioning of Diane Abbott. Again, they flat out lie that Murray’s Communist Party and hence Murray does not regard Assad as “legitimate” and supports the regime’s war, aka ‘bombing’.

In order to back their claim that they solely face “diehard opponents on the left” in their opposition to UK support for civilian protection (rather than, as I have already covered, Syrian civil society and Syrian socialists) they fall back on the presence of a Tory MP

Are they rattled? Time will tell but the post ends in a classic of ‘projection’ – the Soviet and now Kremlin tactic of claiming that others are doing what you’re actually doing – “The lies of our opponents testify only to their desperation.”

Edited to add: Omar Sabbour has published a lengthy rebuttal to STWC’s post. He notes that the meeting was filmed and that unedited footage will show who is right about both the STWC claims on Syrians being allowed to speak and on who called police. It will also show what was said from the platform and Sabbour in his rebuttal goes into detail on why STWC’s arguments (“simply another form of Western narcissism and orientalism”) are so wrong – do go read.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Abbot is thick skinned and would not notice her humiliation. The girl spoke well but I doubt she really thinks democracy is possible in Syria as the Sunni brotherhood would have some other ideas on that.
    And what is the purpose of Stop the War as they have been around for years and have never stopped a war.
    They never complain when Palestinian Islamists launch rockets from civilian occupied buildings agains Israel but are in there boot first when Israel retaliates. They are very quite on the Ukraine. The very existence of Stop the War seems rather onerous to me.

  2. Scott Republic said,

    Barry I thought you may like to see this. Scott

    Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 13:45:42 +0000 To: scottrepublic@hotmail.co.uk

  3. prianikoff said,

    Just read the Syria Solidarity Movement’s policy document

    Perhaps they should be called the “Start another War” coalition?
    In this case World War III.


    “ the UK should work with allies to strengthen (politically, financially, and militarily) both the SNC and the FSA. This should include efforts to consolidate individual states’ support for these groups (for example, that of the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey)

    “The UK should work with allies to establish a no-fly zone over Syrian territory which will create safe havens (particularly in non-state controlled areas) and protect civilians from regime air attacks.”

    “The UK should be prepared to work outside the Security Council given that Russian and Chinese vetoes will likely prevent the body from adopting binding coercive measures in this regard. Instead, the UK can legally justify such action through the doctrine of humanitarian intervention”

    “After a no-fly zone has been instated over Syria, the UK can expand its current
    involvement with the US-led coalition against ISIS to include Syria as well as Iraq”

    • Jim Denham said,

      Easy for people like you, prianikoff and Abbott to sneer at Syrians who face (or are fleeing from) Assad’s barrel bombs and ask only for a no-fly zone to protect themselves. No doubt, however, you believe Putin’s bombing is “progressive”?

  4. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning) said,

    Gets worse. See my notes on STWC’s ‘response’ to this week’s brouhaha here http://paulocanning.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/have-stop-war-coalition-finally-jumped.html

  5. prianikoff said,

    Syrians? They represent the Syrian National Council, an exile organisation with almost no support within the country. That’s why they’re calling on NATO to invade it!
    Perhaps NATO’s leaders think they can face down the Russians and repeat what they did in Yugoslavia. But that’s almost certainly a massive political miscalculation.
    The Start another War coalition; Ash Carter, Michael Fallon, John Woodcock, Jim Denham & Paul Canning.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Whereas Assad is loved by every Syrian!

    • Jim Denham said,

      So you think Russia’s bombing is progressive, prianikoff?

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