Trojan Horse: The Graun’s Adams shows his hand – again

October 29, 2015 at 1:14 pm (anti-semitism, Brum, Champagne Charlie, children, Education, Guardian, islamism, misogyny, Pornography, Racism, religion, religious right, sexism, thuggery, women, youth)

Above: Adams
Park View school in Birmingham

Teachers and senior staff linked to the Trojan Horse allegations of “undue religious (ie Islamist) influence” in Birmingham schools, have been appearing before the misconduct panel of the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) since mid-October. The NCTL is the professional body for teachers and has the power to impose lifetime prohibitions on teachers.

As the hearing has not yet concluded (it is expected to last until December), Shiraz has taken a conscious decision not to cover the proceedings, even though the hearing is in public and the local Birmingham Mail has carried extensive reports of the disturbing evidence presented by witnesses. Most of the national press, including (until now) the Guardian, also seem to have decided not to cover the hearing in detail, or to be very circumspect in their coverage, while it is in progress*.

But today’s Guardian carries an article by the paper’s Education editor, Richard Adams, headlined Witness in ‘Trojan Horse’ case accused of religious slurs”.

Adams’s story is written entirely from the standpoint of the teachers and senior staff accused of misconduct, and seems to be based upon the ‘line’ of cross-examination being pursued by their lawyer, Andrew Faux, as he attempts to discredit one of the witnesses (‘Witness A’, a former teacher at Park View School) who has given evidence of malpractice. Faux has accused Witness A of herself making a series of racial and religious slurs.

Faux, as a lawyer acting for some of the accused teachers, is perfectly entitled to pursue this line of cross-examination. What is, however, quite outrageous, is for the Guardian, in one of its few articles covering the hearing, to report Faux’s attacks in detail, adding that the witness “faced an internal complaint in the wake of comments she was alleged to have made at an event.” No details whatsoever are given of the evidence presented by Witness A against the teachers and senior staff of the Trojan Horse schools.

Adams closes his article by repeating, once again, the tired old red herring that “The [Trojan Horse] letter is widely regarded as a hoax” – yes it is, but that’s not the point. The question is, are the claims of Islamist influence in Birmingham schools true or not? The answer to that question has nothing to do with whether the Trojan Horse letter was all it purported to be.

Whether Adams is acting directly on the wishes of Mr Faux and his clients, or whether he (Adams) is so committed to defending/excusing the accused teachers and senior staff that he simply cannot write an impartial article, we shall probably never know.

But he has form:

Here’s what  Adams, had to say about this matter  in June 2014, shortly after the story first sufaced: “Is the Trojan Horse row just a witch hunt triggered by a hoax?”

This shabby article by Adams was not a one-off: he had previously reported on Park View School  (the academy at the centre of the allegations) following a visit that was quite obviously organised and supervised  by the school’s ultra-reactionary Islamist chair of governors, Tahir Alam. In short, Adams has been a mouthpiece and conduit for the Islamist propaganda of people like Alam, Salma Yaqoob and the SWP throughout.


  • * Adams has written two other articles covering some of the allegations, and emphasising that “The Department for Education said its case against Johirul Islam, a former teacher at Park View, ‘has been discontinued’ in the hearing’s fourth day… The decision suggests the NTCL may struggle to press its case against several other teachers facing similar allegations” (here)
  • * The Guardian website has carried another article reporting one of the allegations of misconduct: this was not, however written by Adams, but came from the Press Association. And as far as I’m aware (and I read the Graun every day) it did not appear in the print edition – C.C.


  1. Lamia said,

    The Trojan Horse schools have benefited from excuse-mongering and whitewashing by a number of Guardian writers, including one Seumas Milne who characterised the scandal as “the harassment of minorities on the basis of forged documents”.

    Seumas Milne is now Chief of Communications for… can you remember who, Jim? I vaguely recall it was someone you voted for a fairly important position. How’s that working out?

    • Jim Denham said,

      I can support Corbyn for leader whilst also disagreeing with Milne and objecting (as I have) to his appointment: don’t see the problem, Lamia.

      • Lamia said,

        It’s not just Milne, though, Jim. Most of the matters you (rightly) post against on here have apologists for them either in Corbyn or his inner circle. It’s one thing to support the NHS and the re-nationalisation of the railways. Plenty of people will agree with that. Supporting the IRA, Hamas, Iran, Putin, CAGE and other repulsive groups… not so much.

        It’s the inability of Corbyn’s followers to see that the two don’t automatically pair up in most sane people’s minds will do for Labour at the next Election. Too many will conclude that while the Tories are absolute shits they don’t support almost every single anti-western enemy of this country (a few, true, but not to the suicidal, self-hating extent of Corbyn and co). And they’ll be right.

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    But then when you look at the right, they are sucking up to the CCP! At least Corbyn isn’t doing that. Plus, aren’t the Tories friends of the Saudia regime? On paper all this looks quite sinister, but in reality what harm does it do the West? So I’d put Corbyn’s support of these groups into context. At least Corbyn does not have a lord that will spend thousands of pounds to fly thousands of miles to vote to reduce the tax credits of the poor. Now, that is being an absolute s**t!

    • Lamia said,

      “But then when you look at the right, they are sucking up to the CCP”

      The CCP aren’t conducting war or terrorism against Britain or its allies.

      ” At least Corbyn does not have a lord that will spend thousands of pounds to fly thousands of miles to vote to reduce the tax credits of the poor. Now, that is being an absolute s**t!”

      I’ve already said they are absolute shits.

      Meanwhile Corbyn has more than one MP who trades in anti-semitic tropes and conspiracies – with zero interest or condemnation from the self-styled ‘proudly’ ‘anti-racist’ left. Now that’s nasty and creepy.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        But the CCP are oppressing the people of Tibet, or don’t they count?

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