Blacklisting bosses “run up white flag”

October 14, 2015 at 6:01 pm (capitulation, Civil liberties, crime, grovelling, Human rights, law, mccarthyism, posted by JD, unions, workers)

Statement from the Blacklisting Support Group:

As you may know Blacklisting was in the High Court on Thursday 8th October and after 6 years of denying everything, that the High Court trial is getting close, the blacklisting wretches have revised their legal defence, finally admitting their guilt. The 8 largest firms have run up the white flag and the ongoing negotiations between the lawyers are now just drawing up the terms of the surrender. The lawyers representing the blacklisting contractors are still huffing and puffing about their desire to go to court to fight the issue of ‘quantum’ and ‘causation’ (ie: how much compensation they need to pay) but this is just for show. The blacklisters will do anything to avoid the spectacle of a High Court conspiracy trial, which is still set to start in May 2016 and last for 10 weeks. BSG position is that we still want to see the directors of these multinational firms being forced to give evidence under oath at the High Court about their active involvement in this human rights scandal. Buying us off with a few thousand pounds is not justice.

The Blacklist Support Group would like to go on record to thank the stirling work carried out by all of the lawyers on our behalf. We could not have done this on our own. But we would like to particularity praise the work carried out by JC Townsend, Liam Dunne, Sean Curren and the rest of the legal team at Guney Clark & Ryan solicitors who have been working on the High Court conspiracy claim completely unpaid since 2009. Without their initial support, hard work and the resources allocated by GCR over the past six and a half years, we would not be in this position today. Blacklisted workers salute you.

Below is the statement issued & written by PR spin-doctors Graylings on behalf of the 8 largest firms:

On 7 October 2015 we, the eight companies that comprise the Macfarlanes Defendants*, submitted a Re-Amended Generic Defence to the Court. In this document we lay out clearly a number of admissions; these admissions are also covered in the accompanying summary which, we hope, will provide interested parties with an easily accessible reference. Both documents contain a full and unreserved apology for our part in a vetting information system run in the construction industry first through the Economic League and subsequently through The Consulting Association; we recognise and regret the impact it had on employment opportunities for those workers affected and for any distress and anxiety it caused to them and their families.

We are making these admissions now as we believe it is the right thing to do; we are keen to be as transparent as possible and to do what we can to simplify the High Court hearing scheduled for mid-2016. We hope that the clarity this brings will be welcomed by the affected workers. Indeed, ever since the closure of The Consulting Association in 2009, we have been focused on trying to do the right thing by affected workers. This was why we set up The Construction Workers Compensation Scheme (TCWCS) in 2014 to provide those who felt they had been impacted by the existence of the vetting system with a fast and simple way of accessing compensation. Currently, we have paid compensation to 308 people who have contacted TCWCS and we are processing 39 ongoing eligible claims.

We remain committed to TCWCS. We are approaching the High Court hearing in the spirit of openness and full transparency and continue to defend the claim strongly in relation to issues of causation and loss.

 – Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and VINCI PLC


  1. withheld for this post said,

    Why was Hugh MacDiarmid an avowed Stalinist?
    The answer is quite simple, presented in the utilitarian form in which he presented. The horrors of the USSR recognisable in the West in the early 1930s seemed to have their equivalent in a Western system in which blacklisting was a notable factor. And he was for some time, without being Communist or showing signs of wishing to destabilise dangerous, on a blacklist applying to appointments to posts in the Scottish press!

    There is probably insufficient evidence for a properly historical book about long-term blacklisting, which was often allied to nepotism and even the sort of party or sectarian preference which affected Scottish university appointments in the 1850s, but it would be feasible to compose a story or play retailing how a minister of the Church of Scotland fought heroically and deserving of unqualified praise, to prevent some people on the left from inserting somebody either corrupt or more dangerously inept.

    Safe men and examples of “a good man” have been inserted by witless automata — Burgess, MacLean… And other people fertile in idiot initiatives have been appointed by vain hollowheaded bureaucrats who mistook for an understanding of their own views (idiotic to start with) just some crawler’s ability to parrot what the hollowheads habitually came out with. And the parroting crawler is or might be much more dangerous than, jings, crivvens! Than Jeremy Corbyn?

    I was once reprimanded for not having been amused that objections had been raised to funding an invitation to somebody else for whom I don’t have much respect and whose name is not unlike my own.
    IT IS NEVER AMUSING TO DISCOVER YOU HAVE BEEN ON ANY BLACKLIST, or that there is a blacklist, and there was never any basis for my being on that blacklist but individual snobbish spite …

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      You are entitled to a long winded story I suppose. Blacklisting is easy for employers. Someone applys for a job. The potential employer lifts a phone and speaks to the previous employer and that is the end of the story. No job offered.

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