Theresa May’s immigration speech: “dangerous and factually wrong” (Daily Telegraph)

October 6, 2015 at 11:53 pm (asylum, Europe, immigration, populism, posted by JD, Racism, Tory scum)

From that well-known leftie publication, The Daily Telegraph … and I can’t improve on it:

James Kirkup

It’s hard to know where to start with Theresa May’s awful, ugly, misleading, cynical and irresponsible speech to the Conservative Party conference today.

If you haven’t seen reports of it, allow me to summarise: “Immigrants are stealing your job, making you poorer and ruining your country. Never mind the facts, just feel angry at foreigners. And make me Conservative leader.”

This line deserves close attention:

Quote And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether.

Really? We know that, do we?

Because last year, Mrs May’s own officials carried out a pretty serious review of the evidence.

This is what they found:

Quote There is relatively little evidence that migration has caused statistically significant displacement of UK natives from the labour market in periods when the economy is strong.

And as ministers rightly tell us, the economy is indeed strong right now. In other words, the government’s own assessment is that immigrants are not forcing people out of jobs as Mrs May says.

Read the full article here


  1. Political tourist said,

    So GWC isn’t even Scottish.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Strange comment to make. Whats your point?

  2. Mike Killingworth said,

    Perhaps Kirkup should ask May whether or not she intends to discipline the officials who provided her with misleading information.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    The speech was “as tawdry as it was contemptible” says Alex Massie at the Spectator:

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Jim, the British people are never asked their opinion on immigration.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Oh, I think they are! What they’re not given is any principled leadership.

  4. Steven Johnston said,

    Immigration is good for capitalism, at least Tony Blair admitted that. I don’t think British capitalism would be as efficient as it is without an regular influx of immigrant labour.
    The only way to effectively stop immigration is to make a country so unattractive that people want to get out of it, not into it. Examples around today are Cuba, North Korea and China.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Steven those are fine examples of socialism cannot understand why people would want to leave.

  5. Jim Denham said,

    Unlike many on the right, Peter Oborne is highly enthused by May’s speech:

    This should serve as a timely warning to those people on the left who seem to have a soft spot for Oborne, because of his resignation from the Telegraph over their relationship with HSBC and/or because of his isolationist and Arabist views on foreign policy (on a recent Any Questions he even described himself as a “Corbynite” on foreign affairs). The man is *not* some sort of closet leftie, but firmly on the right – albeit the isolationist, anti-American semi-libertarian right.

  6. John R said,

    “And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether.” – Theresa May

    “Social dumping is a mechanism seized on by some of the most rotten employers in the book to dry and batter down wages and conditions.” – RMT

    When we have the EU referendum we will hear from the anti-EU Right similar arguments to Theresa May’s about immigration. From the anti-EU Left we will hear something similar about “social dumping” being the cause of the same problems.

    To most observers (myself included) no matter the “socialist spin” put out by the anti-EU Left, they will help to bolster the arguments of May, UKIP etc.. The terms “immigration” and “social dumping” will become interchangeable.

    A UKIP blog (english patriots) even quoted the RMT approvingly on the issue of “social dumping”. In a question directed at John McDonnell, it stated,

    “It would appear that Comrade Crow agrees with us about the exploitation of foreign workers and the effects on his members – Does that make him a bigot?”

    Expect more of this in the lead up to the Referendum.

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