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October 2, 2015 at 8:10 pm (rosieb, scotland) ()

So what were we fearty goats of Unionists getting in a stooshie about today?

This on the Scots Language Centre, a site where the bairns are directed to learn about the Scots tongue:-


Of course we muzerable Nawbags’ faces were trippin’ us. We did our own sums. 1.6 million of the population voted for independence while the remaining 3.9 million either voted against independence, didn’t vote, or never had a vote.

So mibbe the dominie that scribed that was showing the weans how you can mess with numbers to tell what story you wanntae – something that we grown ups learned in the referendum especially with economic predictions of an indy Scotland involving the price of oil.

I was just starting to get a blog post going on the following lines:-

1. A Scots Language Centre which gets the folk into border ballads and Burns and all the sangs out there and James Hogg is a very good thing but; (2) why does everything cultural have to be politicised towards the same result i.e. being Scottish=being Nationalist; (3) with a caveat that though the Centre may be funded by the Scottish government it doesn’t follow that some apparatchik at Holyrood writes every entry any more than they check out every script produced by Creative Scotland (though I bet pro-Unionist projects wouldn’t get much sympathy).  And the Natz are control freaks keen to grasp their mitts round broadcasting and the universities.

There was the usual Twittering including one from Ruth Davidson:-

and then Tom Martin from the Daily Express got in touch with the director of the Centre and now the page reads:-


There were the usual apologies for “causing offence”.


To be fair it might have been one wee chappie/wifey at the Language Centre making a bit of mischief and now I even find it funny that s/he sneaked in a cheeky political point among the language studies.

But today I spittit with despyte (to quote the great Scots poet Gavin Douglas) and Lord, you have to keep yir e’en on those Gnats. They’re a flock of corbies with beaks of blood desperate to feed on our unionist corse.

Update:- the Scots Language Centre is a den of nationalists.


  1. John R said,

    Mair figures wi’ commentary.

    Oil price per barrel ($)

    June 14 2014 – 107.89 (“Yoo-hoo! We kin build a Socialist Society! Vote “Aye!”)

    Nov 14 2014 – 75.57 (“Help ma boab! Whit’s happenin’? Ah’ll jist vote Naw! Ah cannae tell the weans, though!”)

    Jan 15 2015 – 44.38 (“Ma hingover wid a been a lot wirse if we’d hiv voted “Aye”)

    Jun 15 – 60.21 (“Nicola’s daein’ a great joab exposing the Tories and the Red Tories for their economic incompetence!”)

  2. Robert R. Calder said,

    Fearty goats wi auld Adam’s style o thrapple
    and no sae fearty sen we’re on for a grapple
    wi clowns that dinna amuse
    and we’re weel able to refuse
    to bite when we see plain A WORM IN THE APPLE.

  3. Ghill Donald said,

    Leet’s mak ooorsels unitelliidgable tae the rest o the worlde and bee ignoored as backwaird swatchin loons. Vote SNP by the way. If ya dinnae yer a traihter…an thaat.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Whit will ye Nat sis dae wae ra traitors?

  4. Political tourist said,

    Scots Language, isn’t that the cousins of those silly billies that run around trying to push Ulster Scots.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      The British taxpayers pick up the tab for Ulster Scots and Irish Gaelic language. All part of the Belfast Agreement. A waste of public funds just to placate the protagonists.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      You mean the natives have their own language & customs? Is this allowed?

      Ulster Scots? PT, take it you prefer your nationalism of the Irish and not of the British rivalry. As a socialist they both have nothing to offer the working class.

  5. Rilke said,

    This so-called ‘language centre’ is a fraud as are all these neo-nationalist ‘projects’. They are designed to make culturally ignorant people feel intelligent and to make the politically sinister seem benign. There is no such thing as a Scots language. There is Scottish Gaelic, which is different from Middle Irish. Neither Sturgeon, Salmond or any of the other Scottish nationalists I have encountered speak Scottish Gaelic. Braid Scots and Lowland Scots are hybrid dialects not languages. Even MacDairmid admitted that his poetic Scots ‘language’ was a synthetic hybrid cobbled together from old lexicons, Braid, Gaelic, Lalllands and Northumbrian. This garbage ‘centre’ is for intellectual charlatans who are supported by political charlatans. I was one of those that had to witness Salmond’s culturally disgusting and politically sinister ‘clan home coming event’ . This ‘centre’ is merely part of the same pattern. How any ‘left winger’ can be associated with such cultural backwardness and politics is beyond me!

  6. Steven Johnston said,

    Whit? The top prize is only a hunner poon and the entry is a fivver?

    That caa be rite?

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