An answer for everything, always the same answer

September 20, 2015 at 7:42 am (internationalism, Rosie B, scotland)

Though there has been a lot of noise in the media about the anniversary of the IndyRef I haven’t noticed it much in real life and social media except among the die-hards on both sides. I am hoping it will grow quieter as time goes by.

Here’s a study of the demographics of the voters.


I fit the No voter template – female, right age bracket, average earner, Protestant (by birth), not born in Scotland.

Average earners don’t want to take risks.  You’re one pay packet away from not being able to meet your mortgage payment (not that that was my reason for voting No.)

It’s interesting though how the 16-24 year olds were more No inclined.  My guess is that they are less nationalistic minded. They’re in contact with their peers in other parts of the UK via social media. Shared interest in music, sport and films are more important than national identity. But that’s just a guess. A slight blow to one of the post ref hopes that the old curmudgeons would soon be tucked up safely into the crem well away from the ballot box.

The Yes/No split is notable on those born outwith Scotland   either in other parts of the UK or abroad were averaged at 65% voting No compared to the even split of native Scots.   Nicola Sturgeon might have to Think Again about encouraging immigration except that she has no powers over immigration and her pro-refugee and immigration noises are We’re Not Like the Horrible Tories noises just as her reaction to Corbyn’s elevation was to talk about his unelectability and so, Vote Independence.  No thought of allying with a proper Left Labour this time round.

2nd poll

The SNP – an answer to everything and always the same answer.

Oh, and when taken to task about the SNP’s various incompetences at Holyrood her answer was that the SNP had delivered for Scotland instead of carping from the sidelines like the Opposition!

Meanwhile a couple of good pieces – one about the SNP’s constant whingeing about The Vow (that pointless PR job which made me howl Oh Shut Up at the time) and the other Where Stands Scotland Now from the excellent Chris Deerin, whose writings were one of the best things that came out of the Indy debate.

Update. Corbyn in Scotland and trying to get back the Labour vote (no chance):-

It is easier – far easier – to find Labour MSPs and veteran members who believe Corbyn will be a disaster for the party. Those critics – like the few who are trying to remain optimistic – are wary of going on the record when discussing the new leader. There is a clear sense of unease about discussing life in Labour under Corbyn.

One Labour MSP said: “If anyone says this is good news because we can outflank the SNP on the left, then they’re not thinking straight.

“The SNP doesn’t really present a left-wing politics, it just says to people ‘you’re compassionate and wonderful’ and people lap it up.

“There isn’t a majority out there for paying more tax and hiking up benefits. If there was, then the SNP would be doing those things.

“There’s a majority out there that wants to feel good about themselves and to get on in life and the SNP absolutely talks to them.

“The rhetoric is left wing but the politics are centre ground. The SNP is New Labour with nationalism added and there’s no way an Old Labour offer is going to counter it. I despair at anyone who thinks that’s going to happen.


  1. mark taha said,

    I believe that there should be an annual referendum day alongside the May local elections. One third of the MPs nationally or Councillors locally should be able to call one and one third of the MPs for England, Scotland,Wales or NI should be able to call one on secession from the UK.So the 56 SNP MPs would have little choice but to put up or shut up!

  2. Political tourist said,

    Let’s not forget the comrades in AWL who were happy to line up with assorted Tories, fash and the Orange Lodge.
    We shall remember.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I think a civil war is required as we who voted NO are being treated like lepers by nasty Nat sis. The Unionists would win an this nasty idiot Pt sent forth tae multiply. What a bigot you are.

    • mark taha said,

      A referendum means voting yes or no.You will find yourself on the side of people you disagree with on other issues. Simples!

    • Steven Johnston said,

      …and lets not forget our comrades who line up with the religious fascists!

  3. charliethechulo said,

    For the record, the AWL was quite clear that they didn’t support the official “no” campaign, but were for a clearly socialist “No” vote, based on the requirements of workers’ unity. How do the socialists who campaigned for a “Yes” vote now justify lining up more or less uncritically with the bourgeois nationalists of the SNP?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      They were doing this on Saturday in George Square Glasgow. Sections of the left think independence is the only way they can eventually impose their dictatorship.

    • Political tourist said,

      The AWL running round working class Coatbridge with an ex army officer begging the punters to vote with the BNP in saving Britain.
      Rule Britannia right enough, with a socialist mask of course like something out the Ulster Workers Council.
      Btw, what happened to Federalism?
      Has that been quietly dropped.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Tourist: we’ve shown up your lies before, and will do so again: please provide your evidence for linking the AWL with the BNP: “The AWL running round working class Coatbridge with an ex army officer begging the punters to vote with the BNP in saving Britain.”

        Unless you mean simply calling for a class-based Labour vote against the Tartan Tories of the bourgeois SNP?

        PS: notice no nationalist reply to this excellent piece:

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        The UWC managed to have a General Strike something a knobend bigot like you could only have in your wet dreams.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      I’m confused, the vote had nothing to do with socialism. So why would a socialist take a position on it?

  4. Political tourist said,

    As stated by me at the time, the referendum would be won by the No camp although i was surprised just how close it was, if 200,000 had changed their mind the UK was no more.
    The tories to win the next election, check.
    And for the treble, well the EU referendum, Brexit win.
    Outside bet, Cameron resigning hours after GB leaves the EU.

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