Right to Strike will serve injunction on Sajid Javid

September 8, 2015 at 1:14 pm (Civil liberties, democracy, law, posted by JD, protest, solidarity, Tory scum, unions, workers)

Right to Strike

Say no to anti union laws!

On Wednesday 9 September activists campaigning for the right to strike, and against the Trade Union Bill, will take a high court judge to the offices of Sajid Javid at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, 1 Victoria Street, London.

At 6.00 pm activists will serve Mr. Javid with a high court injunction banning him for his political office, as he was elected with only 38% of the electorate(1), when the Trade Union Bill which he is sponsoring would require trade unions to gain 40% of their electorate.

Trade unionists from many different unions will join the high court judge to make sure that Mr. Javid gets the message.

“Trade union rights are democratic rights,” said Ruth Cashman of the Right to Strike campaign . “No other voluntary organisations in society face as much interference in their internal affairs as trade unions. It is the height of hypocrisy for a government elected by just 24% of the public to tell us that we need a minimum turnout to carry out our democratic decisions. If they want to make trade unions more democratic they introduce legislation to allow us to have workplace ballots and electronic ballots.”
Right to Strike(2) invites media outlets to send reporters, photographers and to video the event.

Contact: Gemma Short on 07784641808 or Ruth Cashman on 07930845495, email: ourrighttostrike@gmail.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/842189349235316/

1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/sajid-javid-would-have-failed-to-be-elected-under-his-own-trade-union-strike-law-reforms-10389669.html

2. www.righttostrike.co.uk


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    Been tried before…and failed before. Don’t worry.


    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I agree with the right to strike providing the vulnerable are protected. The mid seventies strikes in Glasgow by the bin lorry men and electricians left rats and potential disease on the streets with old age pensioners having to walk up over twenty flights of stairs. And this for only a few quid of a rise in wages. The fact is it was a political strike to bring down Labour. All the unions did was give us Thatcher and in doing so almost destroyed themselves.
      If a union cannot get at least 75% to vote then cleary they have a confidence problem and the Tories and press will pick at them and deservedly so.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Saw this post from Simon Hardy. A hard hitting but surely correct assessment. We should now step up Right to Strike by getting workers and our movement talking about civil disobedience and strike action.

    “The British workers’ movement is sleep walking towards total disaster. I don’t say that lightly – but the Trade Union Bill passed its second reading yesterday. Outside parliament was only about 200 people – 120 of them I recognised (SWP/SP/AWL/LU) . The TUC has basically decided to merely lobby and organise a couple of demos, nothing else.

    Let us be clear about the consequences of the TU bill – strike action becomes very hard to organise, agency staff can be used to break strikes, the certification officer can audit a union at any time and charge the union for the cost. For those rushing to join the Labour Party, its funding will be destroyed by this bill.

    And most effective picketing will be a criminal offense. That means a fine or a prison sentence.

    Yet all i see is the left going through the motions. No strategy, no plans, no urgent discussions on what to do when this bill – which will lock the trade union movement in chains of iron – is passed in a couple of months time. Our movement will be set back to the 1800s. We need to take this more seriously otherwise we will suffer a historic and strategic defeat.”

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