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September 8, 2015 at 7:08 pm (fascism, Human rights, islamism)

Like Jim below I won’t weep over the death of a jihadist who gets his jollies from theocratic state and sex slaves sanctioned by religious tests but I’m not that happy about extra-judicial killings.

David Allen Green:-

When someone is killed by state action “who deserves it” then it is always tempting to convert one’s normative view into a positive statement that the death was lawful. But for me, the legal problem with the killing of Khan is that to invoke Article 51 of the Charter is to perhaps push “self defence” beyond the limits of elasticity.
Article 51 is not a general “licence to kill” terrorists on sight wherever in the world they may be found — a “licence” here meaning something which permits an action which would otherwise be unlawful. Some may say that the UK government should have such a licence to kill; but that is not what the law actually says.
For me, this killing prompts various questions. What are the limits of “self-defence” when faced with international terrorism? Is the contention that any preemptive attack can be justified if the target is a terrorist? When does “self-defence” simply merge with a “shoot to kill” policy?
In 1988 the UK government sanctioned the killing of three IRA terrorists in Gibraltar. It must have seemed a good idea to the government at the time; but under scrutiny its account of what happened unravelled. Indeed, the government (and the security and police forces) do not have a great track record when pleading “terrorism” when killing people. There is a good reason why life and death should not depend on the executive’s fiat.
The death of an Isis operative does not matter; but what does matter is that a government capable of killing people does not fall into the habit of casual international homicide, believing it just has to shout “self-defence” and “terrorism” so as to get people to nod-along.
If the UK government wants to re-introduce a general “shoot to kill” policy, but one using drones rather than snipers, then it should say so plainly. The UK government should not hide behind legalistic invocations of Article 51. A “licence to kill” is the stuff of spy fiction, not of foreign policy.

Though I have no sympathy with jihadists, thinking they are greatly improved by death, I am sorry for  the families:

The Telegraph reports: The father of two British jihadists thought to have been fighting alongside Reyaad Khan, the Isil terrorist killed in an RAF drone strike, has said he fears his sons will be next:

Ahmed Muthana – whose sons Nasser, 20, and 17-year-old Aseel also left their home in Cardiff and travelled to Syria – suggested David Cameron was “right” to order strikes on Isil fighters if they were planning terror attacks in Britain.

But the 57-year-old retired electrical engineer, who came to Britain from Yemen aged 13, said he feared it was only a matter of time before he received the news that his boys had been killed in a targeted drone strike.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The families may well have blame however ISIL has declared war on the world to implement their poison. So killing them is the right thing to do.
    All the lawyer crap and human righs brigade can go fuck themselves. Those genocidal bastards are not human so when they decided to decapitate they lost the right to be called human.

  2. Political tourist said,

    Stand by the bigots coming on.
    No hold on, they’ve already arrived.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Pt do you have any comment to make re- killing the fuckwitts?
      Your Celtic bigot comments are monotonous.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        The general idea of shooting is to kill. The Gibralter killings were totally justified.
        All killed were using false passports and were doing a recce to enable them to commit mass murder. A good hit by the SAS. What you think Pc were you sad that civilians were not blown to bits?

  3. Political tourist said,

    GWC, when you make the same comments all over political sites it does leave a pattern.
    The same daft patter as they say in Glasgow.
    I’m afraid this crackpot has been outed as a tartan bigot.
    I think using the term Sinn Fein/IRA and papists is a bit of a give away.
    How you getting on with the Good Friday Agreement brother.
    Was it Ukip you were in?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I think it is in the the interest of history that Sinn Fein IRA Papists who carried out murder, torture drug dealing intimidation and killing, torturing killing and burying their own supporters in shallow graves is worth a mention. Seems you do not. So let us not mention the Holocaust either in case it offends Papists. You are a sad fooker Pc. So what is daft? BESIDES YOURSELF.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Good day for the Queen Pt. DId you turn up😤

      • Political tourist said,

        Tell the truth, before Ukip, were you BNP?
        What’s the attraction for a rightwinger on an obscure lefty blog.
        You don’t like lefties but you can just about handle Brit Lefties, would that be right.
        Anyway i’m away to check on the Celtic Park floodlights.
        Wouldn’t want Angela’s new German Airforce flying blind over Glasgow brother.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Actually I am a Labour Party Blairite. Supporter of Israel. Detest Islamist and Irish fascists. I do not have a clue what left wing actually means nowadays since the left has more splits than a banana. But they are a laugh.

  4. Political tourist said,

    Out of interest GWC, have you ever voted Labour?

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