Our Jeremy

September 6, 2015 at 9:01 am (anti-semitism, apologists and collaborators, fascism, labour party, Rosie B)

 From the Jewish Chronicle:

There is growing unrest within Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team over his approach to dealing with issues of concern to the Jewish community, the JC can reveal.

One well-placed source within his team said that the unwillingness to deal “head-on” with these issues had come from Mr Corbyn himself.

The reluctance, according to the source, was because the frontrunner in the Labour leadership campaign was “partly casual about Jewish concerns, partly [because he knows] hostility to ‘Zionist neocons’ plays well to his constituency”.

Media interest in Mr Corbyn’s association with Holocaust deniers, antisemites and other extreme figures has grown in the past three weeks since the JC posed a series of questions for him to answer.

Another senior Corbyn campaign member indicated this week that the issues raised by this newspaper were not being taken seriously by Mr Corbyn and his team and said some within the team have grown concerned at the Islington North MP’s reluctance to speak in more depth publicly about the Jewish community’s concerns.

“This comes from Corbyn himself,” the source said.

 (After Eliot’s Macavity the Mystery Cat)

Our Jeremy’s an activist, he is the brand new hope,
As he pushes Labour to the edge of a slippery slope,
He is the Blairites’ nemesis, the Moderates’ despair
But when you try and pin him down, Our Jeremy’s not there.

Our Jeremy, Our Jeremy, opposer of austerity,
His rivals are so timid, and he’s full of temerity,
But when his friends say, Stone the Gays, he doesn’t really care
He suddenly goes deaf and dumb, no Jeremy’s not there,
Islamist mates say “Holohoax”, and he’s not au contraire,
They’re anti Israel, that’s enough, and Jeremy’s not there.

Our Jeremy’s not besuited, no he’s not poshly dressed,
His shirt lies open for us to see the collar of his vest,
He is the man of Islington, and when he’s holding forth,
His is the stripped pine wisdom that pours from London North,
His world view’s very simple, all wars are Nato’s fault,
And as for intervention – no, he will call a halt.

Our Jeremy, our Jeremy, there’s no one quite like Jeremy,
His followers worship him, yea, amen and verily,
You can see him on a podium, cursing Tony Blair,
But getting a straight answer – our Jeremy’s not there.

 He doesn’t live it large at all, politicking is his life,
He doesn’t go out giggng, or dining with his wife,
His idea of an evening off or joyous holiday,
Is standing at a rally, to damn the USA,
His mother marched down Cable Street, so he boasts with pride,
But he won’t detect a Fascist if a Fascist’s on his side,
At shirts of black and swastikas, his rants will fill the air,
But put them in a keffiyeh, and Jeremy’s not there.

Our Jeremy, Our Jeremy, aghastness from posterity,
That eager young politicos were dazzled by sincerity,
His beard is prophetic white, his frame ascetic spare,
But query his alliances, Our Jeremy’s not there.
And they say that all the Andies, Lizzes and Yvettes,
Will be cordoned in a hollow square and stripped of red rosettes,
And the old team of door knockers will be promptly chucked
And social democracy is well and truly fucked.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    My mrs and friend have recently returned from Berlin. The old synagogue in the Jewish quarter is being guarded.
    And our Angela is bringing in more Jew haters.
    It must be certain brain condition that allows politicians to bring about the fall of their own civilisation.

    • dagmar said,

      “My mrs and friend have recently returned from Berlin. The old synagogue in the Jewish quarter is being guarded.”

      As are all “Jewish” buildings, as they always have been, in the west, I presume since 1949, in the east, since 1990.

      Nothing to do with “Angela” “bringing in Jew haters” – but anti-semitism being so widespread in German society – or being percieved as being so widespread – that a symbolic presence of one-two fat, old, bored coppers (sometimes armed with machine guns) hanging outisde around the offices of any Jewish or Israeli institution, from a long-closed synagogue, a monument, the central council of German Jewry, or the Berlin office of ‘Aufbau’ newspaper, if it has a Berlin office, is deemed necessary.

      The main purpose of the two police officers outside the old synagogue (often sitting in their converted telephone box) is to show a presence, and to help control the tourists who don’t like the idea of queueing to get in.

      Sorry to have shattered one of your many illusions.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        No illusions. Armed police outside the Synagogue. No converted telephone box. So Syrians going to Germany will be different towards
        Jews than when they lived in Syria!

  2. Dave Draycott said,

    Well written.

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    Behind fascism lies nationalism, behing nationalism lies capitalism.
    Jeremy supports capitalism so ergo he cannot do anything to defeat fascism. But, neither can any other politician who supports capitalism so what makes Jeremy unique here? The fact that he does not speak out against it? Neither did Churchill until late in 1938, even Tony Blair invited Hamas to London.
    Did the Jewish chronicle say who their preferred candidate is in the labour leadership election?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Corbyn supports Palestinians who never had a nation. Israel was a nation until destroyed by the Romans. Israel is a legitimate state and should not be expected to support people who want to destroy and exterminate them. Steven capitalism was not invented until feudal times and has nothing to do with the situation in Israel.
      The fact is is muslims are taught to hate Jews and anyone else who is not a muslim.

      • pinkie said,

        Get your history right Mr James Glasgow.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        What is your version pinkie?

  4. dagmar said,

    “There is growing unrest within Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team”

    I read this as well and wonder if this means the (ex?) Socialist Action-ites or those who ran Livingstone’s City Hall who are running Corbyn’s campaign – or the more “normal Labour lefties” who they have had to let get involved, due to the way the campaign took off. Does anyone reading this know who is actually being referred to?

    • Steven Johnston said,

      They have probably realised that their input, is negligible and he is not going to listen to them or be controlled by them. I think it is impossible to get unity on the left as any alliance you have, ends up beings controlled by the largest left group.

      • dagmar said,

        “They” being (ex-?) Socialist Action?

        Can’t all be bad. Considering the way Corbyn has drifted from a Little Englander anti-EU position towards something more mainstream, and also came out for two nations/two states in Israel-Palestine, I can understand why the (ex-?) SA might be feeling a bit pissed off.

  5. Steven Johnston said,

    But as socialists we surely don’t buy the “Great men of history” theory?
    So even if he gets elected, he will be powerless to change anything.
    What is it with the left and these strong leaders that they love. Their own philosophy tells them that social forces are more important than leaders in shaping history.

    • kb72 said,

      You’re right in theory but in practice human beings do love a messiah.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Indeed, George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan come to mind and Jim Sillars.
        We would all walk in the light with them.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

  6. Political tourist said,

    What no Nigel!!!

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