Migrant / refugee crisis: Cameron and Tory xenophobes shame Britain

September 2, 2015 at 7:54 pm (David Cameron, Europe, Germany, Human rights, immigration, internationalism, Jim D, Racism, Tory scum, UKIP)

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Above: yesterday’s Bild, Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper. The headline accompanying the picture of Cameron translates as “The slackers of Europe – they take far fewer refugees than they could.” First among the slackers, says Bild, is “Great Britain – it has so far taken 114 refugees for every one million residents, one third of the EU average. For comparison, Germany has taken 905 per million population and Hungary 3,322.”

Cameron’s increasingly xenophobic stance, as he seeks to appease the anti-EU Tory right and fend off UKIP, should be a warning to the anti-EU idiot-left: however you may wriggle and squirm, you’re giving “left” cover to some of the most reactionary forces in British politics. The forthcoming referendum is, in reality, going to be a vote on immigration, with the anti-EU forces standing for isolationism, little-Englandism and (in some cases)outright racism.

The principled left should stand for more European integration, not less. The following letter was sent to the Morning Star on 31 July, but (perhaps unsurprisingly) not published:

Dear Morning Star,

It is obvious that the only possibility of resolving the present migration crisis in a fair, humane and rational manner will involve more European co-operation, solidarity and integration.

Migrants should be allocated between EU member states on the basis of a country’s wealth, size and number of those of the same heritage already settled in a given country. This approach would involve abandoning the Dublin accord (which requires refugees to seek asylum in the first EU country they enter) and arranging any resettlement immediately after the application is made, to ensure a family or individual isn’t wrenched away from somewhere they’ve come to regard as home. It would almost certainly have to happen before an application is either approved or rejected, with all the difficulties that entails for cross-border information sharing and language barriers. It would also mean countries that have previously experienced low levels of immigration having to accept more.

As has been shown by both the deal forced on the Greeks and the unsuccessful attempt to establish such an agreement earlier this year, such solidarity is not always forthcoming: more EU integration is the only possible way forward. The main reason the British government would oppose any such arrangement is that it would mean taking in more people. For all the cost to the economy of Operation Stack and policing the tunnel, the Tories put cutting immigration figures and being seen to oppose European integration ahead of seeking a rational and humane solution. The anti-EU left need to take note. 

Jim Denham


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Rubbish Jim. Who can guarantee the murderous Islamists are not arriving.

  2. Political tourist said,

    Btw, the vast majority of working class people in Glasgow are not ultra unionist racists or religious bigot Billy Boy types.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Btw, the vast majority of the modern left are lovers of clerical fascism.

      • Political tourist said,

        And the AWL happily worked along side the fash durng the Scottish Referendum.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        That is because they have no credible policies and are totally divided.
        They then turn to religious idiots for guidance. Pt for instance is probably an ex alter boy with a story to tell. I knew a couple of guys in the old days from the WRP. Dedicated Marxists who turned out to be bitter Papes and supporters of fascist PIRA. Just scratch the surface. Maybe Pt understands!

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Soundbites from the Pt as usual. How do you weed out the Jihadists?
      Is Glasgow Airport just a memory. The religious idiots will do all they can to harm us.

      • Political tourist said,

        Glasgow Airport and the Smeaton fraudster???

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        So Pt you are more interesed in Smeaton than educated Islamists trying to kill hundreds in an airport.
        I assume Smeaton must be a Proddie. Aye Pt wring a wet cloth and the scum releases.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Cameron is betraying a generally good record of UK admission of refugees:

  4. Steven Johnston said,


    Just goes to show that both main parties are, in principle at least, in favour of ‘tough’ immigration policies. History shows how futile these controls are.

  5. februarycallendar said,

    re. an earlier post by ‘Political Tourist’, I think it is perfectly legitimate to oppose Scottish independence on the grounds that, as a direct result of it, visible minorities in England (including whichever refugees we may take) would suffer even worse discrimination than they do already.

    That was my own main reason for opposing it. The AWL can speak for themselves, but I opposed it to save England from fascism, not out of some notional fascist sympathies.

  6. februarycallendar said,

    You might as easily say “the AWL lined up against Simon Heffer & Roger Scruton (and even Stephen Pollard, come to that) during the referendum”.

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