The Guardian and the ‘Pompey Lads’: the Delusions of British Liberalism and Multi-Culturalism

July 28, 2015 at 5:02 pm (Cross-post, fascism, Guardian, islamism, multiculturalism, posted by JD, relativism, religion)

A Briton has been killed fighting for Isis in Syria, a leading observer of the conflict has claimed. Mamunur Mohammed Roshid was one of six, aged between 19 and 31, who left Portsmouth to join the militants. He is the third of the group to have been killed, with one having been convicted and two others thought to still be fighting.

I wrote the small piece below in response to an article on The Guardian website by Emine Saner on 27 July (also in today’s G2). This reports that the final member of the ‘Pompey Lads’ believed to be fighting for the Islamic State in Syria, Asad Uzzaman, has been killed. The Guardian, and especially its Comment is Free section, has a tendency to remove my comments, so I thought I would duplicate them here. 

The most telling thing about Emine Saner’s article is part of its title – “How the Pompey Lads Fell into the hands of ISIS.”

Perhaps the Pompey lads took a rational decision that ISIS broadly met their beliefs, and the caliphate was an ideal worth fighting for?

It is remarkable how readily good liberal journalists can now infantalise people from ethnic minorities in a way we would never see with others. During the conflict in Northern Ireland, did we ever talk of young Catholics in west Belfast ‘falling into the hands’ of the IRA? Or young unionists who joined loyalist paramilitaries in such terms?

Its the same with the woman and girls who have traveled to live in the Caliphate – they are always ‘groomed’ or ‘lured‘ . Despite every one of them being over the age of criminal responsibility, we are asked to pretend nobody ever takes a rational decision.

I wonder if the war in Syria, the emergence of the Islamic State and British Islamist support for it actually tells us more about the crisis of liberalism and our staunchest advocates of multi-culturalism, than it does about the state of British Islam. Whatever you want to say about British Muslims, they are certainly not as prone to deluding themselves as our liberal media….


  1. Secular Vegan said,

    Does this mean that les faux gauches have now decided that the segregationist ideology multiculturalism isn’t so great after all?

  2. Glasgow Working Class said,

    It is great they are leaving and may be killed in their wonderland of perpetual carpet kneeling and decapitation of innocents. We should pay their fare and let Assad know where they are heading.

  3. damon said,

    Frank Furedi in Spiked anyone?

    ”The Western politics of identity is the fuel of modern jihadism.”

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Perhaps it is true…they do hate us for our permissive & liberal ways. But that is their problem not ours.

  4. pinkie said,

    Frank Furedi is a silly boy. There is nothing of value from what he or his acolytes have to say, they are of course ‘dead clever’ so apparently worth listening to. They have acheived nothing despite their high hopes, but do get well paid jobs by being ‘clever’.

    Has anybody ever read anything by Brendan O’Neill without thinking ‘what a prat’?

    • Steven Johnston said,

      As I wrote about, it probably is partly true, but what they write only becomes a problem when a) they say we must give up certain freedoms to appease the imams and b) people start taking that shit seriously.

    • damon said,

      I agree that they have achieved nothing. I don’t know about the well paid jobs though.
      Brendan O’Neill says pretty smart things all the time, even if he is a bit of a contrarian.
      I could list quite a lot of very sensible things he’s said.

      Starting with gay marriage for example.
      Or maybe this:

      ”The West is betraying the Kurds and allowing them to be massacred”

      I find generally, that people who really have it in for the people from Spiked, ex-RCP, just don’t pay any attention to what they actually say.
      They are spectacularly wrong sometimes though.

  5. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The Coalition shit on the Kurds and others as the Gulf War 1 came to an end. Remember all those people fleeing to the mountains. Only public opinion made the UN intervene. And the coalition urged the Kurds to fight Saddam. But hey ho the oil was secured.

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