The wit and wisdom of Lord Sewel

July 27, 2015 at 6:42 pm (Beyond parody, comedy, good honest filth, posted by JD)

Now Lord Sewel is pictured 'wearing a prostitute's bra'The Front of the Sun (Picture: The Sun)

We at Shiraz wouldn’t endorse every single one of fun-loving Lord Sewel’s assessments of leading politicians, but much of what he told his lady friends was very shrewd. It would surely be a pity to lose the services of  such a witty and insightful political analyst and student of the human condition (what follows is from The Sun and quoting that rag with approval must be a first for us):

What the lewd Lord said about bigwigs…

Cam, Boris, Salmond and Corbyn
Cam, Boris, Salmond and Corbyn

ON DAVID CAMERON – Most facile, superficial PM there’s ever been

ON BORIS JOHNSON – He’s a joke.. a public school upper class twit

ON ALEX SALMOND – I saw silly pompous prat holding court

ON JEREMY CORBYN – Useless.. a romantic left wing idiot

Burnham, Kendall, Cooper and Blair
Burnham, Kendall, Cooper and Blair

ON ANDY BURNHAM – He goes whichever way the wind blows

ON LIZ KENDALL – God, what’s her name? Just too naïve really

ON YVETTE COOPER – OK, but not strong. Not bright enough

ON TONY BLAIR – Went to war because of love affair with Bush

Cherie, McClusky and Osborne
Cherie, McClusky and Osborne

ON CHERIE BLAIR – Very ambitious.. obsessed with money

ON LEN McCLUSKEY – Minimalise influence of this f***ing idiot

ON GEORGE OSBORNE – Very, very consummate politician.. he’ll be PM


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    LOL…love it, absolutely spot on in every analysis. Even the last one could be seen as non-committal, does not mean he actually likes George Osborne.

  2. John R said,

    With the Tories in for (possibly) the next 15 years and Labour unable to provide a positive, unified progressive Govt, I think the only sensible, logical course of action is to put on your finest, laciest red bra, your Ramones style leather jacket and snort cocaine with some fun people.

    Hey, isn’t there an old photo of Osborne doing much the same in his youth?

    • John R said,

      Maybe Lord Sewel spotted a kindred spirit in George.

  3. Glasgow Working Class said,

    A man collecting his allowance and indulging in his pastime at taxpayers expense. I am sure Shirley Williams being a good Catholic does not wear a red Catholic martyrs bra! Whit ra fuck is going on in ra Lords at oor expense. They must be wetting themselves at us mugs.

  4. Political tourist said,

    And people wonder why 1.6 million Scottish voters wanted to opt out.

    • John R said,

      Lord Sewel’s polical history starts in Scotland.

      Personally, I think he should be given a bit of slack as his misdemeanours are obviously a consequence of a weekly diet of the Sunday Post, Calvinism and the chilly Aberdonian climate.

      “Sewel was first elected to political office as an Aberdeen District Councillor in 1974, serving as council leader from 1977 to 1980, and also as president of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities from 1982 to 1984. He was an influential member of the Scottish Constitutional Convention from 1994 to 1995.”,_Baron_Sewel

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Jings! Not another post about Aberdeen being an austere toon.
        Last time I went there were drunks everywhere and plenty of go-go bars. You should go for night out when they come aff the oil-rigs. Perhaps the Calvinists stay in at the weekend?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      They wanted to opt out of the Union. I do not recall the Lords being mentioned. However Sots are in an abundance in the Lords and surely the Nat sis at Westminster should jump on a legitimate bandwagon to get rid of the Lords. Or will they make the Fox their legacy.

  5. Boleyn Ali said,

    Yeah there has never been a sex scandal featuring a well known Scottish politician has there?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Ali the secret is not to get caught. I am sure a few other benefit spongers from the Lords will be watching their arses!

  6. Mike Killingworth said,

    I do like the photo of CB…

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      A woman with child bearing hips.

  7. Glasgow Working Class said,

    On a lighter note Osborne will probably make PM as he is a confident wee fucker and that is not a bad looking bit of Ertha Kitt he has pulled.

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