Corbyn’s petition against cuts to tax credits

July 14, 2015 at 4:39 am (benefits, children, labour party, posted by JD, poverty, protest)

In response to acting Leader Harriet Harman’s support for Osborne’s attack on poor families (also backed by leadership candidate Liz Kendall), Shiraz calls on readers to sign up to Corbyn’s petition against cuts to working families tax credits.

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The Tory budget means taking child tax credits off working families.

If you back my call that Labour should be opposing this plan, you can join the thousands who’ve added their names since last night and sign my petition.

It’s a policy that hits working families with more than two children.

Yesterday we heard Labour might not vote against this policy. From my campaign, we immediately said no – we must oppose this.

It is now said our position on this is to wait until we have a new leader.

I don’t want us to spend the summer waiting to oppose this policy. We must oppose it now.

This matter goes to the heart of our choice on the future of our economy, and how we oppose the Conservative Party.

If we want to get the benefit bill down, let’s invest in secure jobs and affordable homes, not squeeze those trying to make ends meet.

To win, we must set out a clear alternative to the cuts and austerity of the Conservatives.

If you want Labour to stand for a modern Britain, join our movement.

Sign the petition against the child tax credit cut and please ask your friends to join you.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Corbyn MP


  1. ZINR said,

    Next here at Shiraz Socialist: Sign Jeremy’s petition to rid the Middle East of Jews!

    Dear Comrade,

    At the moment my dear friends in the Hamas and Hezbollah are terribly upset as Jews carry on living in the Middle East, thriving even, despite the best efforts of numerous Islamic armies over the last 67 years.

    As patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which works tirelessly to achieve a single totalitarian Islamic Fascist State of Palestine encompassing everything that is currently known as Israel, it pains me to see this happening. Jewish children are being born in the Middle East and living to a ripe old age, which is hugely distressing to anyone who, like me, wishes to see these evil, filthy Kikes wiped off the map.

    Please sign this petition to end this grotesque affront to every kaffir-hating bearded Nazi in the MENA and throughout Europe (and, indeed, those I regularly invite to join me for tea and scones in the House of Commons).

    If you want Labour to stand for murderous religious terrorists and an end to Jewishness, Christianity, Homosexuality, Atheism and Women’s rights throughout the Middle East and beyond, sign up now and join our movement.

    Yours in Antisemitic bloodlust and medievalist butchery,

    Jeremy Corbyn

    • februarycallendar said,

      I think it is perfectly possible to oppose Corbyn’s views on the Middle East fervently while still supporting some of his views on domestic matters.

  2. John R said,

    I saw Corbyn being interviewed on Channel 4 News about his remarks about his “friends”, Hamas.

    He completely lost it.

    Instead of answering the question, he talked about how he believed in peace and dialogue with all factions in Israel/Palestine. When Guru-Murphey persevered, Corbyn went nuts and continued to refuse to answer the question.

    It was like watching a Student Union President who had wondered out of their cuddly, “anti-imperialist” Leftie “Safe Space” echo chamber and faced a question they didn’t want to answer. Kevin the Teenager goes to Goldsmiths.

    All across the UK, though, I expect there would have been Jazz Hands waved at the telly by Jeremy’s Twitter Brigade.

    I expect there will be more questioning along these lines on Monday, July 20 when there will be the leadership hustings organised by various Jewish groups.

    Unless, of course, Corbyn thinks that there is a chance his feelings might get hurt and he needs to find a Very Important Event about Greece/Palestine/Dog Poo in Islington High St to go to instead.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Agreed that Corbyn’s position on the Middle East (and many other international issues) is dire: those of us who are critically supporting his leadership bid have been raising this and will continue to do so.

    • John R said,

      The thing is how Corbyn refused to answer the question, which was pretty mild actually, about Hamas.

      It’s easy to find the speech he made when he called them and Hezbollah his “friends” on YouTube. Did he just make this speech knowing that it was going to lead to easy applause? Does he not have the courage of his convictions on the Middle East?

      Saying that all you want is “peace and dialogue” is something that most Labour/Tory/LibDem politicians will say. Granted, they will (generally) take a much more pro-Israel view but why didn’t Corbyn defend what he has said before on a well respected news programme?

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        Corbyn was asked a simple question and failed to answer. This was not unexpected. He has to answer why he gave credence to Sinn Fein IRA who committed genocide against the Loyalist working class. Sinn Fein are a Catholic fundamentalist lot of mobsters who want everyone to toe their line. I will oppose his election vigorously in my branch.
        CORBYN must know the Islamic fascists want to destroy Israel. The only conclusion I can arrive at is he wants to destroy Israel.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Strange position Jim since the man has given credence to Islam and Adams. Not a working class friendly lot are they! A few graves to be unearthed in Ireland Jim. I am sure you will come round. Change of life Jim!!

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Jim the Unite leadership has not contacted the membership regarding the Labour leadership. My wife has been a member since 1990 and pays the levy. So it seems the Baron’s are still up to their old ways. We know better and the paying members are stupid.

  4. Steven Johnston said,

    Was it worse than that politician who praised Hitler as the saviour of Germany up until late ’38 and wished for a similar politician in the UK and also denounced Stalin, then switched positions! What was his name? Something Churchill wasn’t it? Awful fellow…wonder what he thought of Jews?
    BTW I hate Corbyn but surely this is a storm in a teacup!

  5. Justina Barber said,

    In principle, I am against tax credits, employers should not be subsidized by the tax-payer, to this extent I am also in favour of a higher minimum wage. That so, withdrawing tax credits before any of the benefits of higher wages kicks in, and then making an assessment of need, is short-sighted as it is likely to result in a decrease in consumer spending. At worst, it is cruel and totally unnecessary.
    I haven’t voted Labour for a long time, I will do so if Corbyn becomes leader.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Short-sighted? A decrease in consumer spending? Not at all, as the amount of money in the economy will be the same, just in different pockets. As all taxes are a tax on profits, its the employers that are the tax-payers so I don’t care if they are subsiding themselves.
      Corbyn will never ever become leader of the labour party. Surely even they are not that suicidal.

      • Justina Barber said,

        I see things rather differently, as it is labour that adds value, therefore enabling profit, why should labour also pay taxes to subsidize those on low pay? Tax credits, like all subsidies, interfere with market mechanisms, decreasing tax credits will initially affect consumer spending which will then create unemployment and a further downward spiral. It would be far better to initially increase the minimum wage (preferably to a living wage) and then start looking at decreasing tax credits.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Since tax credits were introduced it has become a big fiddle and an enormous beaurocratic policy to manage. The government has to apply a flat rate for everyone to live on who are incapable and capable for work. The days of women lying on their backs spreading their legs and expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill is now over and about time. The original concept of welfare went wonky during the sixties and it is the Tories who are now managing it. Pity Labour left it too late.

      • jojo said,

        I’m not sure what tax credits have to do with women opening their legs, unless you mean that it is women who give birth. Tax credits are claimed by fathers too, certainly when the mother is not in paid employment and, single parenthood is not the monopoly of women.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Yet the tories spent and spend more on welfare than labour. What, you don’t believe me? Just google welfare spending in the UK from 1945 to 2015 and you’ll see. No government can manage welfare, they just spend what the system demands.

  6. Steven Johnston said,

    Should we go back to how it was before WW2? Where every man at work was paid enough for himself, a wife and 2.4 children? Yet, that World has gone as women go out to work now and 2/3 of men at work are neither married or have children. Guess that is why they brought in benefits. So employers could reduce wages and those with children got benefits from the state.

    • jojo said,

      Why would I not believe that the tories spent more on welfare, as welfare was their brainchild, it’s not really surprising. And what in my post made you infer that I would like to see a return to pre WW2? Welfare is used to compensate for the failure of the existing economic system but it’s now getting too expensive and, in any case, global capitalism enables the large companies to escape when they don’t want to pay a larger tax bill. As the failure of capitalism is now being blamed on too much welfare, it will be interesting to see what happens when tax credits and other benefits are reduced, let’s see how the market (well as near as we are likely to get to a free market) responds.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Well, I presume as the capitalist class are confident that they want the welfare bill reduced they feel that this will not reduce the flow of profits. I expect that if they did reduce tax credits for people in work it would mean they would need to pay this shortfall in a higher wage bill. As for reducing the amount spent on the NHS, if that happens, I imagine the larger companies may extend private health care to more employees.

  7. Politics Tourist said,

    Seems our resident Glasgow bigot did quite well in life going by his posts.
    And he claims to a Labour supporter.
    Then again Labour is that far to the right its probably true.
    Anyway how did you and the others bigots get on at the “Walk”.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Do you like talking down to people? The same old superior! leftie tactic that has almost wiped out the left entirely. By the walk I assume you mean the Orange Walk whose members must in their thousands have been or are payed up trade unionists. But you being the real bigot have no time for people with a different opinion. All you do is condemn and isolate people. I have came across wankers like you since I joined the EEPTU late sixties after the Commies were caught rigging the ballot boxes. You are a loser and waste of space. I am a Labour Party member and a contributor. Corbyn is a waste of space. So get it right up ye you excuse for a wanker.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        I once went on an Orange walk, there I was in my orange suit, bowler hat, umbrella etc and some catholic kids threw green paint on me. By chance it covered exactly one side of me, so what could I do? Half in green, half in orange I was going to get a kick in either way.

  8. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    Steven your green half will no doubt be voting for Corbyn.

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