WTF? ISIS flag at London Gay Pride!

June 28, 2015 at 11:01 am (comedy, Guest post, LGBT, London, media, satire, strange situations, TV)

Paul Canning reports:

When CNN International reporter Lucy Pawle stepped out of a store in London’s West End she could not believe what she was seeing. As a dutiful journo, she got out her phone and snapped away then placed a call to her station. Shortly after she was on the air breathlessly reporting her find; a black ISIS flag was on the London Gay Pride Parade! And no one seemed to have noticed!

Not being a mug, not at all, Pawle wondered if it might be that British sense of humour she’d heard so much about as the lettering appeared to be “gobbledygook”.

The CNN anchor then brought on the ‘security expert’ Peter Bergen who pondered why an ISIS flag would be there when the group hurls gays off buildings.

Pawle should have looked closer. No, scratch that, she should have used her brain. No, scratch that, her editor and the anchor and the ‘security expert’ all need eye tests.

The flag is a parody with the ‘lettering’ being images of dildos and other sex toys. I have no idea who made it and what they were trying to say (will update if I find out) but I can guess. I think they were trying to say FU to ISIS.

About an hour after the report went out and Pawle had started to get laughed at on Twitter the video got taken down by CNN, but Mediate have a copy.

Personally I think the flag parody looks hilarious and I guess that those who saw it did too since no one appears to be complaining. But I can see how some might think it disrespectful or something.

What do you think?

Edit: The artist behind the flag has now been tracked down. The non-anonymous Paul Coombes told PinkNews “the flag of ‘Dildosis’, a conceptual organisation he has set up as a counterpoint to ISIS, established for the advancement of an ecstatic state”.

More about the very brave Coombes at his website


  1. Dave said,

    “What do you think?”

    That CNN are a bunch of morons who do not do irony

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    The SWP would have a fit, how dare the gay community knock the flag of those brave anti-imperialists. ISIS are out there dying in their struggle against capitalism and deserve better than a cheap gag.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      A headless person is unable to give an active blow job. The SWP should be aware of this.

  3. matthewblott said,

    Yes pretty silly but to be fair the security expert said it’s quite possible the person flying the flag is mocking ISIS.

  4. Lamia said,

    I think it is almost certainly the case that the message was Fuck ISIS, and it is well said. It will no doubt offend some on the far left such as Lindsey German who have proven much happier in recent years to defend and ally with homophobic Islamists than LGBT people (or Jews, women, non-Muslims, non-extremist Muslims et al)

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Wonder how they spin the recent events in Tunisia and elsewhere?
      Cleary ISIS are fighting a noble war against the West…you can’t make an omelette etc? Or it was cultural imperalism? Sunbathing in a way that would offend the Islamic population.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Well this is what Press TV thinks of it…and John Rees works for them, though I’m not going to put 2 + 2 together and come up with 5 and say he supports the views of the preacher quoted here.

  5. Steven Johnston said,

    Of course he will be attending the gay pride march in the occupied territories!


    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      I do not see any point in those gay pride things. If they want to do their thing then it shoud be in the privacy of the bedroom or up the back of a close like it was in the old days. Personally I think the arse is for defacation and sitting on.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Or talking out of…
        But even I can see the irony of your comments.

  6. Paul Canning (@pauloCanning) said,

    The maker of the flag has explained himself here

    “The decision to make the flag was a simple one: a sense of outrage at Isis’s brutal advance across North Africa, Libya, Syria and Iraq. Medieval ideologies and barbarism were being spread and recorded through that most modern of expressions, social media, with that flag ever-present. It has become a potent symbol of brutality, fear and sexual oppression. If I wanted to try and stimulate a dialogue about the ridiculousness of this ideology, the flag was key.

    It was important that I didn’t try to replicate the writing on the flag, because the words and their subject – Islam – are not the target. But if I showed as little respect to this flag as Isis shows to the religion and people they claim to represent so that when people saw it they would think, “dildos”? Would that be a crazy idea?”

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