Letter to Morning Star: nationalist Denny must provide evidence or apologise for slur

June 24, 2015 at 5:30 pm (conspiracy theories, Europe, internationalism, Jim D, RMT, stalinism, trotskyism)

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Dear Comrades,

Brian Denny of the nationalist No2EU campaign, claims (MS June 24) that “Cameron is already building an alliance for his strategy which stretches from the CBI to the more unhinged parts of British Trotskyism”

I presume by “the more unhinged parts of British Trotskyism” Mr Denny is referring to people like myself and the Alliance for Workers Liberty, who refuse to endorse his reactionary nationalist anti-EU stance. Would Mr Denny care to provide one single shred of evidence for his claim that we are in an “alliance” with Cameron? If he fails to do so (as he must) I shall expect an apology. And readers may care to consider who, in this debate, is in reality “unhinged”.

Jim Denham


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Why bother?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Unfortunately, they count for something within the trade unions.

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    Cameron is sitting down with the trots? Are they serious? If anyone is unhinged it’s that lot at the Star.

    • februarycallendar said,

      Hard to work out which of the two ‘Star’ newspapers is the more unhinged (or the more Europhobic).

  3. Mykola Skrypnyk said,

    Denny should take a look at his own alliances, writing fantasy obituaries to a warlord in Luhansk oblast committed to reactionary pan-slavism and slammed by Amnesty International for abuse of prisoners. However like the CPB the Russian warlords in Luhansk are also for opposing the EU.

  4. ZINR said,

    Jesus, these No2EU people are completely demented. Denny is a laughable irrelevance, aligning himself to the likes of UKIP and the BNP. Do these clowns really have clout with the unions? I’d like to think most trade union members are capable of seeing beyond this sort of idiotic nationalism.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Every shappy compromise, every dodgy deal, yep you can bet the Morning Star supports it. But what is Euro-scepticism to communism, what is communism to Euro-scepticism? Nothing in my eyes.
      It’s laughable that they have the words “For peace and socialism” on their masthead.

      • dagmar said,

        Do they still? I thought they now use “The People’s Daily” as a subtitle, which sounds rather Maoist to me. Will Jim Denham’s criticism get published as part of ‘criticism and self-criticism’. Like fuck it will-

  5. John R said,

    No2EU uses the same arguments as Ukip regarding the free movement of labour and the EU.

    Compare these quotes from Nigel Farage (Ukip), Brian Denny (RMT and No2EU) and Alex Gordon (RMT) on this issue –

    “There is no question that it’s pushed wage inflation down; it’s helped big companies and big corporations and big landowners to make bigger profits – no argument about that.” – Nigel Farage (Ukip. May 2014)


    “The free movement of capital and labour, a cornerstone of EU law, is creating chaos across Europe.” – Brian Denny (RMT, No2EU. April 2014)


    “These EU policies can only mean a continuation of mass migration and, ultimately, feed the poison of racism and fascism, the last refuge of the corporate beast in crisis.

    To reverse this increasingly perverse situation, all nation states must have democratic control over their own immigration policy and have the right to apply national legislation in defence of migrant and indigenous workers.” – Alex Gordon (RMT President. Nov. 2011)


    The No2EU view is that we should oppose the views of Ukip etc by …. adopting their policies on immigration and the EU. Namely, immigration (or “social dumping” as No2EU like to refer to it) has to be restricted more and this can only be done by leaving the EU.

    And why the “social dumping” euphemism anyway? Is it because there’s a certain embarrassment by the Comrades to state that they want stronger immigration controls but, in effectively calling for the same policies as Ukip, have to find a more acceptable turn of phrase?

    Bizarrely, from an unexpected quarter, comes a left-wing defence of the free movement of labour within Europe –

    “The crisis in Europe is real. It is a crisis of growth, of jobs, of governance and of politics. We used to be proud to say that an injury to one is an injury to all. Do we now have limits on our solidarity? We used to argue that a crisis caused by the boss class should not be resolved on the backs of the workers. Have we abandoned that too? For God’s sake, we’re socialists. Surely that rules out policies that are anti-worker?”


    So, is this lefty one of the “unhinged Trotskyites” that Brian Denny refers to or, maybe, an old member of the Maoist British and Irish Communist Organisation who were very pro-EU in the 70s?

    No, it’s ultra-Blairite, John McTernan writing in Sept 2013 just before he moved on to assist Jim Murphy in Scotland. Maybe No2EU would classify him as an “unconscious, unhinged Trotskyite”.

    I don’t know. I am incredibly pessimistic about politics in the UK. Most of the Far-Left have swung over to support Islamism, Scottish Nationalism, anti-EU immigration controls, anti-Zionist “Destroy Israel Now!” and “Support Russia!” with a dash of anti-austerity politics.

    Of course, now every lefty under the sun is swinging behind Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership Campaign even though he either goes along with these views or will not publicly oppose them in order to not upset his buddies on the fringes.

    Maybe it’s a sign of my deep pessimism but I am very inclined to vote for Liz Kendall if she seems to be the only candidate who can give the Tories a run for their money in 2020. I’ll wait and see though.

    Left politics, though, is certainly in “Alice in Wonderland” country when John McTernan can articulate left views on free movement that the Far-Left now oppose (apart from the “unhinged”).

    The question I’m curiouser and curiouser about though, is – Where does Jeremy stand on all this? Free movement or stricter immigration controls.

    • Mike Killingworth said,

      I stand by my earlier suggestion…

    • dagmar said,

      “Of course, now every lefty under the sun is swinging behind Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership Campaign even though he either goes along with these views or will not publicly oppose them in order to not upset his buddies on the fringes.”

      Including the AWL. What’s going on, Jim?

  6. Morning Star Attacks “Unhinged” pro-Europe Trotskyist Left’s “alliance with CBI” and David Cameron. | Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] A reply to Denny by Jim can be seen on Shiraz. […]

  7. Nick Wright said,

    I can see what Brian Denny means by ‘unhinged’

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