The You-Know-Who’s stole my shoes

June 14, 2015 at 10:08 am (anti-semitism, Beyond parody, comedy, conspiracy theories, wankers, zionism)

The sinister case of Asghar Bukari’s missing shoe and displaced slippers: are there no depths the fiendish “Zionists” won’t stoop to?


  1. Jim Denham said,


    Community Leader for My Peoples. My programme is on BBC1, Citizen Khan. Series 3 DVD OUT NOW. BBC call it sitcom I say it is documentary.

    Mr Khan ‏@therealmrkhan · 17h17 hours ago
    Ok which one of you Jews has got my telly remote? #MossadStoleMyShoe #ShoeishConspiracy

  2. Nick Wescombe said,

    I’m sure I remember as a kid reading something similar in Enid Blyton stories about house fairies.

  3. pinkie said,

    Some bastard has just put a stray shoe in my room. Who should I contact?

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