FIFA crisis: guess who’s behind it?

May 28, 2015 at 5:27 pm (anti-semitism, Beyond parody, conspiracy theories, corruption, crime, israel, Middle East, posted by JD, reblogged, sport, Stop The War)

Of course! I should have guessed! The You-Know-Who’s are behind it all …

Geoff Lee of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign explains it all to you at the Stop The War Coalition website.

Shirt badge/Association crest

Displaying a remarkable non-understanding of international law, Lee writes that the US government “ordered” the Swiss authorities to arrest and extradite six FIFA officials to block the organization from expelling Israel from world football competition.

Never mind corruption, exploitation of foreign workers and stuff like that. It was all about the power of Israel over the US administration. (Well, at least it’s a change from the “Obama is throwing Israel under the bus” meme at the other extreme.)

It turns out there’s a history here, going back to 2011:

Sports | Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:21pm BST

Former FIFA vice-president Warner blames Zionism for downfall

Jack Warner — the former president of CONCACAF, the continental confederation under FIFA headquartered in the United States — is among those charged with racketeering and bribery.


  1. Mark taha said,

    Not sure what power the Americans had to intervene-were the crimes committed in America or what? Corruption in football is nothing new-to put it mildly-so let’s keep conspiracy theories out of it.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      FIFA is an international football soccer body and the USA must be an affiliate. As a consequence all membership countries should expect their law authorities to intervene if corruption is reported irrespective of which countries may be involved.
      FIFA does not have its own police! What is for sure that when people start scapegoating the Jews then this is likely to be an intended diversion from real corruption.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        …and which band of useful idiots will help diverting the focus from the real corruption…the left! No doubt they jeer when mafia bosses get convicted too, maybe that too is a Zionist conspiracy against the mob.
        Seriously, I had to check the date on this one, April 1st has come and gone right? This surely is not even a kite the STWC can get off the ground and they have form for this kind of nonsense.
        The Zionist lobby is so powerful that the next two World cups are held in Russia & Qatar, neither nation is known for being friendly to the Jewish people.

    • Lamia said,

      It appears the IRS investigation began with regard to CONCACAF and money being (allegedly) transferred via banks and individuals in the USA. So individuals linked to criminal acts taking place in or via for the USA are absolutely the business of the USA. Other countries can and do enforce similar laws, ask for suspects to be extradited etcetera. It is interesting how some people are acting as if they were completely unaware of these long-established legal procedures.

      The USA is acting according to its responsibilities under established international laws. Predictably, sections of the ‘anti-imperialist’ left are very angry about this and about the criticism of Qatar which has killed over a thousand slave workers in building stadia for the 2022 World Cup.

      Claiming to be for ‘The Workers while shrugging off the deaths of large numbers of actual poor workers is a bit of a guilty sick pleasure for the ‘anti-imperialist’ left.

  2. political tourist said,

    GKSFFL, maybe it’s all a “papish” conspiracy.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      In Scotland 90% of the refs are masons, allegedly, but that still does not stop Celtic winning everything.

  3. political tourist said,

    True enough, brother.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      I reckon you are an excuse for a german helmet PT.

  4. political tourist said,

    Would that be a “Papish” German helmet or a proddy German helmet.

  5. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    Just the normal solid non ejaculating that covers the ears.

  6. bobfrombrockley said,

    In the interests of fairness, Lee from PSC wrote this article at Middle East Eye in April, but Stop the War added the first italicised paragraph that turns it in to a reasonable case for excluding Israel from FIFA into an unreasonable nudge-nudge conspiracy theory thing.

    • bobfrombrockley said,

      *Sorry, turns it FROM a reasonable case for excluding Israel into a conspiracy theory thing

      • Steven Johnston said,

        No reasonable case could ever be made to exlcude Israel from FIFA. I think North Korea is hell on earth but I would not exclude them from FIFA either.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Fair point, but I can’t see what good excluding Israel from FIFA will do. Even Germany under Hitler was allowed to host the olympics. I don’t buy this rubbish about Israel being an apartheid state either. The Palestinian territories are far more reactionary than Israel, so why not call for them to be banned too?

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Stop the War are a figment of their own imagination. They have never actually stopped a war. And do they condemn the attacks on Israel mainy from buildings occupied by civilians. The Palestinians have been recognised by the UN therefore they should be subject to the Geneva Convention on the Laws of Armed Conflict. Hiding behind civilians is a crime. Israel has a right to retaliate in such circumstances.
      Who was the idiot that said Israel acts disproportionately? You only win by acting disproportionately.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Next you’ll be saying no one gives a damn about STWC…

    • Gene said,

      Bob, I can’t find the original version of that post on the StWC website, but it seems they’ve changed it since my post appeared at HP.

  7. Andrew Coates said,

    When this came up on Facebook I thought it was a spoof.

    Apparently not.

    Do the StWC and Lindsey wonder sometimes, in rare moments of lucidity, which they have become irrelevant?

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Or has Dave Spart been writing their articles?

  8. Howard Fuller said,

    The StWC have edited their article. True faces now hidden.

    • Gene said,

      By my count, the article has been revised twice since it was originally posted.

  9. Lamia said,

    The next time STWC do their impression of caring about the lives of impoverished Third World people, remember their contempt for the lives of those who have died in poverty and horrendous work conditions in Qatar.

    The far left are callous, hypocritical scum, and its no accident that the nations they habitually lionise are right up among the worst abusers of workers and human rights in the world.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      You talking about the Islamic ones? I’d like to say that the far left have bent over and told Islam to give them a good seeing too, but them that would be anti-Islamic!

      • Lamia said,

        No, not just Islamic ones – also North Korea, Russia, in fact pretty much any nation that touts itself as ‘anti-Zionist’ or anti-American. They are not picky.

  10. Political Tourist said,

    Is your mother, well…….

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      What I admired about 60s 70s lefties is how they could talk the knickers aff the wummin with their Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Personnally I just forgot about the verbal crap and groped their tits, it worked.
      Tell that to Tommy Sheridan.

      • Political Tourist said,

        You must be a right old current bun.
        Anyway, your defo in a “different league.
        I feel your pain.

  11. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    PT. I am an old sugar doe nut from the Glesga Barras at the corner of Kent Street. I am sure you mean well and that is enough. So do carry on.

    • Political Tourist said,

      Having read your posts your as much a Labour man as Workers Liberty is a faction of the DUP.
      See you Lynch’s sometime.
      Kent Star, aye in your dreams.
      And oh, am Lulu’s uncle.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Not as bizarre as that may seem, the bit about the Workers liberty being a faction of the DUP. Guess which region of the UK receives the highest amount of government money per head of population…NI.
        Presumably being a right-wing party the DUP want this subsidy reduced? Answers on a postcard please, but you know the answer to that one is no.

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        I am a Labour man. And I do remember Lulu singing at the Olympia Matinee. The Kent Star were a little known gang that preceded the San Toi and Calton Tongs. Then there was the Calton Entry!

  12. Political Tourist said,

    Workers Liberty didn’t get the nickname “Soggy Oggies” (Socialist Organiser) for nothing.
    Surprised they haven’t came up with a two States solution for Scotland yet.
    Small tip for any soggies looking in.
    Ask Bigots Together sorry Better Together to take down their Twitter account.
    Looks effing embarrassing soggies standing next to right wing Blairites and Orangemen begging working class people to stay in a well past its sell by date Union.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Sure does, as Marx taught us workers have no country.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Just out of interest, ‘Tourist’, where is this alleged picture (or other evidence) of Workers Liberty people standing alongside “Blairites and Orangemen” in the Better Together campaign? Please provide a link, just to prove that you’re not a liar.

      PS: Just for the record, Workers Liberty correctly called for a ‘No’ vote, but did not support or participate in (in fact denounced) ‘Better Together’.

      • mark taha said,

        I have often been on the same side as people I disagreed with on other issues.So,no doubt,have we all.

  13. Political Tourist said,

    That’s probably why their called the “Brit” Left by many socialists outside England.
    And no doubt why tartan New Labour completely lost the plot before,during and after the referendum.

  14. Political Tourist said,

    Jim Denham, i’ll repeat it again for the hard of hearing, scrolled down the Better Together Twitter account and then tell me WL wasn’t involved.
    If you know the Scottish comrades then you’ll instantly recognise a well known face.

    • Jim Denham said,

      And I’ll repeat my challenge to you, Tourist, for the hard of thinking: chapter and verse – and/or a link, please: or I’ll be reluctantly forced to call you out as a liar.

  15. Dale Street said,

    I’m not sure how a thread about FIFA ended up as a thread about Scotland.

    But anyway.

    I’ve scrolled down the Better Together Twitter account, as recommended by ‘Political Tourist’. I’ve gone all the way back to mid-August. But I can’t see pictures of any AWL members involved in any Better Together activity.

    Could ‘Political Tourist’ enlighten us by telling us what exactly (he thinks) he is referring to?

    (And it must all be part of a very cunning conspiracy.

    The AWL paper carried articles criticizing ‘Better Together’. See, for example:

    I argued against ‘Better Together’ in my CLP. Repeatedly.

    But, in reality, as only ‘Political Tourist’ knows, we were really involved in ‘Better Together’ all along!!!)

  16. Political Tourist said,

    Better Together Twitter account retweeted September 18th 2014.
    Dan Jarvis MP, “house by house, street by street, we’re turning out the No vote in Coatbridge”.
    And standing right beside the English MP is a well kent face from WL.
    Anyway Dale, what’s the big deal.
    You called for a No vote, so what.
    Are you embarrassed that the fash/loyalist/UKIP/Tory/New Labour cadre were on the same side as you.
    Sorry comrade but in the end it all look a bit Vichy.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      I thought the old comrade thingy had long gone since the Wall came down and the Comrades were finally exposed for culling each other.

    • februarycallendar said,

      The main reason why I wanted a No vote, as I’ve said repeatedly here and elsewhere, was because I feared that visible minorities in England, along with certain invisible minorities (including the one I am part of), would suffer increased discrimination and prejudice as a result of it.

      I don’t dispute that the British state is broken beyond repair; the only reason why I might be accused of “begging working-class people to stay in a well past its sell by date union” was my concern for others who would remain within that union, *not* any defence of that union itself.

      Plenty of Tories and Kippers were secret Yes sympathisers (and would be again) precisely because they wanted greater freedom to discriminate in these ways in England, and knew that Scottish independence would be their big chance.

  17. Dale Street said,

    For the benefit of ‘Political Tourist’ – who clearly has a problem not just with thinking things through politically but also with thinking things through logically – I’ll explain this very slowly and very gradually:

    No-one in the picture referred to by ‘Political Tourist’ is holding ‘Better Together’ leaflets or ‘Better Together’ posters. No-one in the picture is wearing ‘Better Together’ badges or ‘Better Together’ t-shirts.

    The only leaflets being held by anyone in the picture are ‘Labour No’ leaflets. The only political t-shirts being worn by anyone in the picture are ‘Labour No’ t-shirts. And the only badge being worn by anyone in the picture – by that “well kent face” from the AWL – is a Socialism First badge.

    (Socialism First was set up by the Campaign for Socialism to argue for a ‘No’ vote on a socialist basis. If you look at the badge, you can see the flag on it is the Red Flag, not the Union Jack.)

    The reason why no-one in the picture has any ‘Better Together’ material, the reason why the only political material on display in the picture is ‘Labour No’ (and Socialism First) material, is that the campaigning activity in question had nothing to do with ‘Better Together’.

    The picture was taken in Coatbridge and Chryston constituency on the day of the referendum.

    The reason why that “well kent face” from the AWL was in that constituency on that day is because the Campaign for Socialism and Socialism First asked their supporters to spend time in that constituency on that day.

    Partly because the constituency’s MSP is the chair of the Campaign for Socialism. And partly because the ‘No’ campaigning in that constituency was not run as a ‘Better Together’ campaign. In fact, the CLP took a formal position NOT to support ‘Better Together’.

    So: no evidence of the AWL supporting ‘Better Together’. In fact: evidence of the exact opposite.

    “Anyway,” asks ‘Political Tourist, in an attempt to begin to divert attention away from the issue she/he has raised, “what’s the big deal?”

    The “big deal”, ‘Political Tourist’, is that you’re lying, and that lie should not go unchallenged.

    In fact, the “big deal” is bigger than that.

    ‘Political Tourist’ continues: “Are you embarrassed that the fash/loyalist/UKIP/Tory/New Labour cadre were on the same side as you? Sorry, comrade, but in the end it all looks a bit Vichy.”

    So: socialists who argued for a ‘No’ vote on a socialist basis and who even set up their own campaign in opposition to ‘Better Together’ are really Nazi collaborators (“it all looks a bit Vichy”).

    And that epitomises the ‘left’ mode of argument for Scottish independence: Don’t engage with the left arguments against independence; smear socialists who campaigned for a ‘No’ vote as being ‘Better Together’ supporters; and when that lie has been exposed, tell an even bigger one, by implying that they are Nazi collaborators.

    (And I do like the way ‘Political Tourist’ defines Dan Jarvis: “the English MP”. He’s English? Well, if that doesn’t damn him for all eternity, what does?)

    I look forward to a full and unqualified apology from ‘Political Tourist’, and an assurance that she/he will now be contacting all their political friends to correct their slander.

    After that, ‘Political Tourist’ could perhaps do us all a favour, by booking a one-way ticket and going on a long holiday somewhere far away.

    (Although I assume that one place she/he would not want to go to is Nazi-ruled England. After all, living in Vichy Scotland must be bad enough.)

  18. Political tourist said,

    It might be good idea to ask Better Together to take that picture down.
    There’s still a lot of bad feeling over the events of last summer.
    Wouldn’t want anybody thinking you lined up with the house by house street by street, let’s bayonet the wounded brigade.

    Out of curiosity is WL still calling for Federalism or has that been quietly dropped.

    ps, i won’t completely fall out with WL.
    A massive turn to the right by a new leader “down south” and WL will be out the Labour Party faster than you can say SDP.

  19. Dale Street said,

    ‘Political Tourist’:

    You’re a busted flush.

    You’ve been caught out lying.

    Where’s the apology?

    In answer to your question about federalism, the most recent reference to it in our paper was just a fortnight ago:

    And the fact that you now throw in a reference to the Labour Party national leadership contest just shows how desperate you are to try to run away from being called to account for your political dishonesty.

    So: where’s the retraction and the apology?

  20. Political tourist said,

    Be a full apology as soon as the last foodbank closes.
    Probably after independence.
    And remember vote Labour, get Tory.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Vote SNP get Tory and keep the foodbanks. Vote SNP get flag waving fascists. Vote SNP and get Frankfurt running Scotland.

  21. Dale Street said,

    ‘Political Tourist’:

    There is no connection whatsoever between:

    a) The obligation on you to apologise after having been caught out lying.

    b) The closure of the last foodbank.

    You have been caught out lying.

    You have refused to apologise.

    You have tried to cover up your lying and refusal to apologise by resorting to even more whacky allegations and irrelevances.

    This ‘exchange’ is, like you: finished.

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