Stalinists tie themselves in knots over EU referendum

May 25, 2015 at 5:29 pm (democracy, elections, Europe, internationalism, Jim D, labour party, stalinism, Tory scum, unions)

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The Communist Party of Britain and its mouthpiece the Morning Star, are all over the place on the forthcoming EU referendum. Never mind their contortions over Tory plans to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (and – yes – I am aware that the ECHR is separate from the EU, but the Stalinists’ arguments about ‘unaccountable transnational bodies’ and the need for ‘national sovereignty’ logically should apply as much to the  ECHR as to the EU).

As recently as its May 9-10 edition, the Morning Star carried this wretched piece of ‘analysis’ of the general election result, including the following criticism of Labour:

“Support for an EU referendum and a more critical attitude towards EU anti-democratic institutions and neo-liberal policies might have stopped at least some working-class voters defecting to Ukip.”

Now, have a read of this, from today’s (May 25) Morning Star:

No vote for membership for EU citizens

Monday 25th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

Labour drops opposition to in/out vote

by Our News Desk

MOST EU citizens living in Britain will be barred from voting in the referendum on whether to sever ties with Brussels, Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday.

The franchise for the referendum, promised by the end of 2017, will be based on that for a general election — meaning Irish, Maltese and Cypriots resident in Britain will get a vote, but other EU citizens will not.

Details about the planned public vote were revealed as European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was due to hold talks with Mr Cameron at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country residence.

Legislation for the referendum will be introduced to Parliament on Thursday — the day after the Queen’s speech.

A Number 10 source said: “This is a big decision for our country, one that is about the future of the United Kingdom. That’s why we think it’s important that it is British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens that are the ones who get to decide.”

It comes after Labour’s acting leader Harriet Harman announced a U-turn on the issue, saying her party would now support Mr Cameron’s planned in/out referendum on EU membership.

She said: “We have now had a general election and reflected on the conversations we had on doorsteps throughout the country.

“The British people want to have a say on the UK’s membership of the European Union. Labour will therefore now support the EU referendum Bill when it comes before the House of Commons.”

Ms Harman added that the party will “make the case for our continued membership” and does not want to see Britain “stumble inadvertently towards EU exit.”

But unions have warned against Labour kowtowing to Tory wishes on the issue after Ms Harman accepted she shared some of the PM’s concerns about the need for reform, including freedom of movement.

GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said Labour “must not give Cameron a blank cheque and should beware of the CBI agenda to turn the clock back on employment rights.”

He added: “Labour is sleepwalking into a two-step Europe, with UK workers having the worst rights in the EU for which a big price will later be paid by the party at elections.”


It’s difficult to know were to start in commenting upon this level of political incoherence: having urged Labour to drop its opposition to the Tories’ referendum, the Star now (fairly obviously approvingly) quotes unions warning against Labour “kowtowing to Tory wishes on the issue” and the danger of “turn(ing) the clock back on employment rights.”

Didn’t you realise that attacking employment rights (along with attacking immigrants) is what the campaign for a referendum has always been all about, you Stalinist muppets?

The pitiful incoherence of the little-England Stalinists would be almost laughable, if it wasn’t so dangerous to working class interests.

We need a socialist campaign to critically defend the limited working class gains that have come from EU membership, and to oppose the little-England, racist and anti-working class anti-EU campaign of both right and “left”.

NB: See also Comrade Coatesy


  1. political tourist said,

    Scotland to vote No
    A Tory general election victory
    The UK to leave the EU

    What’s the odds on that treble happening now that the first two have came in as winners.

    • februarycallendar said,

      I’ll bet that if the UK as a whole does vote to leave, but Scotland votes to stay in (and the latter is a certainty whatever the UK-wide result), Scotland will declare UDI.

      The whole thing just gets worse and worse and more and more pathetic. Foreigners control every aspect of our media and popular culture, our styles of dress, speech and behaviour. What on earth is wrong with other foreigners having incredibly limited influence, by comparison, over other aspects of our lives?

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        Scotland will vote no because it is a dependancy nation on others. The Nats hate the English and the UK so will bow unashamedly to the EU for funding.
        If the English had any sense they would close their border
        with Scotland and introduce passport controls more so because Salmond and Co will introduce mass immigration into Scotland.

  2. political tourist said,

    As it stands at present, which political parties or groups supports leaving?

    Ukip obviously
    A section of the Tories, which no doubt will grow nearer the referendum.
    The general unionist community in Northern Ireland, the DUP TUV etc.
    The Far Right.
    A section of the Left with a section of Labour MPs who might well change sides if they see their votes melting away.
    Can’t see where any serious opposition to Europe in Scotland comes from.
    Sure they one Scottish Tory MP is pro Europe.
    Could be wrong though.
    That leaves a few on the Left and i don’t see too many old Clydeside CPGBers working with Brittania First or the Ludge.
    Plus the Ukip MEP and his 140,000 voters.
    The Daily Mail only sells something like 28,000 copies a day in Scotland.
    If there’s a No vote for leaving Europe in Scotland it’s hiding well below the surface.

    • februarycallendar said,

      Indeed. If the Tories actively want to finish off the UK – and I agree with Hitchens Minor that at least some of them cynically do – they could not be going about it better.

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    Have Stalinists ever cared a damn about workers rights, anywhere? They are more reactionary than the tories when it comes to the way they treat the working man and woman. At least under the Tories we are allowed ‘free’ unions, under Stalinists they lock anyone up that tries to form one!

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      The Tories tolerate the unions because they are supposed to be democrats. The commies controlled the unions to ensure the workers did not gain power. In either case the workers get a vote on occasion.

  4. political tourist said,

    It certainly would have suited me for the USSR to remain.
    In the end as the sing says “it’s all about money, money, money”.
    I doubt your average western European worker was happy at the competition faced by thousands of eastern european workers arriving looking for a better life.
    Still we are where we are and it’s up to the Labour Movement in the UK to push for a better deal for us all no matter what race, creed or colour workers are.
    I’d also expect the Left to slap down the racists and the bigots.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Speak for yourself! I remember the scenes of joy when the wall came down and the USSR disappeared. Good riddance!

  5. Andrew Coates said,

    Personally I think a large section of the left are going to try and imagine this away with talk of an anti-austerity front.

    It is not going to go away and we should have an independent left campaign for the EU – reforms etc etc etc.

    For a Socialist United Europe!

    I am not being flippant – like many of us I really believe in this.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Given that not a single country in Europe is socialist, how on earth are you going to create a Socialist Europe? Who is going to lead this campaign? SPEW, SWP, CPB, TUSC?

      • charliethechulo said,

        Given that SPEW, SWP< CPB and TUSC are all in favour of withdrawal from the EU, it seems rather unlikely that any of them will be leading a campaign for a socialist Europe. Socialists build on the objectively progressive achievements of the bourgeoisie (eg the bureaucratic and inadequately united Europe created by the EU), rather than attempting to turn back the clock and reverse those gains. This should be obvious to anyone who's read the Communist Manifesto.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Andrew you are allowed to be a dreamer however capitalism will march on. Scotland is an example like the former USSR States that are nationalist and have no intention of being socialist but on occasion when it suits them pretend otherwise.

  6. Steven Johnston said,

    Yet most socialists will praise life in Sweden as being more progressive than the UK…yet they are outside the EU.
    How can leaving the EU be turning the clock back on the gains made by the working class?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Socialists are, in general, in favour of dismantling national barriers and creating larger national units. The withdrawal movement, whether of the right or of the supposed “left” can only be thoroughly reactionary.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        As the Greeks are finding out? In our out of the EU, you still have to play by the rules of capitalism.

      • Jim Denham said,

        …err … yes … isn’t that pretty much a statement of the bleedin’ obvious?

  7. Steven Johnston said,

    Jim, totally, so why can’t the rest of the left see this? As the debate on in or out of the EU is nothing to do with socialists.

  8. Political Tourist said,

    And if the cost of staying in Europe was waking up to find the labour party with one MP left in England and Wales, that would be a price worth paying.
    Although to be fair i doubt the Labour Party MPs in England are as lemming like as their tartan ex colleagues.
    If the Labour Party MPs see the vote getting close a section of them will change sides quicker than you can say, Workers Liberty.

  9. Steven Johnston said,

    Read the Star this weekend…I know £1.20 down the drain. But the letters page was hilarious. They just don’t get it, thinking that Labour lost to the socialist SNP in Scotland so that means that they lost to the erm…the errr…Socialist conservative party in England, iIve got that right have I?
    They need to wake up, Labour lost because they were not right-wing enough, not because they were not left-wing enough.
    If I was a tory I’d give money to their fighting fund as what they call for can only help the Tories stay in power.

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