The King of the Blues is dead

May 16, 2015 at 4:39 pm (good people, music, posted by JD, RIP, The blues)

BB King, 1925-2015

“[H]is instrumental virtuosity and the seamless interaction between the liquid, vocal tone he conjured from the numerous Gibson semi-acoustic guitars that have borne the nickname “Lucille” over the past six-and-a-half decades and his warm, chesty singing (“First I sing and then Lucille sings”) was only one part of the reason for his pre-eminence not only in his chosen field of the blues but in the broader expanse of the past musical century’s popular mainstream. BB King was also one of the planet’s consummate entertainers; his expansive stage presence, enveloping generosity of spirit, patent willingness to drive himself into the ground for his audiences and ability to put virtually any crowd at their ease took him from the backbreaking labour and harsh racism of the rural Southern states to the biggest stages of the world’s capital cities” -From the excellent appreciation by Charles Shaar Murray in today’s Guardian.

The Thrill Is Gone (probably his most famous recording):

…and here’s a live version of my personal favourite Three O’ Clock Blues:


  1. John walsh said,

    Some time there are just no words

  2. Suhayl Saadi said,

    Yes, absolutely, RIP, B. B. King.

    How ironic, though, that people seem to be sharing a video of Eric Clapton issuing a tribute to B. B. King. It would be really good if people like Eric Clapton would find theselves capable of transferring their love for the music produced by African-American ex-slaves and their descendents to black and brown people in the UK today. Clapton never apologised or retracted his odious remarks of 1976, indeed quite the opposite in the 200s, he seemed to try to justify his views as expressde then and the views of Enoch Powell. This is the man who had a massive hit with a song (‘Layla’) inspired by an Arab Romance Cycle and yet in the next breath he wa calling people, “wogs”.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Good points, Suhayl: as I recall, Clapton’s disgusting comments led directly to the creation of Rock Against Racism, As far as I know, he’s never retracted them or apologised.

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