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April 19, 2015 at 12:21 am (Beyond parody, elections, Jim D, New Statesman, plonker)

Laurie Penny (idiot)

Having just read this (in the present edition of the New Statesman):

“Right now, there may not be much to vote for but there’s plenty to vote against. Go out and vote, if you can stand it, and I hope you can. Vote in disgust. Vote in despair. If I see you at the polling station with a grin on your face, I will worry, unless you have the good fortune to be Scottish. Vote against bigotry, hatred and fear. Vote today and change the world tomorrow. We are not as powerless as they would have us believe. Choose your enemy and choose wisely. Good luck.”

… a number of thoughts occur to me:

1/ OK: she’s (relatively) young … but on the other hand is being paid as a “political” commentator by the NS;

2/ The NS expects us to take seriously someone who writes: “I endorsed the Liberal Democrats in 2010, a fact that tops the long list of stupid things I did in my early twenties, but the feeling of hope was genuine and so was the pain of betrayal”;

2/ The NS, for all its faults, was once a journal that advocated positive socialist political engagement, not nihilism combined with vicarious Scottish nationalism;

3/ I’ll now be starting a “most stupid comment about the election” competition. So far, Laurie Penny’s in the lead, but there’s still time to go! Feel free to nominate.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    She’s a careerist. Toute courte

  2. redkorat☭ (@red_korat) said,

    The usual anti-political gibbering from a self-promoting petit bourgeois dilettante (NS seems to have quite amfew atm). Move along – nothing to see here.

  3. rosie said,

    I am so fed up with the nationalistic party in Scotland being seen as the great progressive hope.

    Interesting piece here from a Yes voter about the creepy Peronism of Sturgeon.

    People are full of starry eyed worship of her.

  4. damon said,

    I don’t like to be too unkind to people like Laurie Penny.
    She has a privileged position and she uses it to make her living.
    She also had a certain amount of talent that got her noticed in the first place, and we like to read other people’s views on things.
    I wouldn’t call her an idiot, but I wouldn’t call many people that.
    Not Jack Munroe who has just given up twitter because of abuse, or Katie Hopkins either. Maybe Galloway deserves some public derision, because he is so publicly abrasive. But LP is quite sweet I think actually.

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