Why aren’t they laughing?

April 14, 2015 at 7:08 pm (anti-semitism, Asshole, Beyond parody, Galloway, Rosie B)

Why aren’t the citizens of Bradford pissing themselves laughing when the intending candidate for Bradford West (Respect) tweets this:-

In case it’s deleted it reads I think Netanyahu and the entire Zionist movement wants me to lose; don’t you? #BradfordWestRising #CityOfGold

plus this picture:-


Why aren’t the gutters of Bradford running with streams of urine as people double over hooting at the bombast and sheer grossness of this garbage?

(Oh, and the Israeli people waving flags – you are going to be horribly disappointed with Naz Shah if she wins. Her views on Israel are anti-Zionist, of course.)

However, Galloway always has his ardent followers. He makes statements about forced marriage which are both false and extremely damaging to its victims and gob-smackingly horrible – but still they follow. Prove Naz Shah was sixteen rather than fifteen when forced into marriage, and you’ve made a huge point against her. Point out her parents were attending, and of course it wasn’t a forced marriage at all – against every definition of forced marriage, all experience of young women and men forced into marriage – but you’ll stroke the cocks of the men who would hate to have a particular sexual power over women as forced wives and forced offspring taken away from them.

Tendance Coatesy has a couple of posts on Galloway’s outrageous shittiness and a Galloway groupie called Neil has arrived in the threads. Among his general dishonesty and fatuousness are suggestions that women who find Galloway’s politics vile must be secretly attracted to him. Galloway holds this view too of women e.g. Helen Pidd  who as part of her job as a journalist, writes about him, must get an odd flutter in their heart and other tender parts at the thought of him. It’s false and grossly insulting and stupidly conceited but it no doubt raises a little frisson among his posse.

I’d guess that a lot of the Galloway groupies would like to be him – to have the multiplicity of pretty wives, the attention of Big Men in the Arab world like Hussein and Assad and senior leaders in Hamas, the media spots, the hefty income, the attention. They share his own fantasies of his importance.

And the arseholes vote for him.

Update from Private Eye:-



  1. februarycallendar said,

    Assume this is you, Rosie?

    I gave up trying to reason with “neil” when he started invoking the concept of “normality” (with regards to sexuality). I’ve had too much direct experience to be fooled as to what that really means.

    As I said over on the Tendance, I think Galloway’s Old Left outlook is highly symptomatic of the broader Anglo-Scottish dissonance – in terms of definitions of “Left” – which I have often written about, including on here. He sees Muslims as his clients very much in the way that many of his Scottish compatriots see their own people. Now if he thought – as I suspect he did – that Scottish independence would lead to a rise in anti-Muslim bigotry in England, I believe he was wholly justified. But there is something creepy in regarding liberal Muslims very much as he would once have regarded working-class people who wanted to buy their own council houses (talking of which, the Tory party haven’t exactly moved very much in 35 years, have they? They’re going to have to do better than that) – the two situations aren’t directly comparable, because Old Labour working-class culture, however brutal and backward it sometimes was especially in its treatment of women, was never like *that*.

  2. Rosie said,

    “Why are Henry Jackson Society pillars George Grant and Khalid Mahmood in Bradford? Why is Mensch on speed dial from Manhattan to Bradford? ”

    GG acknowledges three types of attention:- (a) worshipful attention, which he retweets; (b) criticism from women, which he thinks is suppressed lust for him; (c) other criticism, which must be a Zionist plot.

  3. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    Galloway gets more media attention as an elected MP to continue his passion.

  4. George Galloway Welcomed with Joy in Palestine and Across the World – as he Follows Ian Donovan. | Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] Rosie says most of what us lot have to say, “Why aren’t the gutters of Bradford running with streams of urine as people double over hooting at the bombast and sheer grossness of this garbage?”. […]

  5. februarycallendar said,

    Galloway’s relationship to the Scottish independence campaign is especially interesting because, had he never based himself in England, I strongly suspect he’d have been a Yes. After all, he comes from a city which voted Yes, was an MP in another city which also voted Yes (and where those who had supported him at a local level probably overwhelmingly leant that way), he holds all the socially and culturally conservative Old Left (and, at the very least, anti-Zionist) views dominant in the Yes movement … it is just that he has had no choice but to use Muslims as his clients because he is based in England, where the white working class simply don’t fit into such a narrative anymore.

    In Scotland, by comparison, they still do. Had he remained there he’d have had different friends and allies, which would have pushed him in a different strategic geopolitical direction. Specifically, anti-Muslim bigotry in England wouldn’t have been an overwhelming, central concern for him, just as it generally wasn’t (indeed, couldn’t be, otherwise they couldn’t really have been Yesses in my view) for most Yesses. And I think he was entirely justified in thinking a Yes vote would make a bad situation worse for Muslims born and brought up in England.

    But, like most people who use a social group outside their own as their clients out of sheer despair and disillusion, he only likes them when they can fit into his agenda. When British Muslims don’t want to be his clients, he can easily be an anti-Muslim bigot himself. Just of a different kind.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      I attended a GG Naw meeting which was very good. Various speakers including Labour were in attendance. George Galloway argued that petty nationalism would be deprimental to the working class because of the division it would create.
      I do not recall him mentioning muslims or even Palestinians at all during the meeting. He made a very good case for workers solidarity as did the other speakers.

  6. redkorat☭ (@red_korat) said,

    Galloway followers are not merely saying that all women are attracted to him, it’s that various women are *stalking* him or of course that his critics are too unattractive and have turned on him having been spurned by the great man.

    Galloway, or the minion who doubtless monitors the twatters was a bit slow to block me.

  7. Jim Denham said,

    SBS deplores attacks on Naz Shah

    Southall Black Sisters Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

    George Galloway and his cohorts have signalled a new low in British politics by mounting what can only be described as a vicious and mean minded assault on Naz Shah, the Labour Party’s candidate for Bradford West in the coming general election. Galloway’s attempt at character assassination relies on selectively drawing upon Naz’s complex and difficult background, and it speaks volumes about political opportunism and the naked hunger for power by any means necessary.

    SBS worked with Naz when she was a young and extremely vulnerable woman in the late 90s. We waged a campaign for justice for her mother, Zoora Shah, who had been jailed for life for killing a man who had physically, financially, sexually and emotionally abused her at a time in the 70s and 80s when services for all battered women (let alone those from BME backgrounds) were non-existent. Zoora had been deserted by her first husband when her children were very young, leaving her to cope with the ensuing isolation, hostility and destitution that followed the breakdown of her marriage. She lived in conditions of abject poverty and homelessness, and in these circumstances she was befriended by a married landlord who demanded sex in return for providing her and her children with a roof over their heads. He became increasingly controlling, abusive and hostile towards Zoora, whose attempts to free herself went unsupported by the Asian community. In an effort to protect her daughters from his sexually predatory behaviour, Zoora resorted to desperate measures (including the attempt to arrange Naz’s marriage in Pakistan), and eventually she killed him.

    Zoora was unsuccessful in overturning her murder conviction, but her attempts to make the courts understand and reflect the reality of her difficult circumstances were vindicated in 2000, when Lord Justice Bingham, the then Lord Chief Justice, set her tariff at only 12 years. In doing so, he recognised and accepted that: ‘She was suffering from some kind of depressive illness and…that her social situation was of the most stressful kind imaginable. She suffered from some kind of abuse from the victim… this was the conduct of a desperate woman threatened with the loss of her home and with destitution in what remained for her a foreign country.’

    Against this background, whatever her strengths and weaknesses, Galloway’s attack on Naz is to be deplored. Naz showed tremendous courage, maturity and resilience in the campaign that followed to free her mother. Barely out of childhood herself, she took on the role of parenting her much younger siblings while supporting her mother.

    If parliamentary democracy is to be a living ideal, it needs to embrace voices and experiences borne out of survival in what is otherwise a largely white, elitist, boys’ own club. The qualities of courage and resilience that Naz brought to the ’Free Zoora Shah’ campaign are needed now more than ever to counter the cynicism that drives our political culture.

    We applaud the initiative taken by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and George Grant to keep political culture free of unnecessary personal smears and attacks.


    (H/t Comrade Coatesy BTL at Tendance Coatesy)

  8. Steven Johnston said,

    If you want a good laugh see the letters page of the latest issue of Private Eye. You’ll see why George Galloway and Boy George have never been seen in the same room together. But I doubt you’ll hear “do you really want to hurt me” blasting from the campaign battle bus.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Steven. GG would probably have liked, ” please do no let the son go down on me”.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        That was (not) the title of a song written by Howard Jones.

  9. Steven Johnston said,

    Good to see the Private eye update here, but what would that old stalwart of the eye, Dave Spart make of this criticism of GG?

    “With sickening predictability we see the true face of so-called intellectual left attacking a brave class warrior willing to speak out in favour of arranged marriages, which are an attack on the imperialist, bourgeois…” cont. on pate 94

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