Neo-Nazis gather to support Russian imperialism in Ukraine

March 26, 2015 at 10:12 pm (apologists and collaborators, conspiracy theories, Europe, fascism, imperialism, posted by JD, Racism, reactionay "anti-imperialism", Russia, serbia, stalinism, Stop The War, strange situations, thuggery, truth, wankers, war)

Putin’s useful idiots on the so-called “left” seem to be wilfully blind to the company they’re keeping:

By Dale Street

“The fascists are not in Ukraine, they’re meeting here!”, “Nazis licking Putin’s ass, OMG!” and “We don’t need foreign fascists here, we’ve nowhere to put our own!” read protestors’ placards outside the St. Petersburg Holiday Inn on 22 March.

The hotel was hosting the “International Russian Conservative Forum”, organised by the “Russian National Cultural Centre, The People’s Home”, a flag of convenience for members of the Russian “Motherland” party (Russian-nationalist, far-right and pro-Putin).

Organisations which sent official delegations to the conference included Golden Dawn (Greece), Ataka (Bulgaria), the National-Democratic Party of Germany, Forza Nuova (Italy), the Danish People’s Party, the National-Democratic Party(Spain), Millenium (Italy), and the Party of the Swedes.

All of these organisations are either on the far right or overtly fascist.

The French National Front, the Austrian Freedom Party and the Serbian Radical Party were invited to attend but decided not to do so for tactical reasons: participating in a conference with openly neo-Nazi organisations would undermine their attempts to appear “respectable”.

Other attendees included Nick Griffin (ex-BNP, now British Unity Party), Jim Dowson (ex-BNP, then Britain First and Protestant Coalition), Nate Smith(Texas National Movement), and Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson (American white supremacists).

Russian politicians and political activists who attended the event included members of “Motherland”, Putin’s “United Russia”party, the Russian Imperial Movement, the National Liberation Movement (slogans: “Motherland! Freedom!Putin!”), Battle for Donbas, Novorossiya, and the “social and patriotic club” Stalingrad.

Alexander Kofman (“Foreign Minister” of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic) pulled out of attending the conference at the last minute. But the Russian fascist Aleksei Milchakov, leader of the neo-Nazi Rusich brigade which has fought in the Donbas, made a point of turning up: “I’ve come direct from the front line, to make contact with European colleagues, to ensure that in Europe they know the truth about the Donbas, so that Europeans flood into Novorossiya (to fight), not into Ukraine.”

Summing up speakers’ contributions, one journalist wrote: “Overall, three things united the nationalists of the different countries: hatred of the US government, hatred of homosexuals, and hatred of the ‘Kiev junta’.”

All three themes were encapsulated in the contribution from Chris Roman, a Belgian active in the recently founded far-right “Alliance for Peace and Freedom” international federation: “In the West you’ll soon be able to marry a dog or a penguin. From the age of five children are taught how to play with themselves, and that it is normal to be gay.

“I support the Russian army, the Russian rebels. I don’t recognise the Kiev junta, a puppet of Wall Street. I don’t recognise the liberal Russian opposition, a fifth column. Politkovskaya, Nemtsov and Berezovsky are now all in hell.

“Crimea is Russian. Alaska is Russian. Kosovo is Serbian. Russia is our friend, and America our enemy. Glory to Russia! Glory to Novorossiya!”

The Russian government was not directly represented at the conference. But the composition, location and themes of the conference underline a growing alliance between Putin and the European far right.

The conference also exposed, yet again, the spurious nature of the Kremlin’s “anti-fascism” and the “anti-fascist struggle” of its puppet governments in Donetsk and Lugansk.



  1. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    The Yanks and the West were involved in promoting the Ukranian facists. The Russians knew this and responded. The Ukranians were not friends of Jews and the disabled, they demonstrated this during WW11. They will never be trusted.

    • Makhno said,

      “The Ukranians were not friends of Jews and the disabled, they demonstrated this during WW11. They will never be trusted.”

      Thanks for that insightful piece of analysis. What next? A Stan Boardman skit on “Ver Chermans”?

      Jesus titting wept, way to apply collective guilt to millions of people based on nothing but Kremlin-fuelled prejudice.

      You might as well say that Russia is no friend to the Jews, what with the pogroms and the actions of the Black Hundreds (who are making a comeback, in name at least, in the DPR), but that would be equally gormless and xenophobic.

      I’m also fascinated to see how “The West” is promoting the Ukrainian fascists, giving slightly more detailed examples than “a US opposition politician met Oleh Tyanybok once”

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        Who is jesus and what is your point. You do no dispute the role of the Ukranians in WW11 so once again what is your point.

  2. Lamia said,

    “The Yanks and the West were involved in promoting the Ukranian facists. The Russians knew this and responded…”

    By invading Crimea and getting the leaders of just about every far right and fascist party in Europe to act as ‘election observers’.

    Because that’s what you would expect an ‘anti-fascist’ to do, isn’t it?

    Don’t be so fucking stupid, Jimmy.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Stupidity is not an issue. The fact is is that Russia did give over the Crimea to the Ukranians and did a deal for the Black Sea Fleet. The Ukranians shit on the Russians and are paying for it. Nothing too complicated Lamia. Perhaps you have blinded loyalties to something or other.

      • Lamia said,

        No, I can just tell that a regime that allies with all the major far right and fascist parties in Europe is probably bullshitting when it claims it acted in Ukraine out of ‘anti-fascist’ concerns.

        And how, precisely, did Ukraine ‘shit on Russia’? Nor was Ukraine given Crimea by Russia, it was returned by the Soviet Union to its original owners. Ukraine itself has been a subject of Russian imperialism for centuries, and it only became part of the Soviet Union because it was previously subjugated by the Russian Empire.

        Russia has a historical habit of bullying and attacking its neighbours and then claiming to be the victim party.

  3. Rilke said,

    What Jim posts is true in terms of the political nature of these groups. But I regard this as a symptom and not the disease. The disease is that Russia wishes to maintain a cushion agaisnt NATO in Ukriane and NATO is keen to extend its influence in that area. The EU has political and economic influence in that geographical area but it is NATO that has the military and strategic power. The EU has no real strategic and military infrastructure and it is still NATO that calls te shots there. This is the core of the problem.
    It is also true that when the Kiev ministers talk of ‘hordes of cheap labour in the Eastern regions’ it is hardly likely to make Russian speakers and ethnic Slavs feel happy. It is true that the Kremlin is manoeuvring and manipulating the situation, but Russian ‘fascists’ Slavic nationalists are not the cause of this conflict, they are simply one outcome of it.

  4. Rilke said,

    I forgot to add that the massive debts that Ukriane still owes to Russia is also a factor. Unless the EU or IMF can stump up the cash for Kiev to pay it off I think the Kremlin will simple slice off more territory as a sort of strategic version of loan-shark debt collection. But the kind of economic measures the IMF are demanding as a guarantee is anathema to many of those who fought for social justice in Kiev. The millionaire chocolate factory owner guy who is running the Kiev government is out of his depth either way and will soon jump ship, wait and see.

  5. Paul Canning said,


    the Kremlin has been plotting over Crimea and the Donbas for years. The idea that they’re reacting to NATO or anyone else is Russian propaganda. Heck, Putin actually just admitted that the Crimea invasion was nothing to do with threats to Russian speakers. The ‘Novorussia’ mob, who are actual fascists, have been plotting with Kremlin insiders since 2006!

    What it is ‘all about’ is the Russian ruling classes fear of a maidan in their own country and having to flee the people just as Yanokovyn ‘golden loaf’ had to.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Rubbish, NATO has been moving its drinks cabinet towards the Russian border since the collapse of the USSR.

      • Lamia said,

        Ukraine is a sovereign state. It can form alliances with whomever it wishes. Russia doesn’t have the right to steam into any neighbouring country because it feels affronted by how they are running themselves. It is perverse that so many on the far left and far right seem to think it has this right. They are almost invariably the loudest voices amongst supposed ‘anti-imperialists’. For some reason Russia always gets a pass from these people and they never sympathise with the countries attacked, invaded, occupied, colonised or annexed by Russian imperialism. What a bunch of frauds you are.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Agreed. But which side should the working class support?
      The difficulty for the Ukraine is that they are in the middle of Germany & Russia and sooner or later will have to decided whom to form an alliance with. But surely that is an issue for the Ukranian ruling class?

  6. Rilke said,

    I did not say it was a simple Kremlin ‘reaction’ to NATO advances. I claim that there have been stokes and counter-strokes in that strategic area between NATO and the Kremiln for years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It looked like the EU could broker a sort of ‘third way’ compromise but it has failed as the EU has no strategic and military presence and certainly not enough to intimidate Russia and NATO are dead set against an EU semi-autonomous military option any way.
    The idea that Putin is scared of internal social revolutionaries is laughable, his approval ratings are sky high and the Slavophile versus Westener question does not apply now in Russia as it once did in the later 19th and early 20th centuries. I am sorry Paul, but you are letting your socialist desires interfere with your Marxist analysis. You talk as if they don’t have elections in Russia. They do, they are as corrupt and manipulated as ours are but politically relevant nonetheless.
    Wait and see how the brave people who fought for the maidan in Kiev will be made to suffer and bend the knee for that IMF deal. Yanokovich was a Kremlin stooge but it is an odd thing to see Western socialists siding with a chocolate factory tycoon just becaue he is anti-Moscow!

    • Paul Canning (@pauloCanning) said,

      Actually I am ‘siding’ with the Ukrainian working class and listening to what Ukrainian socialists and anarchists are saying. Which means that you don’t have to ‘side’ with Poroshenko, which they obviously do not, in order to support the defense of your country. I would also point out that Yanuk was the one who wanted the EU deal (because Akmetov and others wanted it). It was the Kremlin who forced him to reject it.

      Given the events in Moscow with Nemtsov and the obvious disquiet amongst the rulers there at the moment I would not be so quick to discount anything. Of course they fear for themselves otherwise they wouldn’t have overreacted so much after Bolotnaya. Why do you think they put so much effort into covering up the Russian troops in the Donbas? Ordinary Russians don’t want to be in Ukraine. Why do you think the budget for propaganda has been ramped up and any opposition questioning squashed? The Russian people are seeing their living standards and services – look at health! – heading downhill. The propaganda has to work to explain it’s all NATO or the CIA’s fault, not the thieves supposedly running the place, those with billions and their pampered offspring parked in the supposedly evil ‘gayropa’.

      The existential fear of the Kremlin is obviously a successful alternative model in Ukraine.

  7. Pete said,

    Putin, following Dugin’s script, is assembling ALL “far/extremists” movements and put them under the “Lisbon to Vladivostok” umbrella. Their doing the same with “left extremists”.

  8. Rilke said,

    Lamia, you need to revisit your notions of sovereignty. The state has no ‘sovereignty’ as such, it functions of the basis that it is a manifestation of the sovereignty of the people. Rousseau, Hobbes and Pufendorf agree on this to a laege extent. The magnitude and duration of how much the people alienate their sovereinty to the state is the issue. The issue in Ukriane is that there are whole regions where the people do not accept that they must alienate their sovereignty to the state. This always means civil strife and war. Russia is manipulating this but it did not cause it.

    • Paul Canning (@pauloCanning) said,

      Rilke, whilst it is perfectly true that there are people in Ukraine who “do not accept that they must alienate their sovereignty to the state”, i.e support seperatism, there is no evidence whatsoever that they form a majority. It is even seriously questionable that they a majority in Crimean [see

      By contrast, there is plenty of evidence that the rebellion would have been stopped at several points if not for the active presence of Russian special forces and the GRU. Most obviously the rather shambolic Ukrainian ‘anti-terrorist operation’ was on the point of over-running the DNR/LNR last August until the Russians sent in thousands of tanks, troops etc.

      This does not mean that it is solely Russian troops in the Donbas or that there is not a genuine group supporting separatism – See this backgrounder from Catherine Fitzpatrick

      This does not mean that the Ukrainian state has behaved well to the regions in the past or now, including when Yanuk was in power. What was false before and is even more false now is the supposed east/west, Russia speakers vs Ukrainians split so beloved of analysts on CNN etc with their neat maps.

  9. Rilke said,

    Majorities are really neither here nor there. The ‘general will’ is what matters not the ‘will of all’. The state in Ukraine has been shown to be vulnerable to being overthrown by those who do not accept its ligitimacy. Once this is acknowledged it can be enacted by forces from the right or the left and manipulated and ‘asssisted’ by military force from outside interests from the Kremlin and Pentagon, or Berlin for that matter.
    The working class may not have wanted the IMF deal but they will have to swallow it one way or another. When ‘they-the working-class’ protested the proposed austerity conditions of the ‘loan’ in Kiev they were beaten down by the very police they fought alongside previously. Russian doll or IMF debtor is hardly a socialist ‘choice’. You can dream about the workers waiting to take the stage all you wish, it is your perogative. When it does not happen we can always blame the ‘Stalinists’ or simply ‘Moscow’ or Putin.

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