Socialist Campaign For A Labour Victory 2015

March 15, 2015 at 7:02 pm (elections, labour party, posted by JD, socialism)

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Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory


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Another Tory government – ruling by themselves, with the Lib Dems or, worst of all, in coalition with UKIP – would be a disaster for the working class. As socialists, we want a Labour victory, not because we support Labour’s current position – a softer version of austerity and anti-migrant politics – but to throw out the Coalition, and because Labour is linked to workers’ basic organisations, trade unions. If the unions choose to fight, they can change Labour’s direction.

We don’t want to “hold our noses” and vote Labour as a lesser evil. We want to combine campaigning for a Labour government with making clear working-class demands, to boost working-class confidence, and strengthen and transform our labour movement so it is fit to fight.

We must challenge the idea that the working class should pay for the capitalist crisis through increased inequality, lower pay, job insecurity, workplace stress, draconian ‘performance management’ and cuts to services. The labour movement should be championing every working-class fightback against the bosses’ drive to squeeze more and more profit out of our work and our lives.

In place of the dog-eat-dog, exploiting society of capitalism, we socialists are fighting for a world of collective ownership, equality and sustainable planning for people’s needs, not profit. We want to spread these ideas in the working class and among young people.

A socialist transformation of society is not immediately on the cards. Socialism is only possible when a majority of workers are convinced and organised to make it happen. But if we work to strengthen the left and working-class struggles, and reinject socialist ideas into political debate, we can push Labour to shift course and deliver at least some positive changes for the working class.

Whether on the Living Wage or the NHS, free education or zero hours contracts, rail renationalisation or fracking, we need to up the pressure on Labour. We need to advocate radical policies like reversing all cuts, taxing the rich and taking the banks into democratic public ownership. The labour movement should aim for a government that serves the working class as the Coalition serves the rich.

We are fighting for democracy in the Labour Party so that working-class voices, muffled by the New Labour machine and union bureaucracy, can be heard.

We need a labour movement responsive and accessible to the working class in all its diversity, fighting bigotry and oppression. We oppose Labour’s shameful accommodation to anti-migrant agitation by UKIP and other right-wingers. British and migrant workers have the same interests. We support freedom of movement and equal rights for all. We want working-class solidarity across Europe and the world.

In the run up to the election, we are building a network of socialists to carry out this fight. Help us, get involved!


John McDonnell MP
Ian Hodson, National President, Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union
James McAsh, London Young Labour Committee
Maria Exall, CWU Greater London Combined Branch Secretary

Gill Kennett and Dean Kirk, Hull Red Labour councillors
Liam McNulty, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP Youth Officer
Andrew Berry, Unison Labour Link Committee
Omar Raii, UCLU External Affairs & Campaigns Officer
Jamie Green, former NUS London convenor, Unite activist
John Moloney, Department of Transport PCS activist
Becky Crocker, RMT Women’s Advisory Committee Chair
Jon Rogers, Lambeth Unison branch secretary and Unison NEC
Ruth Cashman, Lambeth Unison branch chair
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour Under 19s officer
Jenny Lennox, LRC
Dave Osler, vice chair, Shacklewell Branch, Hackney North CLP
Tony Byrne, RMT East Midlands Central branch chair
Katie Kokkinou, NUS London committee
Camila Bassi, Sheffield Hallam UCU
Tom Harris, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy executive
Daniel Cooper, NUS National Executive
Anita Downs, Unite rep at Lewisham Hospital
Beth Redmond, NCAFC NC left candidate for NUS President
Chris Marks, PCS North West Organiser
Ross Marshall, Secretary, National Station Grades Committee, RMT
Clive Boutle, Chair of Alexandra Branch Labour Party
Dave Kirk, Unite the Union NE204/4 branch secretary
Pat Markey, Northampton Labour Party member and NUT activist
Hannah Thompson, Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Pauline Bryan, Campaign for Socialism Scotland
Andrew Coates, Branch Chair, Unite, LE 1/860
James Elliot, NUS National Executive Committee
Owen Mooney, Chair of Scottish Labour Students
Daniel Randall, Bakerloo Line RMT
Jane Stewart, Chair of Unite Women’s Committee and Unite EC member
Ross Quinn, Chair of Wirral Unite branch 9515 and President of Wirral TUC
Elaine Jones, Equalities Officer Unite branch 6/522
Stuart Jordan, Unison activist
Max Shanly, Young Labour National Committee
Andrew Fisher, LEAP Economics
Chris Ford, LRC and Ukraine Solidarity Campaign
Simon Hewitt, Hendon CLP
Jill Mountford, Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign activist
Sacha Ismail, Workers’ Liberty
Austin Harney, Barnet TUC, PCS
Andy Dudley, Chesterfield
Dermot Rathbone, Co-Chair Hull People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Local Government Candidate, Tranby Ward, East Riding of Yorkshire County Council
Rick Evans, Red Labour North Warwickshire
Jeff Hazel, East Ham branch RMT
Jack Hudson, BECTU rep, National Theatre
Ilyas Aziz, Pakistan Centre Nottingham manager


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    Yet the system that the labour party will administer, not run, is anti-working class. So even if labour was pro-working class they cannot alter the nature of the system. Capitalism just does what it does, oblivious to whom is in power. It subverts all.

  2. mark taha said,

    Academic to me-but what should we do where there’s a socialist standing against Labour?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Vote Labour.

      • John R said,

        I thought the AWL were a faction in Left Unity who are standing candidates here and there (eg Vauxhall) against Labour?

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Vote Labour. How on earth can a poor socialist pay the deposit. They should donate the money to a food bank.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Surely they should give their money to the goverment, so the government can go out and spend it, thereby boosting the economy?

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