Northern Irish public sector strike: massive support

March 13, 2015 at 7:44 pm (class, Cuts, posted by JD, protest, unions, workers)

Protesters who called themselves "grassroot socialists" caused traffic disruption in the Millfield area of Belfast during Friday morning's rush hourProtesters who called themselves “grassroot socialists” caused traffic disruption in the Millfield area of Belfast during Friday morning’s rush hour

NIPSA Hails Support for Public Sector Workers’ Strike

 13 March 2015

Brian Campfield, General Secretary of NIPSA, Northern Ireland’s largest public sector trade union has welcomed the massive support from public service workers and the community for today’s strike action and protests.

Commenting after today’s march and rally in Belfast he stated:-

“The trade union movement is delighted with the massive response by workers to the call for strike action.  The thousands of workers who participated in today’s strike and protests across Northern Ireland have sent a very clear message to the Northern Ireland political parties and leaders that they will not accept the decimation of our public services and jobs.

The next step should be that all the political parties with MPs elected to Westminster at the May general election will declare that they will refuse to support any new government at Westminster which does not call an immediate halt to these unprecedented and damaging cuts to public services.  They may well have a critical role in the event of a hung parliament and they must ensure that they use whatever power they have to force a reversal of the UK Government’s unnecessary austerity programme.  This is the least they can do in the interests of the people of Northern Ireland.”

Commenting further on the role of the NI Executive Mr Campfield stated:-

“The financial elements of the Stormont House Agreement must be revisited.  The £700m borrowing for redundancies should be invested in public services and plans to reduce corporation tax must be abandoned.

The UK Government must be told that Northern Ireland cannot afford these cuts and that the NI Executive must do their utmost to force the Westminster Government to provide an adequate public expenditure settlement for Northern Ireland.”

End of Statement



  1. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    Basically what the Irish want is more subsidy from the largest tax paying group, the English. I do not know if the Irish Assembly have tax raising powers like we Scots do and do not use, however if they do then they should and stop putting the begging bowl out.

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      Interesting that when you want to attack the majority-Protestant working class of Northern Ireland you suddenly recognize that they are Irish, and you refer to what practically everyone else refers to as the Northern Ireland Assembly as “the Irish Assembly”. Apparently, those Protestant workers in the six counties are only worth your support, or even recognition, when they’re fighting Catholics, not capitalists and the capitalist state.

  2. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    They are Irish you twat. I am Scottish. I am attacking no one. Typical blinkered leftie you are. I suggested that they pay more tax for their services as we all should. What do you suggest. Perhaps taxing the rich until you bleed them. Then what! The only support I give to what you call protestants is that most support the Union as well as many catholics now do. Do you think the Republic would want to take on the welfare bill!

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Raising taxes does not increase the amount of money in the economy, it only increases the governments share of it. The amount of money spent will still be same. So taking money from one pocket to put in another pocket is not the answer to austerity.
      AA, as for the religion issue do you think it matter to the capitalist system what religion you are! LOL, or are you saying capitalism wants to wage war against catholics and support protestants?

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        For Aaron. Je suis Charlie.
        Steven the role of the gov is to collect and distribute taxes. The likes of Aaron thnks bleeding the rich temporarily without a future plan when there is no rich to bleed have a credibility gap. That is the problem with the hard left they have no plan to put to the voter. Not that lefties have much time for voting!

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