Stewart Lee on Top Gear

March 12, 2015 at 12:21 am (Anti-Racism, comedy, Jim D, Tory scum, TV)

The suspension of Cameron’s friend Jeremy Clarkson and the subsequent question-mark over the future of Top Gear (but, I fear money talks, and Clarkson and his show will return), at least gives me an excuse to show you this clip of Stewart Lee (in 2010 I’d guess) on the subject of Top Gear and its presenters. I think Lee’s very, very, funny, but not everyone agrees.

It lasts 14 minutes, and all I’d advise is if you decide to watch it, please watch all the way to the end:


  1. damon said,

    I’ve just watched that in this coffee shop and had to be careful about when to drink from my cup or it could have gone everywhere. Very funny.
    But I also kind of hate Stewart Lee. Because of his politics and his audience. Top Gear and Richard Littlejohn are such easy targets.
    I think Lee is the James O’Brien of comedy.

    I’ve just listened to another hour of O’Brien talking about Nigel Farage on his LBC radio show – where he did what Stewart Lee does, but just not in such an amusing way.
    He paraphrased Farage’s latest comments on employers looking to British people first as not quite the same as putting up signs saying ”No dogs, no blacks, no Irish” but actually just like ”No dogs, no Irish”.
    I can almost hear the Stewart Lee routine about it.
    And it would be funny I’m sure.

  2. damon said,

    This is why Stewart is funny but annoying in equal measures.
    He could not get an argument like this in Spiked at all.

    That argument against getting too upset by fans making sexist chants at football matches could be said to be from the Jeremy Clarkson school of thought. When actually it’s very good and perceptive.
    When people say they just don’t get Spiked, (or Clarkson even) it might be because they just can’t ”get” opinions like that.

    And they often lash out at that which they don’t understand.
    Not that Clarkson isn’t an elitist oaf of course.

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