“Left” anti-Semitism in Scotland

February 23, 2015 at 9:25 pm (anti-semitism, israel, left, Middle East, palestine, posted by JD, Racism, reactionay "anti-imperialism", Rosie B, scotland, stalinism, Uncategorized)

Scottish commentator Chris Derin notes the rise of anti-Semitism, and the fact that in Scotland it’s not coming from Islamists or the traditional far-right, but from elements of the supposed “left”:

The darkest
of prejudices

Unthinkably, anti-semitism is once again on the rise across Europe. Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that the continent’s Jews should move to Israel, following the attacks in Paris, Belgium and Copenhagen, has angered many of his co-religionists, but the fact he felt able to say it should give the rest of us pause.

A timely article published yesterday in Scotland on Sunday by the journalist Dani Garavelli showed concern about their safety is growing among Scotland’s Jews. Giffnock’s long-established community has seen security stepped up outside Jewish buildings, including police patrols at the synagogue and at Scotland’s only Jewish primary school. The children are no longer allowed to line up in the playground in the morning.

The number of anti-semitic attacks in Glasgow rose ten-fold last year, according to Garavelli. A woman selling Israeli cosmetics from a stall is said to have had a ‘burning’ substance thrown in her face, while a rabbi was taunted with shouts of ‘Sieg Heil’. A sheltered housing complex in East Renfrewshire was daubed with a swastika and the words ‘Jewish Cunts. Jews Out’.

It seems to be politically hip to adopt an anti-Israel stance. What used to be the preserve of the far-Right now sits more easily with the far-Left, which is currently undergoing a modish revival in Scotland. Criticism of Israel’s government, a perfectly reasonable thing to do, all too regularly shades into the dark prejudice of anti-semitism. There’s nothing cool or modern about this. Anti-semitism is the most ancient of hatreds, and it was only 70 years ago that Europe’s Jews were nearly destroyed in a mass extermination programme. Anti-semites: think of the company you’re keeping.

H/t Rosie


JD adds: here at Shiraz we’ve had cause to comment on the anti-semitism of the Scottish PSC before now: “A little bit anti-Jewish”.


  1. februarycallendar said,

    Alas, none of this surprises me.

    If nothing else, it confirms what sort of Left the pro-independence movement generally represents (although, in their own way, the paragraphs on the Scottish response to breakbeat hardcore in the Wikipedia article on “bouncy techno” say more about that than a million essays which set out to do so).

  2. gzitver said,

    Remember this?

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      I am sure the potential camp guard Big Blond Helga Ridley vill have vays of making vem talk. Vonder vere she is hingin oot I vould like to meet it. It is amazing what a sperm turns into.

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      Thanks for the link! I’m now a follower of yvonneridley on Twitter.

  3. Ben said,

    “…has angered many of his co-religionists,…”

    Not really.

    It has angered mostly non-religious assimilated Jews. The insistence of leftists to regard Jews as members of a religion rather than a nation is illogical and uncomradely, since most leftist Jews are atheists and still describe themselves as Jews. Netanyahu is not appealing to Jews to emigrate to Israel for religious reasons, but for national reasons.

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      Netanyahu calls on ‘Jews’ (by whatever definition of the term) to leave a situation where they might face a miniscule chance of being harmed for being ‘Jews’ and to move to Palestine where they can both participate in the massive violence against the Palestinian people and increase their own chance of suffering violence. Any adult who takes him up on this deserves the retaliatory violence (s)he may suffer.

      • Into the mild said,

        Surely you’re smart enough to realize how stupid you sound.

  4. Mike Killingworth said,

    I’m not Jewish, as most of you know already.

    I think Jews have the right to see Judaism as a religion or not as they choose. I also think that much of the motivation for the taking up of radical, not to say extreme, positions on both sides of the race/religion dichotomy is due to a small minority of Jews feeling deep shame at having assimilated when they see Muslims (who at least are commanded by their religion to respect Jews) preferring to conquer.

    In this context, Derin’s remark that “criticism of Israel’s government, a perfectly reasonable thing to do, all too regularly shades into the dark prejudice of anti-Semitism” feels like a breath of fresh air. He at least remembers that Martin Buber was as Jewish as anyone else has ever been.

    Having been told here that I am an anti-Semite because I quoted Edward Said, I look forward to being similarly chastised for referencing Buber…

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      “[T]hey see Muslims […] preferring to conquer”.

      What proportion of the 1,500 million Muslims in the world are, or strive to be, conquerors? What proportion of the 15 million Jews in the world are, or strive to be, conquerors? Is anybody going to argue that the latter proportion (or, if you prefer, fraction or percentage) is not far greater than the former?

  5. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    When you consider what has gone on for centuries on this planet eg: Invasions and dispersal of people to various parts of the planet you have to ask why do the lefties focus on little Israel? Myself and Nigal Farage could claim a right to live in France being decendents of the Huguenots!
    I am convinced it is all down to being anti-Jewish and envy of an industrious people.

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      People focus on “little” Israel for the same reasons they focus on “little” Wall Street or on the “little” City of London or on the “little” Pentagon. The power of these entities, or of those who control them, doesn’t depend on their physical size.

      “Myself [Loonie Glesga] and Nigal [sic!] Farage could claim a right to live in France being decendents [sic!] of the Huguenots!”

      In other words, if some imperialist occupier of France, along with a superpower across the ocean, had considered it to be in their own interest to establish a ‘state of the Huguenot people” in a chunk of France after the latter’s devastation during a war, you could move there and confiscate the lands of people whose families had lived there for a millenium. And you wouldn’t even have to invoke ancient religious texts to justify your claim.

      BTW, if it’s not racist to refer to a certain group as “an industrious people”, why is it racist to refer to the same group as, perhaps, “a clever, manipulative people”?

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        The land of Israel was stolen by the Romans. The world did not start during 1948 nor at the birth of the baby Jesus. And you have to give evidence of manipulation. Not made up manipulation, real name and addresses of the manipulators.

      • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

        I never used the word racist. And some people are not industrious but are prepared to take the benefits from those that are and indeed as the Naxzis did, just kill and steal from them.

      • Aaron Aarons said,

        If you object to the term “racist” to apply to generalizations about Jews, choose another. But if it’s OK to make favorable generalizations about Jews, is it also OK to make unfavorable generalizations?

        And, yes, Jews are disproportionately masters of manipulation, which is why there are so many Jewish lawyers and why Jews, being small in numbers, have so much influence in politics and finance, and why almost all the people who wound up as billionaires when the Soviet Union broke up were Jews. I’m not going to argue whether this is due to skills passed down through genes or through culture, or through a combination of factors, but I think it’s irrefutable.

        These same skills also have enabled Jews to make disproportionate contributions to science, the arts, and more, so the skills themselves are not the problem. The world would benefit if Jews were to blend into the general population, so that these advantages would not be advantages of one ethnic group over others. And, despite the efforts of Zionists and Jewish tribalists generally, this has been happening

  6. rebeccalesses said,

    Wow, you have just revealed your belief in the international Jewish conspiracy, Mr. antisemite pretending to be Jewish by calling yourself Aaron Aarons. Jews, who are perhaps 14 million in number, are as powerful as Wall Street or the City of London, or the Pentagon? Go back to your antisemitic buddies at Stormfront.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Rebecca he certainly is peddling the biggest load of codswallop this side of the Holocaust.

  7. Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

    Aaron I did not say I objected to the term racist. So do give your evidence that Jews are masters of manipulation. Give one instance and name the manipulator(s). Also explain why people are so gullible as to be manipulated. Can you name anyone who has been manipulated byJews?

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Aaron Aerons writes: “And, yes, Jews are disproportionately masters of manipulation, which is why there are so many Jewish lawyers and why Jews, being small in numbers, have so much influence in politics and finance, and why almost all the people who wound up as billionaires when the Soviet Union broke up were Jews.”

    The worrying thing about Aarons(and in this, he’s not untypical of sections of the left) is that I suspect he genuinely doesn’t understand that he’s an anti-Semite.

  9. damon said,

    Seems like one of those intractable problems between supporters of Israel and those who are so against.
    I would definitely be on the side of supporting Israel’s right to exist as a state. In theory anyway. In practice it’s not so easy as there’s plenty to criticise Israel over (just in my opinion).
    Then you have communities that line up on one side or the other.
    Muslims seem to be very much against, and Jews seem to overwhelmingly back.
    To be criticised as Jews is totally unacceptable, but to stand in public as Israel supporters in times of war like last summer and have figures that (for example) clain ”80% of British – or Scottish – Jews back Israel in it’s war on Hamas” – then you get into sectarian territory where everyone is just pointing the finger at the other side.
    Israel/Palestine shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it just is.

  10. Jim Denham said,

  11. Rilke said,

    The fact remains that Jews were vulnerable throughout history to attacks and persecution because they were a stateless people. If a people have no state to protect or produce a standing army, if they have no consulate or diplomatic power to which they can appeal in times of crisis then they are inevitably forced to assimilate, hide, adapt or become periodic and endless victims. The nature and condition of the imposition of the state of Israel rests upon a crime, the taking of land and the displacing and killing of people. But all states and all kingdoms rest on founding crimes. Aaran Aarons should ask himself if the Soiux and Cherokee reservations upon which his country sits are crimes or not. Australia’s native inhabitants are hardly running the state. Arab and Muslim conquerors were more than happy to annihilate African and Nubian non-believers in the founding of their states. Ask the Sikhs of the Punjab if the establishing of the state Pakistan was peaceful and benign. My Kurdish friend says that he is prepared to fight and die for a Kurdish homeland. I say, ‘but fighting means killing’. He says ‘that is our problem not yours’.
    I find it hilarious that idiot Scottish nationalists offer reasons why Scotland should be free from Westminster (read English) persecution that is so degrading and terrible while at the same time arguing that Jews should be stateless. After all, the poll tax was much worse than attemped genocide right? Cretins! A solution is needed to the problems in Isreal not this endless debate about Israel as a state. Those who talk of putting an end to Israel as a state are talking of a potentially far greater crime than the founding one.

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