Our fallen cartoonist comrades

January 8, 2015 at 1:48 am (Andrew Coates, anti-fascism, Free Speech, good people, Human rights, islamism, Jim D, solidarity)

Comrade Coatesy notes: A word about our martyrs: Charb (supporter of the Front de gauche) Wolinski (communist – PCF supporter) Cabu (whose cartoons have played a big part in our lives).

We republish one of Cabu’s cartoons as a mark of respect to these fallen comrades – heroes of Enlightenment values:


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    Cabu was deeply deeply loved.

  2. Rosie said,

    Firstly, a few words on Charlie Hebdo, which was often “analyzed” in the British press on the sole basis, apparently, of a few selected cartoons. It might be worth knowing that the main target of Charlie Hebdo was the Front National and the Le Pen family. Next came crooks of all sorts, including bosses and politicians (incidentally, one of the victims of the bombing was an economist who ran a weekly column on the disasters caused by austerity policies in Greece).  Finally, Charlie Hebdo was an opponent of all forms of organized religions, in the old-school anarchist sense: Ni Dieu, ni maître! They ridiculed the pope, orthodox Jews and Muslims in equal measure and with the same biting tone. They took ferocious stances against the bombings of Gaza. Even if their sense of humour was apparently inacceptable to English minds, please take my word for it: it fell well within the French tradition of satire – and after all was only intended for a French audience. It is only by reading or seeing it out of context that some cartoons appear as racist or islamophobic. Charlie Hebdo also continuously denounced the pledge of minorities and campaigned relentlessly for all illegal immigrants to be given permanent right of stay. I hope this helps you understand that if you belong to the radical left, you have lost precious friends and allies.


  3. damon said,

    I admit to not really getting the magazine. All I see is images like this, which shows three rolls of toilet paper, with ‘Bible’ ‘Koran’ and ‘Torah’ written on them, and it just seems overly aggressive – to people who don’t share that culture.

    Then I watch Channel 4 News and I see their reporters talking to Muslins in both Paris and Marseille – and it looks like they dont get it either.
    Is it that they have to keep being whacked around the head by the likes of Charlie Hebdo until they do?

    I saw Will Self on C4 News as well and I think I agreed with him.
    It’s not straight forward. To insist it is is overly ideological I think.
    But people will have many and varied views of this. I don’t see anyone having all the right answers as yet.

  4. damon said,

    By the way, is it true that Charlie Hebdo led a campaign to get the Front National banned? If so, then they are not genuine champions of free speech.

    Also this line ”and campaigned relentlessly for all illegal immigrants to be given permanent right of stay” – perhaps shows up some strong ideology on their part. So they’re for all the people of the third world to pitch up in France, and then they despair that so many of them don’t live up to expectations. There is some kind of contradiction in there I think.

    I think Gary Younge, who I often disagree with, is well worth reading in the Guardian today. I liked this line particularly:
    ”From both the left and right, efforts to explain the assassinations at Charlie Hebdo magazine, a Kosher supermarket and elsewhere inevitably become reductive.”

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