Galloway opposes the very existence of Israel

October 16, 2014 at 11:30 am (anti-semitism, Asshole, Champagne Charlie, Galloway, islamism, israel, Middle East, MPs, national liberation, palestine, reactionay "anti-imperialism")

Many people were surprised to note that amongst those MPs who didn’t support the motion to recognise Palestine, was George Galloway. I have not been able to ascertain whether Galloway turned up to abstain, or whether (much more likely for such a poltroon) he simply didn’t turn up at all.

Here, Galloway explains his position, which boils down to the fact that his hatred of Israel takes precedence over his (supposed) support for Palestinian national rights. All this filthy charlatan’s past claims to support two states and a democratic solution is now exposed as so much bluster:

I have been urged by a number of my constituents to support a motion being debated and voted on in parliament on Monday “that this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel”.

As many probably know the Palestinian cause has been central to my political activity for the last 40 years. I appreciate the good intentions many have in urging me to support this motion.

However, unfortunately I cannot support this motion as it accepts recognition of the state of Israel, does not define borders of either state or address the central question of the right of return of the millions of Palestinians who have been forced to live outside Palestine.

Israel was a state born in 1948 out of the blood of the Palestinians who were hounded from their land. Since then it has grabbed ever more land from the Palestinian people. In the last five years it has twice launched murderous assaults on the Palestinian people of Gaza, some 1.8 million people crammed into what is in effect a prison camp. In the wake of the most recent war on Gaza, Israel has announced its biggest land grab in the Occupied West Bank so far. Israel has defied UN resolution after UN resolution with impunity because of the continued backing of Western countries and, above all, the US.

I continue to support the only realistic solution, one democratic and secular state, called Israel-Palestine or Palestine-Israel. The proposed two-state solution is to all intents and purposes dead and is only used in order to provide Israel further breathing space to consolidate the illegal settlements and expand its land grab further.

For these reasons, I am afraid I cannot support this motion and will abstain on Monday.


  1. mark taha said,

    If he thinks that’s a realistic solution,he really is on the Loony Left!

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      If you really, honestly think that a two-state solution is possible, except maybe by creating a Palestinian Bantustan with less actual independence than any of the South African Bantustans had, you are the one whose mental health should be questioned.

      But since you use the phrase “Loony Left”, one of the right wing’s favorite epithets for decades against principled leftists, I doubt that you are, in fact, speaking honestly.

  2. Aaron Aarons said,

    Beyond calling Galloway a “poltroon” (i.e., “an utter coward”, according to Google) and a “filthy charlatan”, you haven’t refuted a single point he made in the paragraphs you quote.

    Incidentally, how would abstaining by not showing up, if that’s what he did, be “cowardly”? Do you think he was afraid of physical attack on the floor of the Commons if he did show and abstain?

  3. Waterloo Sunset said,


    Mark Taha is fash. Associate of Alexander Baron.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Thank you for that, Waterloo. In future he’ll be deleted on sight. No point deleting his comment now, though.

  4. MARK TAHA said,

    I am not “fash”. Nor is Alexander Baron-who would probably agree with Galloway! To expand-put them together in one state-there’d be civil war followed by repartition. Why not save the bloodbath and partition now?

  5. Alexander Baron said,

    Alexander Baron does not agree with Galloway, he made his position clear in his speech on the Jewish Question. 14 words for everyone!

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