Jon Danzig on the Tories’ attack on our human rights

October 3, 2014 at 8:09 pm (Civil liberties, Europe, Human rights, posted by JD, reblogged, Tory scum)

In marked contrast the rabid Tory tabloids … excellent commentary and historical context from Jon Danzig:

Home Secretary Theresa May (and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling -JD), with support of Prime Minister David Cameron, wants the UK to scrap the Human Rights Act and leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

Instead, they want a new UK-only ‘Bill of Rights’ giving less human rights to certain humans (mostly foreign ones).

Many (but not all) Conservatives, currently in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, don’t much like the Human Rights Act, and many (but not all) don’t like the European Union either.  The two are connected, as a commitment to Human Rights is a condition of EU membership.  

The Conservative party, if it wins the next General Election in May 2015, has pledged to scrap the Human Rights Act and the UK’s binding obligation to the European Convention on Human Rights.

It was British war leader Winston Churchill who in 1948 advocated a European ‘Charter of Human Rights’ in direct response to the abject horrors of the Nazi and Soviet regimes and the Second World War.  British lawyers drafted what was later to become the European Convention. The UK was one of the first countries to sign up to the Convention, and leaving it would end 60 years of being legally bound by this first international treaty on Human Rights.   

Read the rest here.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Let us not forget either that it was only the IRA that prevented Margaret Thatcher from denouncing anyone to the left of herself as an enemy of England. I expect this meme to be prominent in both next year’s election campaign and following the Tory victory. Do not forget that the typical Tory activist regards the Labour Party and the Unions as a far bigger threat than climate change or radical Islam, and, if my researches into the matter are anything to go by, is quite unable to give an account of the benefits of having a legal Labour Party, falling back on something like “well, it’s always been legal”.

    Once they fully take in what Thatcher intended to do, I expect that to change. They will certainly want this blog closed down, at the very least.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    I know that the ECHR isn’t, strictly speaking, an EU body, but the Tories’ arguments against it are exactly the same as their aguments against the EU – and the same as those of some on the left. For years people like No2EU and CAEF (essentially the same organisation) have been coming out with this sort of stuff:

    “However, the overriding logic and purpose of the EU is to hollow out the democratic structures of nation states and incrementally to transfer law-making powers to un-elected, undemocratic, supranational institutions in Brussels through treaties and directives. This anti-democratic, slow motion, revolution-in-reverse has gone unnoticed by many voters and most political commentators, who still see the Westminster parliament as the key citadel of state power in Britain.”

    Well, now the Tories are (so they claim) taking law-making powers away from “un-elected, undemocratic, supranational institutions”: happy, are you, Alex & co?

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Nick Cohen – absolutely superb on this, in today’s Observer:

  4. Jon Danzig said,

    Thanks for flagging up my story about human rights. This is my latest today:

    Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

    Regards, Jon Danzig

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