Unison to call off Oct 14 action?

September 26, 2014 at 12:14 am (Jim D, unions, UNISON, workers)


* Breaking News:  the strike of Local Government employees on October 14 has been called off after an improved offer from the employers’ side.

 A Unison activist has told us:

“It is true that an informal offer has been made to unions of an average 2.2% pay increase which will mean some members getting less than 1% to pay for a better increase for others.

“The offer will need to go to NJC. I imagine there will be a call for a lobby of NJC. This is a lot more than I thought we’d be offered early on. I don’t know exactly how it’s being divided out, but it  appears to involve a rise of  2.2 % from 1st of January with one off payments ranging from £250 for lowest grades. going down to £100 for other grades which will be paid in December.”

Trade unionists should still mobilise for the TUC demonstration.
BRITAIN NEEDS A PAYRISE: Join us at the MARCH and RALLY, Saturday 18 October 2014

The march starts on Embankment 1pm , with form up from 11am. We suggest joining from the rear at Blackfriars to avoid a crush further up Embankment. After moving off, the march will go along Embankment to Northumberland Avenue, across Trafalgar Square, along Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, and then along Piccadilly to Hyde Park Corner, where it will enter the park. The rally in Hyde Park will start as the march reaches the stage.


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    Some were predicting this…

  2. Chris W said,

    What a cop-out, seems similar to original NHS offer but obviously increased to 2.2%, what they call non consolidated.

    Any truth in the other rumor that Unison refused to make October 14 a large scale strike because they can only handle one strike at a time?

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    As for the march on the 18th of October, what a joke. They seriously believe that austerity is the fault of the government and not what the capitalist system is demanding, regardless of who is in power.
    Also they talk some guff about giving people a pay rise, while boost the economy. Pffft, I’m all for giving people a pay rise but that does not put any new money in the economy, just a case of divvying up differently what is already there.
    If only it was that easy to end austerity eh?

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