Defend George Galloway!

September 11, 2014 at 11:07 am (BBC, blogosphere, Free Speech, Galloway, posted by JD, scotland)

A joint campaign with That Place:


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Defend him from what, exactly? His ego?

  2. charliethechulo said,

    He’s back on again!

  3. Ted Edwards said,

    I defend his right to be on QT but sadly my respect for GG disappeared once he agreed to be on BB. A move in my opinion that ruined a previous brilliant career.

    • ZINR said,

      Are you serious?

      You were perfectly happy with his loving support for Saddam Hussein, Uday Hussein, Bashir al Assad et al. You were happy with his enthusiastic support – and funding, let’s not forget – for Hamas. You were happy with him “banning” Israeli Jews from Bradford. You were happy for him to take Ahedinijad’s money to present a hateful show on Iranian government propaganda channel Press TV (notorious for its violent antisemitism and hatred of the West). You were happy for this bullying self-promotional thug to whip up sectarian hatred within Muslim communities in Britain (“carpet bagging”, they used to call it).

      But dressing as a cat and drinking from a saucer of milk? Ach, beyond the pale. Tut, tut. Won’t do at all. Lost all respect for the man.

      Christ on a bike…

      • ted edwards said,

        ZINR Sorry for my previous comment and now you remind me I obviously wasn’t serious when making those last comments. I should have thought about it deeper than just remembering his support for the miners and workers in struggle.Probbaly age is creeping in when it comes to memory.

  4. charliethechulo said,

    Given this blog’s past comments on Mr Galloway, and the label “a joint campaign with That Place” (ie Harry’s Place), I think you can rest assured that the Shiraz tongue was firmly in the cheek.

    • ZINR said,

      Sorry, it was a pointless rant, I know – every time I see this foul fascist’s name it triggers an outpouring of rage…I really ought to get a grip.

      I know Shiraz is far from pro-Galloway – this is kinda the last bastion of the moderate, non-Hamasnik Left. I just have a case of Galloway-Tourettes, that’s all…

      • charliethechulo said,

        ” Galloway-Tourettes”: Quite understandable, ZINR. Many of us share the condition.

  5. ted edwards said,

    ZINR No apology necessary just thanks for correcting me.

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