Samira Ahmed on the Rotherham scandal

August 29, 2014 at 8:47 pm (child abuse, communalism, cops, crime, Guardian, Human rights, law, misogyny, posted by JD, Racism, relativism, thuggery, women)

The horrors exposed by the  Jay report into child exploitation in Rotherham are so sickening, so angering, so distressing, that I’ve deliberately refrained from commenting. I’m simply not qualified to do so on an issue that seems at once so simple and yet so complex. What I am sure about is that those refuse to seriously address the racial aspect to this outrage are nearly as culpable as those who would use it to demonise Asian/ Muslim people and stir up racial hatred.

So, for now, I’ll simply recommend this piece by Samira Ahmed. I know quite a few of you will have already read this, as it was first published in yesterday’s Guardian. But it’s by far the best and most sensibly nuanced commentary on the subject I’ve yet encountered and it deserves to be as widely read as possible.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Part of me thinks that, as I am white male, the path of wisdom is silence. The other part thinks that there has, perhaps, been too much silence already.

    The question I would want to ask the perpetrators is this: how would you feel if someone treated your daughter this way? As far as I can make out, possible answers include:

    (1) Walking away: not being answerable to an infidel is close to, if not actually at the heart of the perpetrator’s sense of self-esteem;

    (2) “The idea that women have equal rights with men is not a basic human right, till less is it the will of God. Islam teaches precisely the opposite* and you, who claim to promote the right of everyone to practise their religion in the way that they themselves understand it, merely reveal your hypocritical double-dealing. Your “equality” is no more than a notion of infidel culture, one of many that stops me from practising my religion properly in England.”

    * The only Muslim I have known well enough to regard as a personal friend reckoned that he could find, somewhere on the face of the Earth, a mullah to derive any proposition I cared to mention from the sacred texts and traditions of Islam.

    More generally, perhaps we should ask ourselves: is the world big enough for both Western culture and Islam? I doubt it will be more than a few weeks before the Islamic State issues a jihad against the UK for failing to suppress outfits like the Southall Black Sisters.

    For the avoidance of doubt: I agree with every word of Ms Ahmed’s article. But she hasn’t gone anywhere near far enough.

  2. Babs said,

    Surprise! The Socialist Verker has discovered Capitalism is behind all this.


    It is actually Feudalism. I mean, for **cks sake anyone who has seen The Sopranos will be acquainted with the concept of the leaders who have the nice ‘respectable’ wifey and the controlled trafficked women used as prostitutes or ‘goomars’. This is what that is.

    It is the flipside of the Honour violence meted out against the women in this community, often citing precisely the same reason. “you can’t control your women ” is a fairly common accusation that you will hear from men in dramas and talk shows shown on Indian tv for instance towards the fathers of errant wives who walk out on violent husbands.

    Not that the trots will dare contemplate this. Because it means the big lads from the community might call them racist imperialists and blame them for the next riot or atrocity by a bedroom Jihadi

  3. Scandalised & Awoken said,

    It’s horrific. 1000’s of girls raped, still the left seeks a cover up.

    A phd researcher who got the figures so catastrophically wrong (and was wheeled out left, right and centre) is still sticking to her line — don’t mention the migrants! Hush about their religion!

    700,000 Bangladeshi women were rasped by Pakistani soldiers in their war against independence. Why is it surprising that these people and their children carry on like this in Britain?

    Perhaps the worst political part isn’t the disgusting disregard social(ist) workers have for our young, but that the far right have been proven right.

    Way to go SWP et al in sh*%*ng on people in the name of your stupid little hobby.

    Always the working people who pay the price. Our daughters raped, our sons out of work.

    Just so long as you feel smug, eh?

  4. Joseph Ball said,

    To activists, journalists and other concerned parties

    An article has been published on the issue of child exploitaton in Rotherham at:

    I am Joseph Ball, a UK based Marxist writer. I have made an analysis of Professor Jay’s report into child exploitation in Rotherham. I show how the story that the report demonstrates that Asians have carried out abuse on a very large scale in Rotherham is false. The introduction to my article follows:

    On 26 August 2014 the report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013 was published. The author was Professor Alexis Jay. The British press declared that the report showed that at least 1400 children had been sexually exploited in Rotherham, a town of approximately 250,000, over the period in question. The press also stated that the report showed that the majority of those responsible for the exploitation of these 1400 children were Asian. Professor Jay, however, does not provide evidence that the majority of the abusers in the individual cases she studied were Asian. A close reading shows that her report does not even claim that this is the case. In addition, it does not show that 1400 children were exploited. The report does claim this but the claim appears to be incorrect due to a confusion between cases where exploitation is suspected by adults and cases where children themselves are reporting exploitation. Whatever the intentions of the author, the report clearly has potential to create serious racial and religious tension which could harm a large number of British people, old and young, male and female.

    Please reproduce my article as you wish. No copyright or other related legal restrictions apply to your use of my article.

    Yours sincerely

    • Babs said,

      To summarise.
      # it isn’t 1400 victims. It’s only 988.
      # they are not all asian perps. 4 are white and 1 afro carribean.
      # some of the cases featured are ‘suspected exploitation ‘ rather than being confirmed.
      # child rape is bad but the holocaust was badderer. DO YOU WANT THE NAZIS TO WIN?

  5. Babs said,

    Uh oh.

  6. Jim Denham said,

    Surprisingly sensible commentary from the Morning Star’s Soloman Hughes:

  7. samiraahmed said,

    While I’m glad you found this interesting, this article is copyright of the Guardian who paid me to write it. You can link to it, but it’s not ok to cut and paste my work for free. Could you please amend this situation immediately. I’ve informed The Guardian. Thanks.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Sorry about that, Samira: we’re not the only blog to copy items from the mainstream media when we think they’re interesting.

      What would you like done?

      • samiraahmed said,

        Thanks for your speedy reply. Please down the cut and pasted copy immediately. You linked to my article on The Guardian website in your intro which is fine.l and indeed I am very grateful for that recommendation. But cutting and pasting the entire text of someone else’s work is unacceptable I am a freelance journalist and don’t give my work away for free. You should ask permission in any case for anything more than a reasonable quotation. I write a WordPress blog too and it’s important to respect the copyright of writers. All the best Samira

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Will do.

    • samiraahmed said,

      Much appreciated. All the best with the blog. Sincerely Samira

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