Anti-semitism should not be tolerated on pro-Palestinian demos

July 28, 2014 at 7:57 am (anti-semitism, fascism, israel, Jim D, London, Middle East, palestine, protest, reactionay "anti-imperialism", Stop The War, zionism)

Amongst the many good and decent people who’ve been demonstrating against what Israel is doing in Gaza, are a significant number of anti-Semites, like this character:

On the Gaza demonstration in London today. Here's a comment from somebody on the demo who challenged him</p><br /> <p>"When I challenged him, he said "you're blinded by your bias, because you're a Jew. Only Jews make the arguments you're making." As the "discussion" became more heated, various onlookers weighed in on his side, with stuff ranging from "he's opposing Zionism, not Jews", through to "he's not racist, Zionism is racist," to the crystal-clear "if you're a Jew, you're the problem, you're what we're here to demonstrate against." Some people weighed in on my side too".

It is probably the case that such undesirable elements will inevitably attach themselves to pro-Palestinian events. What is more worrying is the willingness (both at the events themselves, and then subsequently on social media) of leftists who claim to oppose anti-Semitism, to defend, explain away, minimise and generally turn a blind eye to, this sort of filth. Neither is there any evidence (that I’m aware of) of the PSC or other organisers of recent demos in London and elsewhere, doing anything to remove or challenge anti-Semites. Even this guy:

Try explaining that away…


  1. Anti-semitism should not be tolerated on pro-Palestinian demos | OzHouse said,

    […] Jul 28 2014 by admin […]

  2. Jim Denham said,

  3. Barry Finger said,

    • Jim Denham said,

      Thanks for linking to that, Barry: a chilling warning of where this could go in the UK if (as, disgracefully, seems to be the case) the organisers of these demos don’t care about, or even recognise, anti-Semitism.

  4. James Robb said,

    I agree. The organisers of the Palestine solidarity march in Auckland, New Zealand were very clear on this, both in the lead-up to the demonstration (in which one of them made comments very similar to yours above) and at the beginning of the march itself, where Jew-haters were asked to leave. It made the demonstration clearer and politically stronger. I wrote about this:

    • Jim Denham said,

      A good article, James; but I would have some issues with it. The “apartheid” analogy is political illiteracy. There is also the suggestion that Jews are OK, so long as they renounce Zionism.. This is not good, as the left wing (semi-Marxist) Jew Steve Cohen, argued in his excellent pamphlet ‘That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic’:

      • James Robb said,

        I agree that the apartheid analogy is false and misleading. I reject it myself, as I also reject the whole idea that the ‘Israel lobby’ controls US foreign policy, as nothing but the ‘left’ version of the “worldwide Jewish conspiracy.” I quoted these notes favourably in my article, not because I agree with everything in them, but because I thought the author was seriously trying to distance the Palestine solidarity actions politically from any involvement by anti-Semitic forces. Whatever other political weaknesses and confusion they may have contained, this should be recognised and commended.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Fair enough, James.

  5. redscribe said,

    A degree of hypocrisy here, given the promotion in another item (the Moral Maze) of Melanie Phillips, author of a book called ‘Londonistan’ which is just as much of a smear and a caricature of the people targetted (in this case, Musllms, not Jews) as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I would also observe that people who support operation ‘Protective Edge’ are in no position to assume any tone of moral superiority over someone who says that Hitler is right. Deliberately murdering defenceless children was one of Hilter’s most disgusting crimes. Its just as disgusting when it happens today on the orders of Netanyahu. His supporters on this deserve to be treated no differently from Hitler’s supporters.

    • Dave said,

      Did Shiraz promote Melanie Philips? The remainder of your argument just commits the tu quoque fallacy, better known as whataboutery.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Shiraz did *not* “promote Melanie Philips” and the fact that ‘redscribe’ claims we did just shows how difficult it is to have a rational conversation about this with “absolute anti-Zionists” like him (or her). When s/he equates even the most reactionary form of Zionism with Hitler, s/he’s crosses a line into political anti-Semitism, and has no place in any pro-Peace movement worthy of the name – or indeed within any left that retains any moral compass.

      I would also add that much as I, personally, despise Philips, I don’t think her views are comparable to a guy carrying a banner saying “Hitler You Were Right.”

      • redscribe said,

        “When s/he equates even the most reactionary form of Zionism with Hitler, s/he’s crosses a line into political anti-Semitism”

        This is itself a racist position, that says that the suffering of Palestinians matters less than that of Jews.

      • Jim Denham said,

        That last comment from ‘redscribe’ is truly idiotic. It amounts to arguing that if someone objects to a comparison between (say) what the Brits did in Ireland and what Hitler did to the Jews, then they’re racist against the Irish.
        Logically, it’s an argument that no war crimes, brutality or massacres really matter unless they’re out-and-out genocide.

        You’re an idiot, as well as an anti-Semite, ‘redscribe.’

  6. redscribe said,

    yes, they did. the article is written (“reblogged from”) someone who may not agree with every word in Londonistan, but certainly agrees with much of it and regards it as a legitimate point of view.

    Imagine the outrage if someone posted in that vein about the ‘Protocols’.

    As for ‘whataboutery’, that is rather contemptuous of people whose children are being murdered by racist killers right now.

    Let me put it plainly for you: anyone who supports ‘Operation Protective Edge’, is no better than an out-and-out Hilter cult-worshipper.

    That debate included people like that.

    • Dave said,

      The Article was (as you admit) re-blogged from another website an account of the radio 4 programme the Moral Maze. How can this be rationally deemed as promotion? It was ultimately a commentary.

      “As for ‘whataboutery’, that is rather contemptuous of people whose children are being murdered by racist killers right now.”

      It is just contemptuous of individuals who commit logical fallacies in order to support vacuous arguments.

      The best line of argument is to support a workable ceasefire in Gaza ending both sides military activities. As opposed to Start the War who only want one side to stop its military activities thus diminishing any hope of peace altogether.

      I note that the word ‘ceasefire’ has not been included in any of your posts…………………

      • Aaron Aarons said,

        Sorry, Dave, but when one side is an occupying power with a massive military machine carrying out repeated murderous attacks on a captive population, and the other side is a part of that captive population responding with feeble violence to those attacks and to the captivity itself, calling for a cease-fire between the two sides, rather than denouncing and trying to undermine the powerful oppressor, is just a way of justifying the continued oppression of the captive population until the latter peacefully accepts its subordination.

        It is unlikely that, given the balance of forces, any deal between Palestinian leaders of any faction and the Zionist state will be less of a sellout of the Palestinians than was the Oslo agreement. The main task of the left, particularly in countries like the United Snakes (where I hod citizenship by accident of birth) and the United Killdom that are main supports for the Zionist state, is to undermine the power of that state by undermining support for it, or the conduct of business with it, in order to strengthen the ability of Palestinians to extract both short-term and long-term concessions from that state.

  7. Andrew Coates said,

    Somebody seems to have got pretty close to the Protocols today.

    David Icke has gone beyond being a joke to being something a lot lot worse (it was because of this post here and reports like it that I checked):

  8. redscribe said,

    “Somebody seems to have got pretty close to the Protocols today.”

    I take it you mean Melanie Phillips, the child-murder-supporting Judeo-Nazi, and author of a modern anti-Muslim edition of the Protocols called “Londonistan”

    Everyone knows that Icke is man, given his Silurian delusions. But Mad Mel gets invited on question time, writes for the Daily Telegraph and Mail, and even gets ‘engaged with’ on blogs like this.

    She is not, and never was, a joke, any more than Hitler was a joke.

  9. redscribe said,

    “Everyone knows that Icke is man”

    should be ‘mad’

    • dagmar said,

      Didn’t Icke claim to be ‘The Man’, or was it the ‘manhead’? On Wogan.

  10. graham said,

    The assertion that the IDF are ‘deliberately targeting children’ may result from an exaggerated emotional response to distressing images on TV or the Internet amplified by group endorsement, or may be a knowing lie to delegitimise Israel’s self defence, but that it is false is born out by hamas’s own figures which show around one quarter of Palestinian deaths are children from a population 50% of which is under 18. Even if Israel’s strikes were completely indiscriminate, the casualty ratio would reflect that demographic make up. The fact it doesn’t demonstrates the lengths the IDF go to to avoid harming civilians and children.

    The overall ratio of known military to civilian deaths in the current conflict, even using hamas’s figures is at least in line with the average 50:50 from all wars, and closer analysis shows is likely considerably better, ie fewer civilian, more military.

    Noru Tsalic, a blogger for The Times of Israel, went through a list of the dead as posted on Al-Jazeera on Saturday, July 19. It had 307 names, 85% of them male. “In fact,” he wrote, “more than two-thirds of the fatalities are males aged 18 to 60, despite the fact that they represent around 20% of Gaza’s population.”

  11. redscribe said,

    Jim Denham says:

    “That last comment from ‘redscribe’ is truly idiotic. It amounts to arguing that if someone objects to a comparison between (say) what the Brits did in Ireland and what Hitler did to the Jews, then they’re racist against the Irish”

    Denham cannot paraphrase himself correctly. What he actually said was:

    “When s/he equates even the most reactionary form of Zionism with Hitler, s/he’s crosses a line into political anti-Semitism”

    Ireland has nothing to do with it. The British army in Ireland did not actually want to denude Ireland of its population. But that is part of Israeli policy just as much as it was Nazi policy.

    This has a logic

    JDL: "Arabs to the gas chambers"

    This graffiti, done by Jewish settlers in Hebron, should be borne in mind when you examine Israelis sitting in deckchairs cheering as the bombs fall on Gaza.

    But Denham says that this is in no way comparable to anything the Nazis did, and to say so is ‘anti-Semitic’.

    I think we can take it from this that Denham thinks that putting Arabs in gas chambers is not so bad.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Goodbye fuck off and don’t come back, lying anti-Semitic moron.

    • Lamia said,

      Typical far left Jew-baiter. Sadly there are a lot of them. Most of the antisemitism in Britain today now emanates from the supposedly ‘anti-racist’ far left.

      It would be nice to see the more reasonable mainstream left refusing to ally with such people in the trade union movement and other left movements.

      Not going to happen any time soon, though, is it?

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