For workers’ unity across Europe: not an inch to “No to EU” populism!

May 26, 2014 at 8:39 am (capitalist crisis, class, elections, Europe, fascism, France, Greece, internationalism, Jim D, populism, Racism, Socialist Party, solidarity, stalinism, UKIP, workers)

French far-right leader of the National Front Party, Marine Le Pen

French far-right leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen Photo: AP

Ukip came top of the Europolls in Britain on 22 May. The Front National, which has a clear-cut fascist lineage, won in France. Populist and racist anti-European parties did well in other countries.

In Germany, the new, right-wing, and anti-euro AfD is at 7% scarcely a year after being launched, while in Denmark the far-right Danish Peoples’ Party gained three seats.

Greece, the country which has suffered most with cuts plans from the European Union and European Central Bank, is a partial exception to the rise of the anti-EU far-right.

There, the left-wing party Syriza for the first time ran clearly ahead of the main right-wing party, New Democracy. Syriza rejects the EU leaders’ cuts plans and proposes Europe-wide solidarity to break them rather than advocating “get Greece out” as an answer.

Alarmingly, the neo-Nazi (and anti-EU) Golden Dawn party came third with 9.4 of the vote, winning three seats. The other group gaining ground is a new party, To Potami, which is vague but leftish and not anti-Europe.

Greece shows that the left can provide answers to the social discontent, but only with an effort.

If the left goes halfway with the nationalists by endorsing “get out of the EU” as an attempt to jump on a populist badwagon, that will only help the right. Fanciful footnotes from idiots like the Morning Star and other supporters of the pathetic No2EU, which speculate that the re-raising of economic barriers between countries will somehow push towards socialism, are simply reactionary nonsense – and reactionary nonsense that achieved a derisory vote.

Voters persuaded that re-raising national barriers is the first step will inevitably drift to the serious, powerful barrier-raisers: the nationalist right.

“No to the EU” agitation, whether from right or idiot-“left”, threatens the position of millions of workers who have crossed EU borders to seek jobs.

We should instead seek to unite workers across the borders for a common cross-European fight against the cross-European plans of capital and of the EU leaders. Anti-EU populism, whatever “leftist” slogans may be tacked on, can make no useful contribution to that fight.


  1. For workers’ unity across Europe: not an inch to “No to EU” populism! | OzHouse said,

    […] May 26 2014 by admin […]

  2. nick long said,

    I agree with this position 100%. The terrible votes for No2EU suggest the left in Britain have the same view and reject the the little Englander postion of the CPB and SP. Nick Long – Lewisham

  3. pinkagendist said,

    The far right didn’t do well in Spain- which is good news.

  4. aviseurinternational said,

    Reblogged this on Aviseur international.

  5. Babs said,

    The other issue is anti-immigrant/EU borderline racist daily newspapers have been trouncing left leaning one’s for quite some time. They just sell way more to the public and so their nasty views are spread more to the public.

    Print media have been losing out to the internet for quite a while though, this is where the likes of Hope not Hate and 38 Degrees do a fantastic job in spreading their message and organising people to combat right wing populism and sneaky right wing Tory agendas in Government.

    Sadly though the same can be said of our opponents such as the right wing populist political organisation Britain First who have over 350k followers on Facebook. Britain First openly support all anti-immigration parties across Europe including the more extreme ones such as Golden Dawn and are virulently anti-Muslim. Just visit their website to see what nasty messages they are trying to spread.

    Social media is one of the main modern battlegrounds to win the argument with the young and old alike. To put the 350k Britain First Facebook followers into perspective-

    Conservatives- 182k
    Labour- 171k
    UKIP- 170k
    Liberal Democrats- 95k
    Green Party- 54k
    Hope Not Hate- 79k

  6. Jim Denham said,

    The Morning Star urges us not to “get carried way” by the UKIP victory: after all, “polls of Ukip voters indicate that most back public ownership of private energy companies and the railways, oppose private-sector penetration of our NHS and wantg the minimum wage to be increased substantially.”

    And, anyway, “a real challenge to the Establishment neoliberal policies backed by all major parties, including Ukip, will take place on June 21 when the People’s Assembly Against Austerity marches in London.”

    Now that’s what I call serious politics… not:,-not-landslide#.U4RhFbtOWM8

    Compare and contrast Hope Not Hate’s response:

  7. Alan said,

    All very true but the problem is the complete disconnect between people involved with politics at Westminster and London level and the bulk of the population earning well below £30 000 a year in the rest of the country. They see little difference between the three main parties (though the Lib-Dems shaken by sex scandals are clearly on the way out) Thousands of people are losing homes, millions are affected by benefit cuts, hit by rising fuel costs and a huge section unemployed of working age people are being hit by the council tax scam following the abolition of council tax benefit – a watered down version of poll tax. And what have the Westminster elite offered them in the last twelve months ?

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