UKIP candidate’s “anti-Zionism”

May 21, 2014 at 6:20 pm (anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, israel, left, populism, posted by JD, Racism, UKIP, zionism)

Readers may not  have noticed this article about the latest bad thing that a UKIP candidate has said.

Below: a sample of Crampton’s opinions:

Further extreme conspiracy theorist comments that the UKIP candidate made

The offending comment this time is not about floods, gays, women or Romanians, but about Jews:  the candidate says that Zionist Jews colluded with the Nazis in orchestrating the holocaust so that through the ‘sacrifice’ of 6 million people, Israel could be created.

This is a horrible slur and obviously people on the internet and in real life are rightly very angry about it.

I think it’s interesting, and worth remembering, that these conspiracy theory ideas – or a more-carefully-expressed version of them – are common currency on the WRP/SWP-influenced part of the UK far left. Younger readers may not remember the 1987 “Perdition Affair”, about a play written by a UK Trotskyist, and slated to be directed by Ken Loach. The AWL’s Sean Matgamna wrote about it extensively at the time, in some articles and exchanges that remain essential reading on the subject.

Yet another reminder of what a nasty, racist shower UKIP really are  … and also a reminder that ‘absolute anti-Zionism’ is common ground shared by the extreme right and substantial sections of the left.

H/t: Ed M


  1. Babs said,

    “and also a reminder that ‘absolute anti-Zionism’ is common ground shared by the extreme right and substantial sections of the left.”

    That is true as you’ve pointed out before but resolute support for Zionism is also a common ground shared by vast sections of the right and left so not sure what point you’re trying to make.

    • Joanne said,

      I think the point is very clear here. It’s the fact that someone in public life could have beliefs like this. The point is also made that, not only is anti-Zionism is seen on the right and left, but this extreme form of anti-Zionism based on antisemitic conspiracy theories. It is indeed unsettling to see this.

      • Babs said,

        UKIP are full of racist ignorant scum, I wasn’t querying that. I was just querying why linking far right anti-zionists with idiots on the left when there are also many extremely pro Zionists on the far right and left too.

        It seems to me admin was trying to make the point that anti-Zionism has no place on the left because it’s a crazy far right position. But that’s like saying pro-Zionism has no place on the left because it has the support of the right including the far right (which is true). If someone said to me you can’t be pro-Zionist because Geert Wilders is I’d laugh in their face for making such a ridiculous statement.

        Bottom line is people are both for and against Zionism across the political divide. The left tend to be against it in Palestine while the far right tend to be against it due to crazy anti-semitic conspiracy theories (Jews own everything etc). The left are pro-zionist because they believe Jews should have the right to self determination like everyone else and the right tend to be pro-Zionist because they see it as a beacon of Western style civilisation and a bulwark against the backward Islamic Middle East.

  2. UKIP candidate’s “anti-Zionism” | OzHouse said,

    […] May 21 2014 by admin […]

  3. Joanne said,

    This woman is raving! Absolutely mad. How does someone like her ever find her way into public life, albeit with a fringe party?

    It says something about the political culture in Britain that she feels comfortable expressing these views out loud. Of course, it also says something about British political culture that many people are expressing their revulsion for her statements.

    Still, as you say, the far right and substantial parts of the left go for this muck. Frankly, I am surprised that anyone but a neo-Nazi would believe in it.

  4. R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    This story is over a year old (handy tip – they have an actual date on the article you link to) and I am pretty sure I mentioned it down here at the time as this woman was the UKIP candidate in my county division….

    • Jim Denham said,

      I must admit, Roger, that I hadn’t noticed the date (and presumably, neither had Ed M, who sent me the story). But still, it’s true, isn’t it? And it casts yet further light on the filthy politics of UKIP.

  5. Rilke said,

    If you look at the UKIP symbol you will see that it is purple the color of Imperial Roman and Byzantine arrogance and conspiracy and yellow the color of decay and untrustworthiness. This makes it clear that UKIP are organised and financed from the Vatican cellars supported by Ankara to form an unholy alliance to establish a new Byzantium fourth ‘Roman Empire’ and dominate the globe.
    See? That is how easy it is.
    The moronic conspiracy theories are not the problem, they have been around for centuries. The way the establishment is accommodating these dangerous tea room thugs is a different and more pressing matter.

  6. richardarmbach said,

    Zionism had its chance and blew it.

  7. derek said,

    Why were her views anti-Semitic? She didn’t seem to be attacking Jews, but Zionists.

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