The anti-EU cause is inevitably racist

April 22, 2014 at 2:06 pm (Europe, immigration, Jim D, Poland, populism, Racism, Socialist Party, stalinism, truth, UKIP, workers)

Ukip poster:


Labour MP Mike Gapes is quite correct when he denounces Ukip’s latest poster campaign as “racist.”  The slogan “take back control of our country” and posters suggesting that “unlimited cheap labour” from Europe is undermining the conditions of British workers and causing unemployment, is inevitably divisive and racist…

… even when it’s dressed up in “leftist” and pro-trade union language:

Following the accession of eastern European states to the EU, migrant labour has been rapidly moving west while capital and manufacturing jobs are moving east.

While western European countries experience a large influx of migrant labour east European countries are suffering population falls and an inevitable brain drain, leading to a loss of skilled labour and young people as well as an uncertain future of underdevelopment.

In more developed member states, wages have been under pressure in many sectors in a process known as ‘social dumping’, as cheap foreign labour replaces the indigenous workforce and trade union bargaining power is severely weakened.

These problems have arisen in Ireland, most notably in the Irish Ferries dispute, when the company replaced 600 Irish seafarers with labour from Eastern Europe at considerably lower rates of pay.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions is demanding measures to protect particularly unskilled workers where social dumping is threatening jobs.

“It is an iron law of economics that an abundant supply of labour pushes down its cost. It is insulting people’s intelligence to pretend otherwise,” it said in a statement.

Across Europe, it is clear that we are witnessing large movement of capital eastwards as labour heads west. And this is happening in accordance to the principles of the single European market, which allow the ‘free movement of goods, capital, services and labour’, regardless of the social consequences.

Single market rules, therefore, truncate all forms of democracy, including rights to fair wages, working conditions, welfare and social protection and collective bargaining. These EU policies can only mean a continuation of mass migration and, ultimately, feed the poison of racism and fascism, the last refuge of the corporate beast in crisis.

To reverse this increasingly perverse situation, all nation states must have democratic control over their own immigration policy and have the right to apply national legislation in defence of migrant and indigenous workers.

(Alex Gordon of No2EU, speaking in Dublin, October 2011)

PS: the “wave” of migration from Poland is over

PPS: Comrade Coatesy exposes Ukip’s real attitude towards the unemployed



  1. The anti-EU cause is inevitably racist | OzHouse said,

    […] Apr 22 2014 by admin […]

  2. Jim Denham said,

  3. Psi Clone said,

    The Rationalist Dictionary defines racism as follows:

    Racism: ‘The belief that each race possesses diverse characteristics or cultures which distinguish it from other races.’

    Racist: ‘Someone who believes every race should have the right to retain those diverse characteristics and cultures which distinguish it from other races, thereby maintaining healthy human diversity.’

    Maybe we should reconsider our knee-jerk reactions?

    • Howard Fuller said,

      Try the Oxford dictionary for definitions of the English language and you will find racist means:

      A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another (n)

      Having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another (adj)

      • Psi Clone said,

        I prefer a rational definition that doesn’t involve hate Howard. ‘Hope not hate’?

  4. paul maleski said,

    Psi Clown– I am a racial separatist. Orientals have a higher IQ than Caucasoids. I don’t lose any sleep over the fact. Do you?

    • Psi Clone said,

      No, I don’t. In reality, as opposed to P.C. Shiraz world, all races have differences, which may appear as strengths or weaknesses, depending on prevailing circumstances. Some genetic differences perhaps helped the race to thrive in an environment long gone, and may be counter-productive now. Others may prove useful in environments yet to come. But to pretend that there are no differences and that they don’t confer advantages or disadvantages in the currently prevailing environment is just fantasy. The danger of encouraging ‘the great big melting pot’ of the song, and turning out ‘coffee coloured people by the score’, is that it endangers diversity and produces a homogenised genetic desert. Internationalism poses a similar threat culturally: diverse national cultures are a healthy thing and need to be nurtured and protected, not standardised. Every culture and race should have the right to self-preservation and self determination. Genocide is genocide whether it is done in concentration camps or by undermining cultural and genetic diversity. We supported the Jews in preserving their race, culture and nation. We support tribes in the rain forests to do the same, while at the same time we are actively engaged in chopping holes in the hulls that keep our own great nations afloat in the sea of diversity. And anyone who points out the dangers of this has to endure the insults of dull brained Shirazzers shouting ‘Racist!’. Yes, I’m a racist, the Jews are racist too, but try throwing your insults at them if you dare!

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