Cool jihadism

April 21, 2014 at 9:56 pm (islamism, Rosie B, Syria, wankers)

Recently George Monbiot compared the foreign jihadists in Syria to the International Brigade in Spain.

What was said about the International Brigade – that every one of them who came back wrote a book?

If they didn’t write books, they certainly read them via the Left Book Club. They were serious minded comrades who led a rough life in Spain in devotion to their cause

If their modern counterpart are the likes who join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) then intellectual standards have slipped.

“their discourse is notably different from that of their fellow mujahideen from Muslim countries. Although these Western fighters, like their counterparts, focus a great deal on death and on their desire for martyrdom and the accompanying rewards of the akhira (hereafter), many of them also seem keen on enjoying life in the dunya (i.e. in this world) until martyrdom arrives. Many of the Westerners speak of jihad as “fun,” stressing the thrills of life on the front (gunfights, jeep rides, etc), as well as the availability of leisure activity and the access to many aspects of modern life. They also emphasize the perks of jihad and taking war booty – good eating and free use of appropriated luxury accommodations and cars – and all this without having to give up the gadgets and even the same snack foods that they enjoyed back home.

In fact, the jihad fighters from the West bring with them the lifestyle and youth culture with which they grew up. This is expressed particularly in their references to rap culture – such as the violence-steeped music of rapper Tupac Shakur (one jihadi even created and shared a humorous montage showing the non-Muslim Tupac with a cross on his chest “hanging out” with Osama bin Laden) – or references to violent video games like “Call of Duty.” These influences, which are flagrantly alien to traditional Islamic culture, appear repeatedly in their discourse. These fighters do not perceive their duty as requiring them to abandon all aspects of the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Furthermore, in contrast to jihad in the Islamic tradition, which is a religious duty carried out solely to express devotion to Allah and the Muslim community, many of these young jihad fighters from the West are making it personal, focusing on their own actions and glorifying their own role in it – as can be seen from the selfies, Instagram photos, and the like that they share and circulate. Their heavy use of Photoshop and other software to enhance images is another practice borrowed from Western Internet culture, as is their writing, with its abbreviations and alternative spellings punctuated by exclamation marks. This combination of Islamic and Western aspects has the effect of making their da’wa more accessible and appealing to young people living in the West.”

Jihad accessories

Jihad accessories











Fortunately these fascist dickheads are burning their passports, so with any luck they won’t come back to the place where these were issued.


  1. Cool jihadism | OzHouse said,

    […] Apr 21 2014 by admin […]

  2. Babs said,

    I’m happy to see there are leftists opposing far right Islamism wherever it may rear it’s ugly head even if it’s fighting to topple a despicable regime who’s overthrow cannot come soon enough.

  3. Andrew Coatesliquide4 said,

    There was are report on the French media over the last few days that the French journalist hostages, kept in chains and darkness, and regularly abused, had native French speaking gaolers.

    What fun these jihadists have!

    You might even get to hold a journalist in captivity!

  4. Babs said,

    There does seem to be a small number of Westerners going to fight Assad out of humanitarian reasons but it seems like only the Jihadis will accept them (and request they convert first).

  5. Rilke said,

    Manbiot reveals himself as having scant historical understanding and even less political awareness. The world of analogies used to amuse me but now I reaslie it is a refuge for those that are disgustingly socially healthy. He shames himself. My grandfather, a coal miner from Fife who fought in Spain, would have soon put this chattering class political cretin and cheap headline-grabber right in his place.
    The only possible parallel for the militant Jihadists shipping out to fight in Syria would be the Irish Army Comrades Association, later named the National Guard and ‘Blueshirts’ who went to fight for Franco and against the ‘godless’ International Brigades in the name of Catholic piety and nationalist blood and soil idiocy. Manbiot needs a lesson and quick!

  6. februarycallendar said,

    Tangential here, but another influence on some (self-considered) radical British Muslims from US hip-hop culture: the attempted, and contentious, reclamation of “Paki” (which is probably the closet thing to a specifically British English equivalent of the N-word) as a term of self-identification.

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