At last! A voice from the Ukrainain left

March 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm (anti-fascism, democracy, Europe, Human rights, internationalism, posted by JD, solidarity, stalinism)

Author:   Volodymyr Ischenko

Ukrainian leftist Volodymyr Ishchenko has written a blast against Russia’s military intervention in his country and against the new government there.

I hate! On war in Ukraine

Writing from a critical position is not something to be widely appreciated in turmoil times. For some hysterical idiots I’ve succumbed to the fascists, for others–betrayed the Fatherland. Time is now precious and to be used efficiently. This is why I respond to all in a single post.

I hate the Euroidiots who started all this because of their little ticks and cultural chauvinism.

I hate the bastard who clung to power despite dozens of deaths and who now wants to return to the country on foreign tanks.

I hate the former opposition, who became today’s authorities, and who found nothing better than to “save the Ukrainian language” [by restricting Russian], populate the government with fascists, and promise unpopular social measures.

I hate Crimean authorities, who are so afraid for their places that they would happily serve as the doormat of an occupying administration.

I hate the tyrant in the Kremlin, who needs a little victorious war to strengthen the rouble and his own, almost unlimited power.

I hate all these “deeply concerned” EU and US bureaucrats, which introduce sanctions only when the government is all but toppled and give aid under conditions resembling daylight robbery.

I hate Ukrainian and Russian fascists, who cannot get used to the reality of a multicultural and multilingual country, and are ready to destroy it.

I hate those “liberals,” who were ready to cover for and never distanced themselves from the the fascists present on the Maidan to give a chance for truly all-Ukrainian democratic movement rather than pushing the country to a Civil War.

I hate myself and other leftists for spending most of our time in mutual recriminations rather than the building of a powerful political organization. Divided, we could influence little the Maidan or the anti-Maidan. Part of the blame lies with us.

But I am for the world peace. I send these flowers from Wallonia. Snowdrops against the background of green leaves from last year. I hope this is not the last time we see them. I just returned to my divided country and pray that all it will all end with a Second Crimean rather than Third World War. Because this war won’t grow into a world revolution (the chances for that are much less than 100 years ago) but in a nuclear holocaust.

Russian comrades, go to the central squares of your cities so that you could stop the intervention into Ukraine.

Ukrainian comrades, let’s think what we could do. It’s clear that signing up in the Right Sector [which has issued a call for mobilization] is not an option.

Ischenko also wrote in the Guardian on 28 February 2014: click here to read his article.


  1. At last! A voice from the Ukrainain left | OzHouse said,

    […] Mar 07 2014 by admin […]

  2. Actual Communist said,

    Good piece. Makes a change from the usual liberal/harry’s place shit you link to.

    • jimmy glesga said,

      Harrys Place is right wing and probably set up to support Israel. I personally support Israel and do not hide that fact.

    • Jim Denham said,

      It’s a source of great regret to me that over this issue, people like Harry’s Place take a more principled position than a lot of the so-called “left.”

      • Babs said,

        Why is it a regret? Jimmy Glesga is incorrect to call Harry’s Place ‘right wing’, it’s not. The guy who started the blog is an ex-Stalinist turned liberal interventionist social democrat pro Zionist. It’s stance on foreign issues (Russia, Israel, Islamism etc) are pretty much identical to Shiraz Socialist.

  3. flyingrodent said,

    It’s a major error to mistake political expediency for principle.

  4. Harsanyi_Janos said,

    “I hate the tyrant in the Kremlin, who needs a little victorious war to strengthen the rouble and his own, almost unlimited power.”

    And yet the ruble and the Russian stock market fell as Mr Putin’s adventure continued.

  5. Oekraïene, fascisme, antifascisme, ‘antifascisme’ (3): steun aan Rusland is ook geen optie | Ravotr said,

    […] eerder zijn tegengekomen. Er is een mooie stellingname van een zekere Volodymyr Ischenko, gevonden op het weblog Shiraz Socialist. Hij somt op: “Ik haat…” en dan komen ze allemaal langs: de intussen gevluchte […]

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