What the Brit left’s saying about Ukraine

March 4, 2014 at 4:14 pm (Europe, imperialism, internationalism, James Bloodworth, labour party, left, political groups, reblogged, Russia, stalinism, trotskyism)

By James Bloodworth (reblogged from Left Foot Forward)

Labour shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander has just delivered his response in the House of Commons to foreign secretary William Hague’s statement on the crisis in Ukraine. The statements from both sides were fairly predictable – both condemned Russian provocations – but the Labour foreign secretary was right to press the government on what action it plans to take in order to pressure Russia into pulling back from Crimea. This was especially important considering the revelations yesterday evening that the coalition is seeking to protect the City of London from any punitive EU action against Russia.

But what about the rest of the British left? Well, here we find a wide range of positions, from the Stop the War Coalition’s apparent attempt to pin the entire blame for the Crimea affair on the West to Left Unity’s somewhat abstract and blanket opposition to “foreign military intervention” and “foreign political and economic intervention”.

The Labour Party

Douglas Alexander told the House of Commons that there could be “no justification for this dangerous and unprovoked military incursion”. In terms of resolving the crisis, he insisted that firm measures were needed to apply pressure to Russia, saying that the international community needed to “alter the calculus of risk in the minds of the Russian leaders by…making clear to the Russians the costs and consequences of this aggression”.

The shadow foreign secretary also mentioned the coalition’s apparent unwillingness to upset the City for the sake of Ukrainian territorial integrity, saying he was “afraid the United Kingdom’s words will count for little without more credence being given to these options and a willingness at least to countenance their use in the days and weeks ahead”.

The Stop the War Coalition/Countefire – 10 Things to Remember About the Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea

Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition and Counterfire has written a lengthy 10-point post in which she tries to paint the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a rational response to NATO/EU provocations. There is a lot that’s wrong with the piece, and you could do worse than read this take down of German’s article in the Economist.

“Who is the aggressor? The obvious answer seems to be that it is Russia, but that is far from the whole picture…Ever since the end of the Cold War in 1991, the European Union (EU) and Nato have been intent on surrounding Russia with military bases and puppet regimes sympathetic to the West, often installed by ‘colour revolutions’.”

The Socialist Workers’ Party – Putin Raises the Stakes in Imperialist Crimea Crisis

Much clearer in its stance has been the Socialist Workers’ Party (surprisingly perhaps), which has condemned much of what has been taken as read by Stop the War Coalition and Counterfire as “Moscow propaganda”:

“Those who claim Yanukovych’s overthrow was a “fascist coup” are parroting Moscow propaganda. He fell because the section of the oligarchy who had previously backed him withdrew their support…Putin claims to be acting in defense of Ukraine’s Russian speakers—a majority in Crimea and widespread in southern and eastern Ukraine. But beyond a parliamentary vote in Kiev to strip Russian of its status as an official language, there is little evidence of any real threat to Russian speakers.” – Alex Callinicos, Socialist Worker

The Alliance for Workers Libery – Russian Trade Unionists and Leftists Oppose Invasion of Ukraine

The Alliance of Workers’ Liberty has published a statement on its website from the University of Russian University Workers, which is unequivocal in its denunciation of Russian aggression:

“Declaration of the central council of the ‘University Solidarity’ union of Russian university workers:

“The central council of the “University Solidarity” union expresses its concern at the situation caused by the decision of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia on 1 March 2014, granting the president of Russia the right to use Russian armed force on the territory of Ukraine.

“We believe that this decision does not help the defense of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine and that it promises grave consequences. Support to the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine can be given by other means, by the means of state and popular diplomacy, by economic cooperation, by human rights.”

International Viewpoint (Fourth International) – No War with Ukraine

Encouragingly, the Fourth International has also condemned what it calls the “foreign policy adventurism of the current regime” in Moscow:

“War has begun. With the aim of protecting and increasing the assets of the oligarchs in Russia and in Yanukovich’s coterie, Russia’s leadership has undertaken an invasion of Ukraine. This aggression threatens catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples – most especially for the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Ukraine’s southeastern industrial regions…Today, the struggle for freedom in Russia is a struggle against the foreign policy adventurism of the current regime, which seeks collusion in forestalling its own end. The RSD calls on all sincere left and democratic forces to organize anti-war protests.” – Statement from the Russian Socialist Movement

Left Unity – Against Nationalism, Corruption, Privatisation and War

Left Unity is an interesting one, and appears to draw a (false) moral equivalence between unwanted Russian military intervention in Ukraine and economic assistance requested by the Ukrainian government to support its ailing economy:

“The continuing political and economic crisis in Ukraine is taking a dangerous military turn.

“Left Unity takes the position that there can only be a political solution to this crisis and that neither foreign military intervention nor foreign political and economic intervention provide the answers to Ukraine’s complex problems.

“Whether under the flag of US, NATO, Russia or the European Union, military intervention only ever makes the situation many times worse. So it is in Ukraine. The West’s hypocrisy in condemning Russia for breaking international law is breathtaking: nevertheless, Russian troops hold no solution to the crisis.”

Communist Party – Solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine

At the more extreme end, the Communist Party takes the Moscow line that the Ukrainian Euromaidan movement is ‘fascist’:

“The failure of  EU leaders to uphold the 21 February Agreement on early elections has given sanction to a coup d’etat against a democratically elected government that threatens to destabilise the country and sets dangerous precedents for the future. The open involvement of US, EU and NATO leaders in the build up to the coup exposes it as part of the drive  to change the geo-political balance in Europe in ways that threaten security and peace in Europe and the World… The Communist Party of Britain pledges its support to the Communist Party of Ukraine in its resistance to fascism, predatory capitalism and  imperialism.” – Robert Griffiths, CP general secretary

Workers’ Power – Neither Moscow nor Berlin – for workers’ internationalism

…as does Workers’ Power:

“The bourgeois nationalist parties have taken power in an anti-democratic coup, using the fascist paramilitaries and rebellious police forces. Workers should make it clear they do not recognize the legitimacy of this government, its orders, the laws, and decisions of the counter-revolutionary Rada…The working class should not wait for outside intervention from Russia, nor allow the reactionary, undemocratic new regime to consolidate its power with the May 25 elections, held at gunpoint.”

As for the Twittersphere:





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  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    This is the way of 21st century politics: the politics of class have been replaced by the politics of identity.

    • R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      I spent some time this afternoon attempting to identify a single political party in Ukraine which could be classified as in any sense at all democratic left – and there really appears to be not one.

      (Yes there is still a Communist Party but it is just an appendage of the Yanukovich faction of the kleptocracy just as the Russian Communist Party has long been a puppet of Putin’s).

      For which I suppose we have to thank the whole catastrophic Leninist experiment……

      • Actual Communist said,

        Its funny that both the AWL and SWP share the same formal commitment to supposedly ‘third camp’ politics, yet in every geopolitical conflict the AWL slavishly reproduce whatever the pro-Washington line is and the SWP inevitably tows the anti-Washington viewpoint. What’s unfolding in Ukraine is a conflict between two viciously anti-working class reactionary kleptocracies representing the interests of different national ruling classes. There is no possible good outcome here and the UK left – who have no influence even in the UK let alone in Russia/Ukraine – are not in any position to influence these events even marginally. Whether its the posturing of the reactionary rightwing social democrat Bloodworth (apologist for Venezuela’s fascist movement) or the Stalinist-Islamist Galloway (friend of ‘anti-imperialist’ tyrants everywhere) its all just blowing hot air. Useless bunch of cunts.

      • R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

        Well actually the SWP seems for once to be taking a relatively sane line and not just parroting Putinist propaganda.

        Do agree that there is no obvious good outcome (at least not for the working class) here though.

  2. What the Brit left’s saying about Ukraine | OzHouse said,

    […] Mar 04 2014 by admin […]

  3. apache2 said,

    Yanukovich was elected! Allende was elected! Urkaine war gaming with NATO ! Russian No Longer an Offical Language! Swastika in Kive Square and parliament consults with Imf, Mcain and Graham who wish to restore Moresi In Egypt and Putin huddle with Central committee of Red China and they said Strike the mulberry to get the fig, being Merciful to class enmies is Cruelty to the people! we can”t extend unemployment Benefits, Soicial security must be reformed with Less benefits with a 2 trillion defict ,YUs worker can”t have a union, Hint Long list and Putin should’ve made move in 2006 Cooks can Govern james L Mandingo

  4. BlogOwner said,

    BLOG ADMIN: Please block the site “ozhouse” from leaving pingbacks (no. 2 above) It’s a content-theft site, which takes articles and leaves pingbacks, which are then indexed by google, which can make Ozhouse come higher in google results than your blog. This has happened to my political blog, so now I block them from leaving pingbacks. It is also possible to prevent them stealing your content but it’s harder.

  5. Alec Callinicos and French Communist Party on the Ukraine. | Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] James Bloodworth provides a summary of the position of British left groups on Shiraz Socialist. […]

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