Cameron’s Mandela hypocrisy

December 8, 2013 at 8:32 pm (apologists and collaborators, Beyond parody, David Cameron, history, Human rights, Jim D, Racism, Thatcher, Tory scum, truth, wankers)

Lest we forget.

David Cameron was a member of the Federation of Conservative Students when they published this on posters and T-shirts:

"Hang Mandela" poster produced by the Federation of Conservative Students in the 1980s

And here‘s an attempt to defend of Cameron over this shameful business. But even the apologists can’t get round the simple fact that Cameron was a member of the FCS when the poster was published in the 1980s – and, of course Thatcher repeatedly called Mandela a “terrorist” at that time.

Cameron the shameless, eh?


  1. Yesterday Unhinged said,

    In the wake of Mandela’s death I’ve been doing some research on apartheid and there are so many apologists for that regime.

  2. Cameron’s Mandela hypocrisy | OzHouse said,

    […] Dec 08 2013 by admin […]

  3. yaya sanogo said,

    Er, no he wasn’t. hahahahahaha

  4. yaya sanogo said,

    Er, no he wasn’t. hahahahahahahahaha

  5. hatfulofhistory said,

    Your readers might be interested in this post I wrote on Thatcher and her claim that the ANC were ‘terrorists’:

    • Jim Denham said,

      Thanks for that, which confirms my own recollection of Thatcher’s attitude towards apartheid in the 1980′. The issue for Cameron’s apologists now seems to be a rather minor one about whether or not he actually held a Tory/FCS membership card at that time, or was just an oafish Bullingdon Club hooray who moved in those circles but wasn’t really very interested in politics. I’d say that neither version does him any credit.

  6. Babs said,

    Not only was the Thatcher Government an apologist for Apartheid it was also allied to the murderous fascist Pinochet regime and . Websites like this one- makes me want to throw up. <<< Thatcher the freedom fighter indeed.

    • Mondoweiss are Nazis said,

      Fucking hell, do you have to link to a Nazi site like Mondoweiss?

      The fash scum who wrote for that heap of shit of a website are as foul as any of the above mentioned tory scum…

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