Pro-EU uprising in Ukraine: a nightmare for Putin, the Tories, Farage … and the ‘Morning Star’

December 2, 2013 at 10:18 pm (democracy, Europe, internationalism, Jim D, Russia, stalinism, strange situations, thuggery, UKIP)

This sort of thing just isn’t supposed to happen…

… according to the Tories, the Daily Mail and Farage. The anti-EU idiot left is just as nonplussed, as today’s Morning Star demonstrates, as it struggles between attempting to give an accurate report (eg Putin’s threat of trade sanctions, and the “violent police attacks”), and a nudge-nudge/dog-whistle suggestion to its readers that the protesters and opposition leaders like Lutsenko are dodgy characters (ie: the stuff about Lutsenko quitting the Socialist Party and being a “prominent figure in the 2004 Orange Revolution”); the closing statement that “Mr Yanukovych condemned the brutality and pledged to punish those responsible” is, of course, simply laughable:

100,000 defy ban to rally for EU deal
By Our Foreign Desk
MORE than 100,000 Ukrainians defied a ban on protests yesterday to rally in Kiev’s Independence Square over the president’s refusal to sign a deal with the European Union.
The crowd was the biggest yet since President Viktor Yanukovych’s surprise eastward turn last Sunday.
Police allowed the rally to proceed peacefully but broke out tear gas and truncheons when thousands of protesters tried to storm the presidential offices with a front loader.
Several hundred demonstrators also burst into the Kiev city council building and occupied it despite police attempts to drive them back with tear gas.
Opposition leaders called for a general strike and the setting up of a protest camp.
Yuriy Lutsenko, a prominent figure in the 2004 orange Revolution who quit the Socialist Party when it began coalition talks with the communists, said: “Our plan is clear — it’s not a demonstration, its not a reaction. Its a revolution.”
The protesters are furious that Mr Yanukovych backed away from a dal establishing free trade with the EU and greater political co-operation.
Mr Yanukovych said Ukraine couldn’t afford to break ties with Russia — a view shared by a third of the public, while 45 per cent want more EU integration.
Moscow had threatened trade sanctions if the EU deal — which was meant to be signed by Friday — went ahead.
Yesterday’s protests followed violent police attacks on Saturday’s demonstration.
Mr Yanukovych condemned the brutality and pledged to punish those responsible.


  1. Pro-EU uprising in Ukraine: a nightmare for Putin, the Tories, Farage … and the ‘Morning Star’ | OzHouse said,

    […] Dec 03 2013 by admin […]

  2. dagmar said,

    Is it really a “pro-EU” uprising? Anti-Russia, anti-Putin, and Ukrainian nationalist for sure (and “anti-Soviet”, one slogan was “This is the day we bury the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic”, somewhat bizarrely, accompanied by an attempt to pull down a rather small statue of Lenin near the city centre). Yes, I can see all the EU flags, but the protocol Yanukovich didn’t sign last week wasn’t about joining the EU as such, but about years of talkls (about talks). And what will happen when/if Putin turns off the oil and gas.

    The demo doesn’t seem to be particularly “pro-opposition” either. Boxer-turned-politician Klitschko was booed off one of the platforms, and at least the German media (public service radio/television) has been pushing the “all the politicians are crooks” angle apparently well represented on the streets of Kiev and elsewhere, with one heavily repeated radio interview featuring someone calling for “normal workers to run the government”

    Given the way the same journalists have been pushing the imprisoned criminal Julia Timoschenko for years, this suggest to me that ‘Germany’ thinks her game is up as well and she is not going to be of much use in the future.

  3. Babs said,

    Ukraine is split into a pro-Russian industrial East (which has a large ethnic Russian minority) and the rest of the country that wants to integrate closer with the rest of Europe. It doesn’t matter whether Putin was in power or not about the direction Ukrainians want their country to go, difference is strongmen like Putin interfere in the internal affairs of the near abroad to manipulate a favourable outcome in their favour. There may come a time when Ukraine splits into two either Czechoslovakia style (peaceful), the Georgian way (Russian military intervention) or like Yugoslavia (violent civil war).

  4. Andrew Coates said,

    I agree with Dagmar.

    The people behind this demonstration appear to have very mixed motives.


    Vitali Klitschko (the boxer) of the Liberal party Oudar may have been booed on one occasion but he is involved, and le Monde reports his being applaued and his name frequently shouted.

    Arseni Iatseniouk of Batkivchtchina (The Motherland). another right-winger, ifrom the main oppositon, is involved

    Then there is Oleg Tiagnybok of the far-right Svoboda (Freedom) party, known for its anti-Semitism.

    Le Monde says all three are in the ‘front ranks’ of the protests.

  5. R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    Had England been subjugated by France in the late 1600s (and as a historical footnote it was a French satellite state under Charles II and James II), for centuries not even been called England but renamed ‘Little France’, had millions of its people systematically starved to death under a French Stalin and only gained a far from complete independence 20 years ago, we too would have hundreds of thousands of pro-EU demonstrators on the streets….

  6. Louie Nappie Leonhead said,

    This is why we fought the Crimean War against Photius Heresy so they could never Bystra Paris again! Putin’s tax, gay and oil policies are almost as bad as Sarah Palin’s

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