Rational, critical thought from QualiaSoup

November 6, 2013 at 8:23 am (Art and design, atheism, cyberspace, Jim D, philosophy, relativism, religion, science, secularism)

Ive only just discovered QualiaSoup, an artist and thinker whose YouTube videos present the case for rational, critical thinking and the scientific method. It’s excellent stuff, that anyone with religious hang-ups, belief in the “supernatural,” tolerance of backward ideas in the interests of “open-mindedness” and indeed quite a few people who consider themselves “Marxists,” would do well to watch and ponder. Here’s an example:

P.S: It transpires that QualiaSoup has a brother, TheraminTrees (!)


  1. Rational, critical thought from QualiaSoup | OzHouse said,

    […] Nov 06 2013 by admin […]

  2. aranoff said,

    Rational thought is essential to our national survival. See Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living. Rational thinking starts with clearly stated principles, continues with logical deductions, and then examines empirical evidence to possibly modify the principles.

  3. Babs said,

    Good bunch of videos. A friend of mine of isn’t the biggest fan of science thinks there are at least 3 things that should have been mentioned though I think some of them were mentioned in a roundabout way.

    *Scientists do not (and should not) always agree with each other.
    *Those Scientists in the majority are not always the ones who are correct.
    *Some science is based on theory and consensus as much as evidence and fact.

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